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Best iPhone Xs Wallet Cases in 2024

Even though I adore the sleek design a lot, I also like using wallet cases. However, I mostly use them during travel for one apparent reason—to keep all of my valuables, including iPhone, cash, ID, credit cards, and more, in one place and carry them with ease. Having already set my sight on the flagship iPhone, I would like to explore some of the best iPhone Xs wallet cases to choose a classy suit for the smartphone. What about you?

1. Bella Fino from Pad & Quill

Pad and Quill Bella Fino iPhone XS Wallet Case

If premium quality is what you are after, Bella Fino from Pad & Quill can be your straightforward destination. The wallet case exhibits top-of-of-the-line craftsmanship.

The high-quality full-grain American leather with rich leather texture gives it an executive look. Thanks to the rich patina, it never seems to lose its charm. So, you would love to pair it up with your smartphone for long.

The option to carry up to 5-7 cards and also stash some cash make Bella Fino a firm favorite for your long travel. With the support for Qi charging, it ensures you can take advantage of the convenient charging solution.

Plus, you can pick out Bella Fino in some adorable colors like vintage brown and classy black.

USP: Full-grain American leather
Check out on Pad & Quill

2. i-Blason Argos

I-Blason Argos iPhone Xs Wallet Case

i-Blason’s “Argos” features a practical design that’s aimed at taking care of your basic requirements immaculately. With a hidden slot on offer, you can safely store your credit cards. When needed, you will need just to slide the cover to access them.

The dual-layered casing powered by the rugged PC and soft TPU renders it impact-resistant. Besides, there is a beveled edge to prevent the screen from sliding on a flat surface. Plus, the pocket-friendly design ensures it’s able to slide in or out of your jeans pocket easily.

USP: More pragmatic design
Check out on i-Blason

3. Bellroy

Bellroy iPhone Xs Slim Wallet Case

This one from “Bellroy” is specifically readied for the folks are willing to get a more sophisticated and sleek wallet case. It’s neatly carved out of high-quality leather and polymer.

Despite having a slim design, the wallet cover can resist the impact. Courtesy the soft microfiber lining; it doesn’t allow scratches to damage the design of the smartphone.

You can use the hidden slot on the back to keep up to three cards. The buttons feel pretty responsive to the click, whereas the cutouts are on point. Moreover, bellroy comes in multiple elegant colors and the three-year warranty.

USP: Sleek design
Check out on

4. Luxury Pocket Book from Pad & Quill

Pad and Quill Luxury Book iPhone Xs Wallet Case

Yes, one more from the premium brand. When there is a desire to go to the distance to embrace premium quality, Luxury Pocket Book from Pad & Quill is the one you should keep right on top of your radar. It’s carved out of full-grain American saddle leather and showcases state-of-the-art craftsmanship.

The inclusion of baltic birch wooden cradle further adorns its design and functionality. The interior slots allow you to carry up to 5-7 cards. Plus, there is a small pocket for carrying some cash for on-the-move use.

Due mainly to the appreciable patina, the cover never seems to lose its famed charm. The leather texture offers you comfy gripping to keep slip-ups at bay. Besides, the support for wireless charging makes it an ideal pick for everyday use.

USP: State-of-the-art craftsmanship
Check out on Pad & Quill

5. Twelve South Journal

Twelve South iPhone Xs Leather Wallet Case

Here is the wallet case for the folks who admire classy design! If you have already used accessories from Twelve South or been part of the Apple ecosystem, you may probably be already aware of this well-known brand.

Carved out of top-grade leather, Journal features smooth leather texture that feels pretty comfy to the palm and offers enhanced grip. The refined craftsmanship further enriches its profile.

There are three slots with an ID window, and a compartment for cash make it a complete package. You can also double up the cover to rev up your media time. Beyond stand functionality, Journal comes in two colors like black and cognac.

USP: Classy design
Check out on Amazon

6. Silk

Silk iPhone Xs Wallet Case

If you aren’t a great fan of the traditional looking design, you would like to have Silk. It features a slightly hidden slot on the back to let you carry a card without adding much burden to the iPhone.

The case looks slim and fits snugly around the edges. As for protection, you can trust this minimalist wallet cover to ward off the challenge of minor drops.

Incorporated with air pockets, Silk can disperse shock. And with the soft-textured sides, you have comfy grip while holding the iPhone. That’s not all; this compact wallet case comes in multiple colors like black, red, blue and more.

USP: Hidden card slot
Check out on Amazon

7. DocArtisan Sport Wallet v5

DocArtisan Sport Wallet Case for iPhone Xs

If premium quality and more practical functionality is what you are looking for, you shouldn’t give a miss to Sport Wallet v5 from DockArtisan.

The v5 is crafted with high-quality leather. Thanks to the top-notch craftsmanship, it’s got a pro look. The availability of multiple card slots and a big compartment for cash has you fully covered.

But to me what makes it so adorable is the detachable design. That means when don’t want to keep the cards and cash, you will remove the cover to use it as a slim cover. Better still, Sport Wallet v5 also works with magnetic car mount to let you navigate using Maps app with ease during the drive.

USP: Top-notch craftsmanship
Check out on DocArtisan

8. Spigen Slim Armor CS

Spigen Slim Armor Wallet Case for iPhone Xs

No list of iPhone cases can be complete without this brand. So, I’m really glad to include Spigen Slim Armor CS in this roundup.

What makes this case so impressive is the sturdy looking design that works as a trusted shield for the iPhone Xs. The air-cushion technology plays a significant role in helping Slim Armor CS offer military-grade protection.

Despite having the rugged design, it doesn’t add much bulk to the device. With the hidden slot on the rear, you can keep your card securely. Plus, this durable wallet case comes in multiple charming colors like gunmetal, black and more.

USP: Air-cushion technology
Check out on Amazon

9. Dockem Luxe

Dockem Wallet Case for iPhone Xs

I like the lightweight and neat design of Dockem Luxe. It has a couple of slots on the back to let you keep your cards comfortably.

With the synthetic leather, you get the desired grip while holding the iPhone Xs in your palm. Though it’s sturdy, it’s good enough to absorb minor shock.

The pronounced buttons offer tactile feedback, while the precise cutouts provide easy access to camera and port. Besides, Dockem Luxe comes in multiple color combinations.

USP: Smooth synthetic leather
Check out on Amazon

10. Zover

Zover Leather Wallet Case for iPhone Xs

There are very few wallet cases that are as functional as Zover. Well, the first quality that I have found appreciable in this cover is the support for wireless charging. That means you won’t have to remove the cover before dropping the iPhone on the wireless charging stand for a charge.

And the second, it comes with a built-in magnet that makes it work with magnetic car mounts. If you use car mounts for hands-free navigations, this feature can be very handy for you.

The detachable design offers you the flexibility to reduce the bulk when needed. You can take advantage of the stand functionality to watch media comfortably in landscape mode. Aside from the hands-free experience, you will pick Zover in as many as eight color variants.

USP: Wireless charging support
Check out on Amazon

11. Pasonomi

Pasonomi iPhone Xs PU Leather Wallet Case

I look at Pasonomi as a complete wallet case. If you are looking for a case that can let you carry multiple cards, cash and of course your iPhone with a bit more convenience, it can be one of the better options.

There are as many as eight card slots and a compartment for carrying dollar bills. When you don’t need to carry the cards, you can detach the case.

The TPU frame endows it the needed strength to endure impact. Like a colorful profile? Well, you have five colors to choose a good-looking wallet cover for your iPhone.

USP: Nine card slots
Check out on Amazon

12. Trianium Walletium Series

Trianium iPhone Xs Wallet Case

Have you liked Silk wallet case (mentioned above in this lineup)? If yes, you would find Trianium Walletium Series really adorable.

The case sports slightly more durable profile and features a slot on the back for storing up to three cards securely. Powered by dual-layer of construction, it can absorb even nasty shock.

There is also front bezel to shield the screen against scratches. As for buttons, they are responsive and easy to click. On top all, Walletium Series cases are supported by a lifetime warranty.

If you have found it up to the task, you should consider giving it a serious look at its currently available at just $4.99 (original price $29.99).

USP: Durable construction
Check out on Amazon

13. Belemay

Belemay iPhone Xs Wallet Case

Made from genuine leather, Belemay wallet case for iPhone XS is a luxurious possession to have. The inner case is durable enough to safeguard your precious from normal falls. As part of wallet features, you get three slots for cards and a cash pocket for few of your bills. Precise cuts on the case give your unhindered access to all the ports of the phone.

The foldable cover can be used as a kickstand for hands-free viewing of movies or videos. Lastly, there are three color choices available: Black, Blue, and Brown.

USP: Genuine cowhide leather
Check out on Amazon

And that’s it, folks!

What’s your top bet?

Now that you have glanced through the finest wallet covers let me know about the ones that seem to be hot enough to partner with your smartphone. Plus, if there is any cover that’s good enough to make this roundup, do tell us about it as well.

Take a glance at them to find more cool suits for your device:

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