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Best Accessories for iPhone Xs Max and Xs

Just put your hands on the new iPhone and willing to explore the best accessories to provide the desired care to your pricey smartphone? I also find myself in the same boat and have been looking for the must-have accessories for iPhone Xs Max and Xs for the past few days.

Luckily, there is no dearth of options. From premium assets to the most affordable defenders, the market is flooded with tons of varieties. At the end of the day, everything boils down to your preference and requirements.

Keeping in mind various demands, I have lined up the essential accessories for iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xs. Hopefully, you may find them spot on both for your special demands and different needs! Let’s explore the list!

1. Screen Protector: The First Line of Defense for Your iPhone

The moment I think of shielding the iPhone against accidental damage, the first thing that comes to my mind is providing the essential defense to the touchscreen. It’s because the display is probably the most vulnerable thing. And if not given the due care, it can be irreparably damaged.

So, how do you safeguard a delicate stuff like the touchscreen?

It’s quite simple, and most of you would be already familiar with it. However, what I want to stress is the use of a more durable and anti-shatter screen guard; especially the ones that boast 9H hardness and come with the coating to keep smudge and grime at bay.

2. Protective Case: Offer the Needed Security to Your iPhone

Even though I don’t have butterfingers, my smartphone does meet with accidental drops once in a while. And I guess, it would be the case with many (if not most) people.

Though Apple claims to have included the strongest glass in the 2018 iPhones, I’m not going to take things for granted. After all, it’s glass that’s more vulnerable to impact and scratches. So, keep your iPhone unshielded against these hazards at your own peril!

Why take a chance with the nasty falls, if you know that the occasional slip-ups are going to happen at some point or the other. What better way to safeguard your iPhone than giving it a protective suit?

Mind you, not all the impact resistant cases are bulky. And some covers have made an incredible balance between the slimness and protection. So, you can flaunt your smartphone without sacrificing on style!

3. Battery Case: Tons of Extra Juice for the Power Players

The next in line is the battery pack! I think all the three 2018 iPhones come with plenty of battery life to live up to basic demand. I mean you may not have to run for chargers untimely in most cases.

However, if you play high-octane games or watch movies for hours, you will definitely need some assistance to keep your smartphone powered up.

Just in case you want to continue to beat out the red bosses or catch up the hot shows at your own pace, you would love to have a dashing battery pack to keep your beast juiced up–without bringing your enjoyment to a standstill.

Moreover, there are quite a few battery cases that look pretty slim despite having a high-capacity battery. So, they make a nice match with the device and also let you sync your device to the computer without any issue. Oh yeah, check out the ones that also support wireless charging.

4. Wireless Headphones: The Evergreen Music Companion

Another accessory that you may want to have to continue to make the most of your favorite music or rev up hands-free calling is –Bluetooth headphones. And when I talk about the wireless earphones, the one name that instantly calls for my attention is “AirPods.”

If you no longer want to mess up with wired earphones and want a pretty good option at a relatively competitive price, AirPods are the way to go. Besides, some cool third-party headphones can get your job done elegantly.

Check out on Amazon

5. Power Banks: Your Indispensable Asset During Travel

Times when you are on the move you would like to have tons of extra juice at your disposal so that you wouldn’t have to run for the wall chargers time and again. The market is flooded with a good many power-packed external chargers.

Better still, they are packed with up to 30,000mAh battery (or even above) to charge your smartphone up to 10 times. So, if you are a frequent traveler and want to have plenty of extra charge at your beck and call to use your device with complete peace of mind, you should get one for your iPhone.

6. Wireless Charger: Embrace the New-Age Charging Technology

Ever since wireless charging arrived on the iPhone, I have been taking advantage of this charging technology to power up the device. Though it may not be as efficient as the wired charging as yet, it’s definitely more convenient.

After all, it sounds a bit better to just drop your device on the power mat and see the magic happen than look for the Lighting cable and plug it in the Lightning port!

So if you wish to embrace this new age charging technology, you should get one right. Furthermore, they can also work as a useful stand.

7. Armbands: Primed for Fitness Freaks

Want to check out the latest messages or glance through the latest alerts more comfortably even during your rigorous workouts? An armband can be a handy asset for your smartphone for various reasons.

Though they are mostly designed for fitness freaks, you can use an armband even during your travel or trekking in the wild. Moreover, many of them let you securely carry cards and keys. And yes, the reflective strip comes in really handy when you decide to break the shackle and go for the endless run in the dark!

8. USB-Charger: Time to Get On with The Turbocharging

Times when your smartphone is lying low on power or just about to die, you need a turbocharger to charge it up rapidly. After all, who wouldn’t want to charge the iPhone up to 80% (or around that much) in just half an hour?

Unfortunately, the iPhone Xs Max and Xs aren’t fully on board with the fast charging due to the absence of USB-C. And you need to spend some extra bucks to take advantage of the turbocharging. To be more precise, you need a USB-C charger and a USB-C to Lightning cable to charge the device with such high speed.

9. Docking Stations

I have loved using a dock for a couple of main reasons. It works not just as a reliable charging stand but also as a fine tool to let you enhance your media time.

There are several docks that are designed to charge both your iPhone and the paired Apple Watch simultaneously. So, you don’t need to buy a separate charger for your smartwatch.

Have got multiple iPhones? Why not go for an ideal organizer to charge up to 7 devices at one go. With the built-in safeguards, they provide the needed shield to your devices against the common threats like short-circuiting, overcurrent and more.

Therefore, you can’t just keep all of your devices perfectly organized but also never let them go powerless!

10. Gaming Controller – Bang On for Gaming Aficionados

What about those who love to play games for hours? Well, if you want to be at the top of your game to shoot our your enemies or destroy the zombies with more flair, you would want to have a top-notch gaming controller.

It does not just ensure you remain in complete control but also offers your more flexibility. And the one that I’ve tried and found stunning is “SteelSeries Nimbus Gaming Controller.” If you want to explore some of the other popular options, check out the below roundup.

So, that sums up this extensive roundup of the essential accessories for the new iPhones!

Stay Tuned for More…

With so many options at your fingertips, finding the one that’s timed to perfectly meet your needs is not a big ask, isn’t it? Once you have zeroed in on your priority, choosing a trusted defender or an asset remains a few clicks away.

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