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Best Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone XS Max in 2024

The only problem with big phones is that they are more likely to fall from our hands. Apple’s flagship iPhone XS Max is no exception. No matter how durable manufacturers build their phones, when dropped, the display is the first thing to break, along with our hearts in our mouth. That’s where tempered glass screen protectors help, but they too lack one crucial thing is privacy. iPhone XS Max Privacy Screen Protectors rightfully address the concern.


BISEN iPhone Xs Max Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Protect your privacy along with complete safety of your iPhone XS Max display with Bisen. You can operate your device the way you like, but spies won’t see anything. Apart from that, the product effectively protects the device’s display from scratch, fingerprints, and minor falls.

Installing the protector is easy and hassle-free; it doesn’t leave any bubble and gives you a naked-like screen after installation. Lastly, the company also offers a lifetime warranty and replacement.

USP: Lifetime warranty and replacement
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2. FlexGear

FlexGear iPhone Xs Max Privacy Glass Screen Protector

The impressive thing about FlexGear privacy protector is that it boasts a 9H hardness, but it is thinner by 15% compared to others. Besides that, the protector is dark enough to secure your privacy but not too dark for which you need to increase the screen brightness. This allows you to save battery life on your iPhone XS Max.

Apart from that, the protector is shatter-proof and protects the display from standard shocks and falls. Lastly, it comes in a pack of three that may be useful if you have multiple devices.

USP: 15% thinner
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3. Ailun

Ailun Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone Xs Max

Unlike FlexGear, Ailun privacy protector will need you to increase the screen brightness as the glass protector is slightly dark. Besides that, the protector is resistant to dust, dirt, oil, and also fingerprints.

The installation process is simple and doesn’t leave any bubble. Lastly, the company offers a hassle-free 12-months warranty on the product.

USP: Bubble free installation.
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4. Pehael

pehael Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone Xs Max

Pahael privacy protector comes in a pack of three, but all three are compatible only with iPhone XS Max. Like almost all other screen protectors, this too has 9H hardness, and it is resistant to scratches.

Besides that, it is extremely thin and thus, compatible with almost all cases out in the market. Lastly, it is slightly darker, and therefore you’ll need to increase the screen brightness on your device.

USP: Compatible with case
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CTREEY Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone Xs Max

Like all other privacy screen protectors, the one from CTREEY also features a 9H hardness, resistant to scratches, dust, and dirt. The glass is of premium quality with just 0.33mm thickness and precisely cut to fit the iPhone XS Max screen perfectly.

The retail package includes two screen protectors, one cleaning cloth, and dust removal stick. On a closing note, considering the price, the screen protector is worth looking.

USP: 0.33mm thickness
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6. Uxinuo

Uxinuo Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone Xs Max

UXinuo privacy screen protector for iPhone XS Max is slightly on a higher price band, but the quality of the product well justifies it. Even the ratings on the Amazon are very positive even with the higher price.

Even though the features of this particular screen protector are similar to all others, I’ll consider this one as one of the best privacy protectors for iPhone XS Max. That’s mainly because of the LG privacy featured materials. Lastly, it comes in a single pack along with friendly customer support for warranty.

USP: LG Privacy materials for premium quality
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QEONIX iPhone Xs Max Privacy Glass Screen Protector

QEONIX privacy screen protector for iPhone XS Max has received more than 1500 ratings on Amazon with an average of four stars out of five. Thanks to the precise cuts and thin profile, it fits perfectly on your device with a case on it.

This too, like all others, has a 9H hardness and scratch-resistant abilities. The thickness of the protector is merely 0.3mm, and it effectively protects the screen and also your privacy. It is undoubtedly worth giving a try.

USP: 0.33mm thickness and case compatible
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8. Tensea

Tensea Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone Xs Max

The privacy screen protector from Tensea also has 9H hardness along with being scratch, dust, and dirt resistant. The company claims that the protector has 100% touch accuracy and you’ll also be able to use 3D touch flawlessly.

Also, the installation is straightforward without leaving any bubble. Besides that, if you mess up the installation, the pack has two protectors. Lastly, the company also claims to have HD retina clarity with the screen protector installed.

USP: HD Retina clarity
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9. MaxDemo

MaxDemo iPhone Xs Max Privacy Screen Protector

The MaxDemo privacy screen protector is made from the highest quality tempered glass, and it has a hardness of 9H. Like all others, this too has resistant to scratches, dust, and dirt, without compromising on touch sensitivity.

It comes in a pack of two and can be helpful if you break either of them. The adhesive is bubble-free, and that makes it extremely easy to install on your iPhone XS Max. Lastly, considering the price and Amazon ratings, the product is worth looking.

USP: Highest quality tempered glass
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10. Chenna

Chenna Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone Xs Max

Chenna privacy protector has the ballistic tempered glass with a hardness of 9H and 2.5D round edges. It protects the display of your iPhone XS Max from regular falls and shocks, along with resisting scratches, dust, and dirt.

You can use Face ID and 3D Touch with almost 100% accuracy. Besides that, it is also one of the thinnest protectors on the list with a thickness of just 0.3mm. Lastly, it comes in a pack of three with a single purchase.

USP: Ballistic tempered glass
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Signing off

It may be hard to tell someone on their face to look aside while sending a confidential message to someone. But with these privacy protectors, they’ll know on their own, and we won’t need to make an effort. Anyway, I am assuming the list here has been of great help to you. If you think any specific privacy protector should be listed here, make sure to comment below.

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