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Best iPhone Xs Max Cases in 2024

iPhone Xs Max has impressed everyone with its vast size and useful features. Touted by Tim Cook as one of the giant phones ever, iPhone Xs Max is a real beast – in size and performance. But then even a beast needs protection these days. Hence, we have compiled a list of the best iPhone Xs Max cases.

1. Woolnut

Woolnut iPhone Xs Max Leather Case

Woolnut has shown its finesse in craftsmanship for iPhone XS Max as well. This leather case for a plus-sized iPhone is a charming addition to a family of accessories. The case effortlessly grips your iPhone body to protect the device from all sides and corners. Precise cut-outs enable you to operate your iPhone without any hassle.

Your iPhone XS Max looks colossal in size, but when wrapped in this case, the same device looks elegant in your hands or on a desk. You would like to show Woolnut’s vegetable tanned full-grain body and most often, you would place your iPhone face down.

USP: Soft microfiber
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2. Luxury Book from Pad & Quill

Pad and Quill iPhone Xs Max Case

The moment you have a glance at Pad & Quill’s Luxury Book, you know this leather case is primed for the ones who want a premium suit for the Xs Max. The highlight of this wallet case is the integration of genuine leather and natural wood.

The full-grain American saddle leather boosts its longevity, while the Baltic birch wooden cradle adorns its design. Have to carry multiple cards during travel? Well, this rich leather case comes with several slots to let you keep up to 6-8 cards as well as some cash.

The support for wireless charging can be a real deal for the folks who have fully switched to this new-age charging technology. Plus, you can choose this luxurious cover in multiple colors like brown, black and more.

USP: Full-grain American saddle leather
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Mous iPhone Xs Max Case

Mous’ “Limitless 2.0” iPhone Xs Max cases have a lot going for them. They look quite slim but excel in providing the complete safeguard to your smartphone.

Lined with “AiroShock”, these slim yet protective cases feature grippy exterior to ward off the chance of unexpected slip-ups. The covers fit around the edges seamlessly.

The cutouts are on precise whereas the buttons offer a quick response. To ensure the giant screen has the additional defense, it comes with a triple layer screen protector to keep scratches at a long distance.

Moreover, Limitless 2.0 cases are available in multiple materials like carbon fiber, walnut, leather, bamboo and more.

USP: Slim yet protective design
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4. Supcase Unicorn Beetle Neo

Supcase Unicorn Beetle iPhone Xs Max Case

I have a special liking for the covers that offer the needed protection to the smartphone without killing style factor. And Unicorn Beetle Neo from Supcase seems to be falling pretty much in line with my expectation.

This case features rugged construction that makes it fully shockproof. However, the best thing about Unicorn Beetle Neo is that it hasn’t put the elegance on the backburner.

The Apple logo cutout coupled with the smooth finish gives it a good look. Plus, it also gets along with wireless charging perfectly. Note: You can get 10% discount by applying promo code: geek10

USP: Wireless charging support
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5. Spigen Bumper Slim Case

Spigen iPhone Xs Max Bumper Slim Case

Spigen is one of the leading brands that manufacture high-quality cases for iPhones and iPads. This ultra hybrid matte case is exclusively designed for iPhone Xs Max.

Though the case looks slim, it offers enough protection with its rigid back and flexible design. The profile of this case comfortably stays in your pocket and gives you a comfortable grip. The case doesn’t yellow quickly as it boasts long-lasting clarity resistance.

USP: Air-cushion technology
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6. i-Blason Rugged Clear Bumper Case

iBlason iPhone Xs Max Bumper Case

i-Blason is known for manufacturing high-quality heavy-duty cases for iPhones. This case is a perfect example of what a tough and rugged case should be. Made of shock-absorbing TPU and scratch-resistant PC backplate, i-Blason’s case protects your phone from all possible damages.

Its front cover has a touch-sensitive built-in screen protector to prevent scratches and cracks. Don’t miss those protective port covers, which prevent dust and debris from entering your phone. Just like Supcase, you can apply the same promo code: geek10 to avail 10% discount.

USP: Protective port covers
Check out on i-Blason

7. Spigen Liquid Air Armor Case

Spigen Liquid Air Armor Case for iPhone Xs Max

Spigen’s liquid air armor case is flexible enough to resist fingerprint smudges. This slim and form-fitted case stays in your pocket for a long time, and you won’t feel any discomfort. Look at its modern geometric engravings, which enhance the grip when you hold your large iPhone Xs Max.

The matte black case looks stunningly impressive with its contemporary design. The precisely cut out case allows you to access all the essential ports and buttons on your iPhone.

USP: Contemporary design
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8. Case-Mate Leather Case

Case Mate iPhone Xs Max Leather Case

Case-Mate is another popular brand that makes premium iPhone cases. This iPhone Xs Max case is made with genuine premium leather. It naturally provides a high level of sophistication and simplicity. With this case, you will easily forget bulk, as this case is a stylish take on the classic slim case.

This case is compatible with wireless charging, so you don’t have to remove it before you put your phone on a wireless charging pad.

USP: Brushed microfiber interior
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9. Case-Mate Tough Case

Case Mate Tough Case for iPhone Xs Max

Metallic buttons on this case bring refined natural feel on your iPhone, which is protected by cushioned corners and soft, flexible sides of this Case-Mate case. This one-piece case has a slim profile, but it can protect your iPhone even if it is dropped from the height of ten feet.

Compatible with wireless charging, this case has a matte translucent back that prevents all those fingerprints. It is arguably the best case that highlights your personality and looks.

USP: Metallic buttons
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10. Case-Mate Fiber Case

Case Mate iPhone Xs Max Fiber Case

Looking for complete protection for your iPhone? Consider this Case-Mate genuine carbon fiber case, which offers five layers of protection. The case is drop-tested from the height of twelve feet. A wireless charging compatible case, it is tough and extremely durable.

You get peace of mind that your iPhone is safe from all bumps and drops. Apart from its sturdy features, this case is your fashion accessory in its own right. The case reveals your personality, which was hidden even to your bosom friends.

USP: 5-layer protection
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11. Caseology Crystal Clear Case

Caseology iPhone Xs Max Clear Case

Caseology has crafted a protective case that is compatible with most third-party wireless chargers, screen protectors, and other iPhone Xs Max accessories. This ultra slim and transparent case adds minimal bulk to your iPhone.

Caseology has used a flexible acrylic material to provide better shock absorption. For long-lasting clarity and protection, Caseology has used durable and scratch-resistant material.

USP: Responsive button covers
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12. Caseology Heavy Duty Case

Caseology Heavy Duty Case for iPhone Xs Max

Caseology makes iPhone cases that match with your lifestyle. This heavy-duty case is for those, who love adventures. Before you set out for one, protect your iPhone Xs Max with slim, protective armor dual layer case. Its tough design and rugged profile protect your brand new phone from multiple damages.

Its shock-absorbing TPU and durable PC shell keep you ready for any adventure. The case has military-inspired design, solid body and non-bulky profile.

USP: Military-inspired design
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13. Ringke Transparent Bumper Case

Ringke Transparent Bumper Case for iPhone Xs Max

Ringke has explored three dimensions of a perfect case – best fit, military-grade protection, and innovation in technology. This slim case has refined design and doesn’t add bulk to your iPhone.

For protection, Ringke has used drop-test certified PC material and shock-absorbing TPU. Ringke brings anti-scratch and dual-coating technology to protect your iPhone against drops and scratches.

USP: Active touch technology buttons
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14. Ringke Heavy Duty Case

Ringke iPhone Xs Max Heavy Duty Case

This heavy-duty case from Ringke stands strong on four pillars: advanced design, dual-layer protection, comfortable grip, and bespoke style. Ringke has created modern and innovative Dual-X, which ensures dual-layered protective technology.

This Dual-X is strengthened with TPU and PC, which provide double protection against bumps and scratches. For better and comfortable grip, Ringke uses Touch Active Technology for a more natural feel. The case always looks stylish with the best color combination along with superior protection.

USP: Personalized style
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15. Speck Dual-layer Case

Speck Dual Layer Case for iPhone Xs Max

Speck has added two tough and durable layers of protection to this case to absorb and disperse shock. No more worries about scary accidental bumps and drops as this case is made of poly carbonate outer shell and inner IMPACTIUM lining.

Check out that raised bezel, which provides your phone screen extra protection from scratches even if you put your device face down. Enjoy soft-touch and scratch-resistant finish of Speck.

USP: Tough and durable layers
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16. OtterBox Commuter Series Case

OtterBox Commuter Series Case for iPhone Xs Max

OtterBox COMMUTER SERIES offers thin and a lightweight two-piece case that provides full protection against drops, bumps, and shocks. The case also has port covers to stop dust and debris from entering the phone.

You can slide your phone efficiently in and out of your pockets. This slim and sleek case has two tough layers, including a slipcover and exterior shell.

USP: Slim and sleek
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17. OtterBox Kickstand Case (Defender series)

OtterBox iPhone Xs Max Kickstand Case

This case is picked up from popular Defender series of OtterBox. The Defender series boasts rugged cases, which efficiently protect your iPhone Xs Max. For multi-layer defense, OtterBox has used the solid inner shell and soft outer cover. Its belt clip holster converts your case into a kickstand for hands-free media viewing.

This 100% authentic case makes you adventure-ready as it defends your phone from drops, dirt, and scrapes.

USP: 100% authentic case
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Summing up…

Cases are the first items you should buy once you have your iPhone in your hands. Protection comes first; therefore, start picking up cases from the above list.

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