Best iPhone Xs Bumper Cases in 2019: Elegant Impact-Resistant Design

Should you think of giving your smartphone the needed freedom to show off its design, picking out, one of the top bumper covers for iPhone Xs in 2019 would be a fine option. Dive right in to find out the most suitable cover for the device!

I have a huge liking for bumper cases for one big reason. They let me flaunt my iPhone without compromising much on protection. So, whenever I want the smartphone to win attention with little effort, they become the go-to option. Do you belong to the same school of thought as me? If yes, you will find these finest bumper cases for iPhone Xs spot on!

Accessory makers have introduced a variety of bumper covers. For instance, there are cases which feature nothing but sturdy frames, while some come with back panel for additional protection. And based on your preference, you can choose the one that’s timed to meet your specific demand. Just in case you don’t want to hide the elegance of your smartphone, you have the option to pick out the one that features crystal clear back.

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Best iPhone Xs Bumper Cases in 2019

#1. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Clear Bumper Case

Supcase Unicorn Beetle iPhone Xs Bumper Case

Should you decide to give a bit of extra cushion to your iPhone Xs, SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle can be an excellent pick. This bumper case boasts a highly durable casing that enables it to survive falls effortlessly. The robust frame further empowers its construction.

Check out the clear back that allows the iPhone to arrest attention with ease. With the raised lip, the dual camera and the screen have the shield to keep scrapes away.

Beyond protection, Unicorn Beetle comes in multiple colors: clear/white, black and more.

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USP: Exceptionally rugged profile
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#2. ESR

ESR Crown Metal Bumper Case for iPhone Xs

Sporting a pretty solid design, ESR fit around your iPhone Xs seamlessly. It’s made of aluminum alloy and feature TPU interior. While the rugged exterior helps the bumper to resist impact, the soft interior keeps off scratches.

It has the front lip to offer an additional safeguard to the touchscreen against scratches. And yes, ESR also comes in three good-looking colors like gold, silver and space gray.

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USP: Impact resistant design
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#3. RhinoShield CrashGuard

RhinoShield Bumper Case for iPhone Xs

When it comes to providing the uncompromised protection, RhinoShield CrashGuard is right at the top with very best. What makes it so durable is the high-quality polymer material. Thanks to the honeycomb design, it’s more capable of withstanding impact.

The beveled edge works perfectly in offering an additional safeguard against scrapes. As for cutouts, they seem to be pretty on point. And the buttons offer better feedback to ensure you enjoy using your device. Moreover, CrashGuard comes in multiple color options like black, dark blue and more.

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USP: Honeycomb design
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#4. Humixx

RhinoShield Bumper Case for iPhone Xs

Featuring a form-fitting design, Humixx wraps around the iPhone Xs perfectly. As for protection, you can fully trust this bumper case to ward off the impact of accidental drops with ease.

The integration of aluminum alloy and silicone has reinforced its structure. With the soft interior, it’s able to offer the needed care to the smartphone.

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The raised lip provide extra defense for camera and touchscreen. Plus, the cutouts are precise enough to let you use your device without any issue.

USP: Form-fitting design
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#5. Yometome

Yometome iPhone Xs Slim Thin Bumper Case

Love flaunting colorful design? You would find the Yometome spot for your taste.

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Made of soft TPU, it’s extremely flexible. Therefore, you can effortlessly install and remove it. With the anti-scratch exterior, you feel comfortable holding the iPhone. Plus, the front lip fights out the challenges of scratch with the desired flair.

Lastly, Yometome is available in eight nice looking color variants so that picking out a fine defender for the iPhone remains an easy task for you.

USP: Flexible design
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#6. Mr. Lei

Mr Lei iPhone Xs Frame Bumber Case

The feature that has called for my attention in “Mr. Lei” is the rugged design. It’s carved out of Japanese TPE and hard PC. Due mainly to the dual-layer of construction, it can endure bumps with consummate ease.

There is also an additional layer of defense for both the OLED screen and dual-camera. Aside from protection, it also offers enhanced grip. As a result, your smartphone won’t slip out of your hands.

USP: Rugged design
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RANVOO iPhone Xs Slim Thin Bumper Case

The quality that has made me want RANVOO is the glowing design. It’s made of space-grade aluminum alloy and TPU. While the metal enables it to absorb impact, the soft TPU empowers the bumper to prevent scratches from hurting the elegance of the smartphone.

Another notable thing about RANVOO is that it snaps around the device seamlessly. The cutouts for Lightning port and speakers are on point, whereas the pronounced buttons feel very responsive to the press. Furthermore, this sturdy bumper comes in two colors black and silver.

USP: Space-grade aluminum alloy
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#8. MoKo

MoKo Clear Bumper Case for iPhone Xs

The one word that can ideally describe “MoKo” bumper is “stylish.” It’s pretty lightweight and elastic. As a result, you will be able to install the frame without any hassle.

The buttons are very smooth and offer tactile feedback. Plus, the smooth corners ensure you feel comfy while holding the new iPhone. Though it’s not sturdy, it can thwart the challenges of drops and scratches. Besides, you can choose MoKo in multiple color variants.

USP: Attractive design
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#9. Lopie

Lopie Bumper Case for iPhone Xs

Lopie’s adorable hybrid design has caught my eyes. The combo of rugged PC and very soft TPU has reinforced its construction to endure drops effortlessly. For all being so strong, it doesn’t look bulky at all.

As someone who is more concerned about the OLED and dual camera, I find the front lip and camera bump useful. The other things I have found impressive in Lopie are the smooth sides that provide a secure hold. Hence, there are no awkward slip-ups.

USP: Impressive hybrid design
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DAUPIN iPhone Xs Crystal Clear Bumper Case

What about having a bumper case with a clear back? DAUPIN is designed to be highly protective. It has soft TPU frame and hard PC back to offer a maximum safeguard to the iPhone without sacrificing on elegance.

Courtesy the transparent back, the design of the iPhone continues to glow. Elevated edge and camera ring provide the extra protection to the device.

The compatibility with the Qi standard of wireless charging makes it a super useful case. Furthermore, DAUPIN comes in four colors including red, black, yellow and green.

USP: Durable construction
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Yesgo Ultra Slim Bumper Case for iPhone Xs

Yesgo is yet another bumper case with a clear back. The prime reason why I’ve picked this case is as it looks trendy.

The integration of PC and TPU material has empowered its construction to defend the iPhone against accidental drops. All the four corners have got the cushion to disperse impact.

The matte finish not just adorns its design but also makes it anti-fingerprint. Even better, Yesgo comes in multiple colors to let you pick out a cool match for the smartphone.

USP: Shock-absorbing design
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That’s all!

Your most elegant bumper cover?

Before hitting the “buy” button, let us know about the case that’s going to pair with your phablet. Besides, do tell us about the qualities that make this cover stand out. And just in case you don’t find some of your favorite ones in the above roundup, do not forget to tell us about them as well.

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