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Best iPhone Xs Cases in 2024

When you have the most enviable iPhone, you always want to pair your device with an equally impressive case. Moreover, that’s what has driven me to review the best iPhone Xs cases so that your search for the fascinating cover isn’t long. Knowing that not everyone buys a case for the same reason, I’ve chosen covers that are designed to meet specific demand ideally. So, whether you want to offer an uncompromised shied to your iPhone Xs, let the device shine through elegantly or present it a pretty slim suit, the following lineup can help you choose the better pair based on what you are looking for.

1. Luxury Pocket from Pad & Quill

Pad and Quill iPhone Xs Case

Would like to take some extra miles for a premium looking wallet case? Pad & Quill’s Luxury Pocket should be your top pick if you are willing to present your iPhone Xs a high-quality case.

Talking about the specs, it’s the adorable combination of full-grain American saddle leather and Baltic birch wood. The genuine leather cover features expensive texture that offers the grippy feel.

Need to carry plenty of cards for on the go use? The cover has many slots to let you store up to 5-7 cards. Oh yeah, it’s also got a pocket for stashing some dollar bills.

The compatibility with wireless charging makes sure you can embrace advance charging technology without any inconvenience. Besides, Luxury Pocket comes in four colors that include vintage brown, classy black and more.

USP: Full-grain American saddle leather
Check out on PadandQuill

2. ESR

ESR iPhone Xs Case

Elegant is the right word for “ESR.” The highlight of this case is the tempered glass back. With the 9H hardness, the case is designed to be scratch-resistant.

Sporting soft TPU frame and rugged PC base, it’s got the strength to survive bumps with ease. Thanks to the soft-textured sides, you get the secure grip that reduces the chance of the iPhone from slipping out of your hands. Moreover, ESR comes in several nice looking colors to choose from.

USP: Tempered glass back
Check out on Amazon

3. X-Doria Defense Shield Series

X-Doria Defense iPhone Xs Case

If you want to offer desired protection to your iPhone Xs without putting the style on the backburner, X-Doria Defense Shield Series can be one of the finest options. The thing that impresses me the most, in this case, is the solid construction that can survive the drops of up to 10 feet.

The integration of soft TPU, rugged PC and anodized aluminum reinforces the structure. With the soft rubber lining, the case can resist scratches. The clear back allows the iPhone Xs to shine through. Lastly, Defense Shield Series comes in five good-looking colors.

USP: Clear design
Check out on Amazon

4. Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone Xs Case

I like the compact design of “Spigen Ultra Hybrid.” It looks strong enough to offer the needed shield to your iPhone against drops and scratches. The rugged back and flexible bumper reinforce the structure.

Incorporated with air cushion technology, it excels in absorbing shock. One notable feature is the ability to work with wireless charging. Additionally, Ultra Hybrid is available in five beautiful colors.

USP: Wireless charging support
Check out on Amazon


OtterBox SYMMETRY iPhone Xs Case

Showcasing a slim yet highly protective design, OtterBox SYMMETRY SERIES cases are designed to be adorable suits. Despite having a one-piece, it offers certified drop protection to the iPhone.

With the rubberized interior, it can absorb shock and even resist scratches. The pocket-friendly design ensures it’s able to slip in and out of the pocket easily. Aside from appreciable design, SYMMETRY SERIES cases are available in more than 10 color variants.

USP: Pocket-friendly design
Check out on Amazon

6. Spigen Neo Hybrid

Spigen Neo Hybrid iPhone Xs Case

What has caught my attention in Spigen Neo Hybrid is the soft TPU pattern that feels pretty nice to the touch and also offers enhanced grip. The rugged frame can disperse impact with ease. Courtesy the smooth interior; the iPhone has the trusted protection from scrapes.

The metalized buttons further adorn the profile and also provide better feedback. With the wireless charging support, Neo Hybrid lets you juice up the iPhone without needing to remove the cover. Besides, you also have the option to choose from multiple color variants.

USP: Compact design
Check out on Amazon

7. totallee

totallee iPhone Xs Case

If the desire is to go for a gorgeous looking case, totallee cases should be one of the hottest picks. Showcasing just 0.02-inches thickness, it’s undoubtedly the thinnest iPhone Xs case.

The flexible polypropylene material with smooth textured finish offers much-improved hold. There is also a camera ring on the rear side to safeguard the shooter against scrapes. Plus, this svelte case comes in six charming colors like black, red, coral blue and more.

USP: Ultra-thin profile
Check out on Amazon

8. ESR

ESR Simplace Metal Kickstand Case for iPhone Xs

What about choosing a bit more functional case for your smartphone? If you wish to rev up your media viewing experience, ESR can be worth giving a shot.

With the built-in kickstand, the case allows you to use your device both in landscape and portrait mode. Thanks to the military grade protection, your iPhone has the reliable defense against accidental falls.

The ability to work with wireless charging makes it a complete case. That’s not, ESR is available in five beautiful color combinations.

USP: Built-in kickstand
Check out on Amazon

9. Speck Presidio Grip

Speck Products iPhone Xs Case

If form-fitting design and improved grip are at the top of your priority, you should give a chance to Speck Presidio Grip. This case may seem to be pretty slim, but it can endure the drops of up to 10 feet.

The soft exterior with the anti-slip design ensures there is less chance of any slip-up. Besides, you will be able to pick Presidio Grip in several attractive colors.

USP: Enhanced grip
Check out on Amazon

10. PITAKA Magcase

PITAKA iPhone Xs Case

There is a lot to like in PITAKA Magcase. First things first, this case is made of aramid fiber material that endows it a bit extra strength keep off scratches.

For those unfamiliar, aramid fiber is used in several applications like spacecraft, jet engines and more due mainly to having unmatched resistance. That’s the reason why it’s able to fight out minor impact despite having a slim profile.

With the 3D grippy design, Magcase comfortably fits in your palm. And with the embedded magnets, it also works with magnetic car mounts to let you use your device hands-free.

USP: Aramid fiber
Check out on Amazon

11. Silk

Silk iPhone XS Wallet Case

Should you think of picking out a minimalist wallet case, Silk will be worth a serious consideration. The cover has a slot on the back wherein you can store up to three cards. Featuring textured sides, it’s a bit more comfortable to hold.

For additional defense against accidental drops, Silk comes air pockets that enable it to absorb shock. It offers a screen protector to offer improved clarity and also fight out scratches. That aside, you’ve got four colors to select from.

USP: Hidden card slot
Check out on Amazon

And that’s it, folks!

Your favorite case?

With so many top-notch options at your disposal, you may have picked out at least one cool match for your iPhone Xs. Do let us know which one of the above covers has won you over.

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