Best iPhone Xs Max Tempered Glass Screen Protectors: Unmatched Hardness and True Touch Sensitivity

Boasting unmatched HD clarity and robust hardness, the following lineup of the top screen guards for iPhone Xs Max excel in almost all departments. Dive right in to choose one for your iPhone.

The screen guard is said to be the first line of defense for the smartphone. Therefore, the protector must be strong enough to offer a trusted shield to the touchscreen against shatter and scrapes. Want a durable safeguard for your brand new iPhone Xs Max’ touchscreen? Why not explore the top glass screen protectors for iPhone Xs Max as they are designed to offer a reliable defense to the screen against all common hazards.

There are three qualities that I make the following screen guards different from the rest: Top-notch hardness, High Clarity, and Exceptional Sensitivity. Moreover, they are designed to be completely bubble-free. Jump over to discover more about them…

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Best iPhone Xs Max Tempered Glass Screen Protectors


OMOTON HD Screen Protector for iPhone Xs Max

OMOTON has always produced one of the most appreciable screen guards for iPhone. And this one has all the qualities to be a trusted protector for the touchscreen.

The top-grade glass boasts industry-standard hardness to offer the essential safeguard to the screen. With the precise cutouts, it is perfectly installed on the screen.

As it’s bubble-free, you will be able to install the screen guard with ease. Another notable feature is the ability to prevent fingerprints and grime. Hence, it remains highly sensitive to the touch for long.

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USP: Fingerprint resistant
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#2. KuGi

KuGi Glass Screen Protector for iPhone Xs Max

KuGi boasts all the qualities to be a long-lasting screen guard for the iPhone. The thing that has caught my eyes in this screen protector is the bubble-free adhesive that makes installation painless.

The cutouts are pretty on point to ensure it doesn’t interfere with front camera and sensor. As for clarity, it delivers optimum viewing experience with the HD transparency.

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Due mainly to the oleophobic coating, KuGi keeps sweat and smudges at a fair distance. Therefore, your 3D Touch usage will remain smooth sailing.

USP: Anti-shatter
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#3. pehael

pehael Screen Protector for iPhone XS Max

pehael features slightly thicker (0.33m thickness) design for added protection from shatter. Hence, your iPhone’s touchscreen can resist scratches with ease.

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Another notable feature is the hydrophobic and oleophobic coating that keep dust away. The rounded edges assist the screen guard to get fitted out spotlessly.

With the high clarity on offer, you have a better viewing experience. On top all, pehael comes in three packs.

USP: Hydrophobic and oleophobic coating
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VOTALA Glass Screen Protector for iPhone Xs Max

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VOTALA is designed to be shatterproof so that the touchscreen of your iPhone remains shielded against scratches and impact at all hazards. The laser cutouts allow it to fit flawlessly on the screen.

The hydrophobic and oleophobic layers not only reinforce the structure but also keep off fingerprint. Hence, the screen continues to offer high sensitivity. Moreover, VOTALA comes in three packs so that you always an extra screen guard in store.

USP: Shatterproof
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#5. Bovon

Bovon iPhone XS Max Screen Protector

Bovon is one of the finest screen guards for iPhone Xs Max. So, what makes it stand out.

Well, the quality that I have liked in this screen protector is the ability to provide edge-to-edge protection. The durable tempered glass with 9H hardness doesn’t give any chance to scratches to damage the screen.

With the oleophobic coating, the screen guard also prevents grime, sweat, and dust from piling up on the screen. As a result, it remains highly responsive to the touch for long.

USP: Edge-to-edge protection
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INGLE iPhone Xs Glass Screen Protector

What headlines for INGLE is the Japanese tempered glass that delivers 99.99% transparency. Thus, you have much-improved viewing experience.

Regarding protection, INGLE is at par with the very best. Thanks to the top-notch hardness, it can fight out scrapes with ease. And with the true-touch sensitivity, it responds to your every touch and tap. Lastly, INGLE is available in three packs powered lifetime warranty.

USP: Japanese tempered glass
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#7. Kolpop

Kolpop iPhone XS Max Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Sporing just 0.3mm thickness, Kolpop is one of the slimmest screen guards for iPhone Xs Max. However, despite being so thin, it’s got the strength to fend off the challenges from scratches and bumps.

Aside from offering high clarity, Kolpop also offers maximum sensitivity. The oleophobic coating enables it to resist fingerprints and dust. Besides, the impressive case-friendly design helps it work with most cases.

USP: Case-friendly design
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#8. Aslanda

Aslanda iPhone XS Max Glass Screen Protector

Aslanda has deservedly topped our roundup of the top screen guards for the iPhone Xs Max. The feature that makes a high-quality defender for the OLED display is the curved edge that helps it offer full-screen coverage.

Thanks to the high-grade tempered glass, it provides HD clarity so that you have an enhanced viewing experience. The 9H hardness reinforces the structure to ward off scratches and even resist shatter.

It also keeps fingerprints at bay to retain the high responsiveness for long. Plus, Aslanda comes in triple packs.

USP: 9H hardness
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#9. iCarez

iCarez iPhone Xs Max Tempered Glass Screen Protector

I have tried my hands on several iCarez screen guards. And from what I have experienced, I can say that its screen protectors are highly reliable. So, I’m expecting this one to be equally good.

Talking about the features, this screen guard has 0.33mm thickness never to give shatter any chance to hurt the touchscreen. It’s endowed with high sensitivity to let you use your device with the desired smoothness.

USP: TrueTouch Sensitivity
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#10. ESR

ESR Screen Protector for iPhone Xs Max

ESR screen protector comes with curved edges that play a vital role in providing the full-screen coverage. The neat cutouts ensure the screen guard doesn’t prevent the true-depth camera and sensors from functioning properly.

Just like all the above-mentioned screen protectors, this one also featured tempered glass. Therefore, you should expect it to offer high-clarity. Due mainly to the unmatched strength, it can withstand up to 22 pounds of force. That’s not all, ESR is backed by lifetime warranty.

USP: 5X Stronger
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That’s all, folks!

What’s your trusted defender?

I guess you’ve got a reliable screen guard for your iPhone XS Max, haven’t you? May I know the name of the screen protector and the features that you’ve liked in it?

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