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Best iPhone X Bumper Cases in 2024

Flaunting gorgeous display and stunning design, iPhone X has been hogging all the limelight ever since it was unveiled amid much fanfare on Sep. 12. A smartphone as dashing as this one deserves all the care and protection to remain in its top gear for long. Given how eye-catching it is, I’m sure not many of you would want to completely shadow it with a heavy case. If you want your all-new smartphone to shine through without sacrificing on protection, pick out one of these best iPhone X bumper cases.

1. Luvvitt Prooftech

Luvvitt Prooftech iPhone X Bumper Case

Bestowed with shockproof design, Luvvitt Prooftech is a trusted defender for your smartphone. The fusion of flexible TPU rubber and shocking resistant TPE has given the needed strength to survive the impact. The rubberized cover provides much better grip and also reduce the chance of accidental falls.

The clear back doesn’t prevent iPhone from showcasing its look. Vertical camera and screen have an additional safeguard in the form of raised lips. Responsive buttons offer tactile feedback, while the perfect cutouts offer quick access to all the functions.

USP: Flexible rubber edges
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2. ESR

ESR iPhone X Bumper Case

ESR brings an extremely minimalist design in its bumper case for your iPhone X. This is a bumper-only design without back cover, allowing you to flaunt the brilliance of your iPhone X. The design doesn’t affect the signal strength.

Dual structure of the bumper has an aluminum alloy frame and a TPU inner bumper. If you are worried about camera protection, check the raised corner edges that lift the camera and touchscreen form flat surfaces.

USP: Extremely minimalist design
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3. SaharaCase

SaharaCase iPhone X Bumper Case

SaharaCase can ideally live up to your task not just by providing the necessary protection to your smartphone against falls but also by making a fine pair with the smartphone.

The integration of soft rubber and hard plastic has made the construction very durable. Smooth rubber edges seamlessly fit into the palm. With the extra protection for camera and screen, this bumper case doesn’t give scratch any chance to hurt the device.

The included screen guard not only offers crystal clarity but also shields the OLED display against scrape. Furthermore, this sturdy bumper case is available in seven colors including rose gold, clear rose gold, gray, etc.

USP: Anti Scratch
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4. Ringke FUSION

Ringke Fusion iPhone X Bumper Case

Ringke FUSION offers complete freedom to your iPhone X to glow and showcase its elegance. With the crystal clear profile, it ensures the smartphone remains center-stage of every eye. Readied with the top quality TPU and PC material, it’s designed to be a long-lasting shield for the device.

All the corners of the case have been armored to resist impact. The smooth edge ensures your palm has the enhanced grip while holding the iPhone. Lastly, FUSION comes in three good-looking colors: crystal clear, rose gold and smoke black.

USP: Crystal Clear Profile
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Mateprox iPhone X Bumper

Enhanced corner design immediately captures your attention. This not only provides full protection to your phone but also imparts a unique X shape design (after all, it is made for your iPhone X). This heavy-duty case is made of shock-absorbing TPE material that gives a rugged look.

The shockproof air cushions at the four corners absorb shocks if your phone falls accidentally. The cushions also lift your phone’s camera and touchscreen to protect your iPhone X.

USP: Shockproof air cushions
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6. Supcase Unicorn Beetle Style

SUPCASE iPhone X Bumper Case

Endowed with the rugged body, Unicorn Beetle Style offers the all-around safeguard to your smartphone. The robust construction with the finest TPU and PC material can endure drops. Transparent back ensures the device can catch attention without any obstruction.

The front part of the device remains protected with the elevated edge. The tactile buttons are very responsive to the press. Exact cutouts for camera, speakers, and port help it to make a form-fitting appearance.

USP: Rugged Construction
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7. Yesgo

Yesgo iPhone X Bumper Case

Yesgo presents a bumper case that has a super-thin profile. It looks luxurious in its two shades – green and matte blue. The current one is matte blue, which is made of soft and flexible TPU and a hard PC back.

Protect your iPhone X from scratches and sudden dropping. This case is compatible with wireless charging so that you can use it at home or office. The precisely cut out case doesn’t cover the volume.

USP: Airspace cushion
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8. Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone X Bumper Case

Spigen is one of the reputed brands dealing in bumper cases for iPhones. This one is taken from a popular Ultra Hybrid series of iPhone case. The clear hard PC case and TPU bumper provide a firm grip and slim profile.

Since the case is extremely transparent, it showcases the original iPhone X design. Check out the raised bezels that elevate your iPhone’s touchscreen and camera from flat surfaces. This case is compatible with wireless charging.

USP: Intense transparency
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9. Spigen Neo Hybrid

Spigen Neo Hybrid iPhone X Bumper Case

Spigen Neo Hybrid is a highly protective case with the shock-absorbing design. Made of soft TPU case and rugged polycarbonate material, it has a very durable construction. The reinforced bumper is fully capable of withstanding impact.

With the rubberized pattern, it offers enhanced grip; making it more comfortable to hold the iPhone. The metalized buttons provide better feedback, allowing you to control your device easily. Moreover, Neo Hybrid comes in five colors: gunmetal, burgundy, jet black, pale dogwood and satin silver.

USP: Reinforced Bumper
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10. Spigen Rugged Crystal

Spigen Rugged Crystal iPhone X Bumper Case

This is yet another top-notch bumper case from Spigen, which has effortlessly walked into this list. Featuring intense transparency, Rugged Crystal looks pretty refined with the see-through design. Carved out of soft TPU, this clear case is extremely flexible.

All the four corners have been empowered with air-cushioned to knock down impact. Raised edge keeps camera and screen protected from abrasion by not letting them come in contact with the surface. The edge being very smooth, the case feels cozy in the palm.

USP: Air-Cushioned Corners
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11. RhinoShield

RhinoShield iPhone XR Bumper Case

Here comes another bumper-only case for your iPhone X. RhinoShield has manufactured a robust case that has been drop-tested from the height of 25 feet (if this sounds incredible, please watch the video on purchase link).

The brand uses its proprietary impact-resistant technology that doesn’t break the valuable glass-backed iPhone X. The honeycomb structure offers an extra 10% protection against shocks and knocks. Like ESR’s, this is also a minimalist design that lets you flaunt the beauty of your iPhone X.

USP: Polymer material
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BAISRKE iPhone X Bumper Case

BAISRKE presents a bumper case with two colors gradient transparent clear back. This simple design elevates the most natural beauty of your iPhone X. Precisely molded cases nicely fit on your iPhone X, leaving cutouts for quick access to all ports, buttons, speakers, and camera of your iPhone X.

This bumper case is made of hard plastic back and soft rubberized TPU material. For comprehensive protection, this case safeguards the back and sides of your phone; the raised edges at four corners provide additional protection to your phone’s screen and camera.

USP: Two colors gradient transparent clear back
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TORRAS iPhone X Bumper Case

Torras combines style and luxury in this iPhone X bumper case. The electroplate frames with hard plastic solid back make an exclusive and beautiful case. The entire case is divided into three parts: upper, main, and bottom.

When you install the case, you have to install the three parts one after another. First, install the main part and then the other two. The upper part protects the camera of your phone when you place your device on a flat surface.

USP: Stylish and luxurious
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That’s all for now.

Your pick?

So, that concludes our list of the finest bumper cases (based on current availability) for iPhone X! Which one have you picked for your smartphone? Do let us know its name and the qualities you have liked in it.

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