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Best iPhone Xs Wireless Charging Compatible Cases in 2024

Wireless charging was a long-awaiting feature Apple introduced last year in iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X. The feature continues to make your life more comfortable in the newly released iPhone Xs, iPhone XR, and iPhone Xs Max in its second year. If you own an iPhone Xs phone, you can get the best out of the wireless charging feature by buying the best iPhone Xs wireless charging compatible cases.

1. Ringke

Ringke AIR iPhone Xs Wirless Charging Support Case

Ringke is a leading brand of iPhone accessories. This impressive case supports wireless charging and protects your iPhone against shocks and other impacts. You can put your iPhone facedown as the raised bezels guard the touchscreen when you lift the phone.

Minimalist design catches your attention as the case displays immense simplicity in design. Ringke Air is a notable feature of this case as it prevents scratches on your iPhone.

USP: Ringke Air
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2. ESR

ESR iPhone Xs Wireless Charging Compatible Case

ESR has come up with SGS certified military drop protection case for your iPhone XS. The case has already been tested for its strength, hence, you can trust this case.

A notable feature of this case is a two-way stand; you can use the vertical and horizontal stand of this case. Moreover, you will enjoy multiple viewing angles on the sturdy metal kickstand. Feast your eyes with the incredible viewing experience.

USP: Sturdy metal kickstand
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DTTO iPhone Xs Wireless Charging Compatible Case

An elegant looking case like DTTO deserves to be in the roundup. The case is pretty slim and made of flexible TPU. So, snapping on the cover and removing it shouldn’t be a problem.

But what calls for instant attention is the metal luster edge that ramps up the style quotient. And with the clear profile to boot, your iPhone Xs can fully showcase its design. Aside from the nice-looking design, DTTO comes in five color options including the glossy red and shining gold.

USP: Metal luster edge
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4. Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Spigen iPhone Xs Wireless Charging Compatible Case

Yet another clear case in this lineup! But this one is a bit different and has packed in a bit more protective profile to fight out shock with ease.

The case is powered by air cushion technology that makes it very sturdy. Thus, it’s capable of providing the certified military-grade defense.

Check out the flexible bumper that doesn’t allow the smartphone to slip from your hands. Besides, the five color options like space crystal and elegant red look really cool on it.

USP: Air cushion technology
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5. EasyAcc

EasyAcc iPhone Xs Wireless Charging Compatible Case

EasyAcc believes in delivery quality accessories for iPhones. The skid-proof design makes all the difference here. Check those grooves carved at two sides of the frame to give you a solid grip and protect your iPhone from accidental drops.

The slim and sleek design comes from soft and flexible TPU; this case snugly fits on your iPhone Xs without adding any bulk to the profile. Accurate cutouts help you access all the essential buttons and features quickly.

USP: Skid-proof design
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6. Jazliv

Jazliv iPhone Xs Wirless Charging Support Case

At first sight, Jazliv’s case does not look like a wireless charging compatible case; instead, it creates an impression of a kickstand case. Since it is robustly built, the case tests our vision to decide its category. Jazliv has used a durable material to manufacture this wireless charging compatible case.

This gunmetal case looks sleek and flaunts contemporary design. Check ID and card slot, which is hidden under the metal iron case. Simply slide the iron case and you can store your credit/debit cards in the slot.

USP: Full-body protection
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7. Torras

TORRAS iPhone Xs Wireless Charging Compatible Case

Torras presents three-in-one stylish and luxurious wireless charging compatible cases for your iPhone Xs. It is a 360-degree case providing full body protection to your phone. Check that raised bezel lips around the screen to protect the touchscreen and camera.

This slim case has a matte surface that gives you a comfortable non-slip grip when you hold this impressive phone in your hands. The superlight case doesn’t add bulk to the elegant profile of your phone.

USP: Matte surface
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8. Vena

Vena iPhone Xs Wirless Charging Support Case

A wallet case with wireless charging compatibility? Sounds incredible? Vena has done this effortlessly by manufacturing one of the best wireless charging compatible cases for your iPhone Xs. You can use its hidden card slot to store your IDs, credit/debit cards, and cash.

The case is made of dual layer polycarbonate and TPU that meets military drop test standards. For wireless charging, you need to open the card flap and put your phone on Qi charger.

USP: Magnetic car mount compatibility
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9. Unov

Unov iPhone Xs Wireless Charging Compatible Case

Unov brings higher bezel for screen and camera lens to protect both hardware on your iPhone Xs. The use of embossed print technology is uneasy to fade away.

This case is lightweight and gives you a comfortable grip for everyday use. You can conveniently charge your iPhone as the case has open cutouts.

USP: Embossed print technology
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GVIEWIN iPhone Xs Wireless Charging Compatible Case

Does your smartphone fancy a case with marble design? If yes, GVIEWIN should be the way to go.

The case has a sleek design, and with the glossy marble pattern, it gives a nice look to your smartphone. Thanks to the presence of corner bumpers, it’s able to resist impact with ease.

The smooth material also ensures you have the desired grippy feel. Beyond the comfortable hold, GVIEWIN comes in multiple color combinations.

USP: Eye-catching marble pattern
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That’s all, guys!

What is your case?

Wireless charging allows you the comfort of using your iPhone while it is being charged on a pad. You can continue to work on your iPhone. For example, you can use FaceTime calls, type long texts using Bluetooth keyboards, watch movies and videos on YouTube etc.

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