Best iPhone Xs Max Clear Cases: Showcase Your Phablet in Style

For the folks who always want their iPhone to showcase its class, we have reviewed the top 10 clear cases for iPhone Xs Max. While many transparent covers are pretty slim, some have got the cushion to shield your iPhone against accidental drops.

Apple’s latest mammoth screen smartphone “iPhone Xs Max” may not boast the all-new design but the device looks impressive enough to be the center of attention. That’s why not many of you would like to keep its elegance hidden behind a traditional looking case. Frankly speaking, I have already explored the finest clear cases for iPhone Xs Max and picked up a couple of them for the beast.

Would you like to give your smartphone the needed freedom to glow in style? A transparent case can be worth serious consideration. Just in case you think that a clear case tends to be fragile, let me tell you that many transparent covers are designed to be extremely sturdy and fully capable of enduring drops. So, they raise the style quotient without cutting down on protection. Are you game for them?

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Best iPhone Xs Max Clear Cases

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#1. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Style

SUPCASE iPhone Xs Max Transparent Case

If you never want to give any chance to scratches or accidental bumps to damage your pricey iPhone, go for SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Style. Powered by a dual layer of construction, this transparent case can disperse even nasty impact.

Thanks to the impact-resistant design, it offers a military-grade safeguard to the device. The raised edge is designed to be an extra shield for the OLED display.

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There is also a camera ring to keep the shooter protected against scratches. Beyond trusted defense, Unicorn Beetle Style comes in three colors such as black, blue and pink.

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USP: Impact resistant design
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#2. ZHK

ZHK iPhone Xs Max Clear Case

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Exhibiting crystal clarity, ZHK is what you would love to have to let the iPhone glow in style without any interference. Aside from the adorable transparent design, the cover features durable bumper to absorb shock.

All the corners have got the cushion to absorb impact. The rubberized sides allow you to hold the smartphone comfortably. Plus, the ring allows the extra defense to the rear camera. It provides wireless charging support to let you juice up your smartphone without needing to remove the cover.

USP: Crystal clarity
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#3. i-Blason Ares

i-Blason iPhone Xs Max Transparent Case

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Select this rugged clear case to offer a maximum safeguard to your iPhone Xs Max from both falls and scrapes. It features PC backplate and soft TPU bumper to thwart shock. The rubberized frame also plays a vital role in preventing the smartphone from slipping out of your palm.

The elevated edge works as a trusted protector for the touchscreen and prevents it from being scratched. Besides, it’s compatible with wireless charging to let you power up your device wirelessly.

Like colorful profiles? Well, Ares transparent case comes in four color options including gold, blue, black and hot pink.

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USP: Protective design
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PUSHIMEI iPhone XS Max Clear Case

Should you think of choosing a highly flexible cover, PUSHIMEI can be the right answer for your requirement. Made of high-quality TPU, it’s incredibly smooth and fits the phablet snuggly.

Another obvious advantage is that you won’t have any problem while installing and removing the cover. The rubber texture offers improved hold, while the tactile buttons provide better feedback. And yes, the cutouts are perfect ensuring you have easy access to the port, speaker grills, and camera.

USP: Improved grip
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#5. TopACE

TopACE iPhone XS Max Clear Case

This one is less about protection and more about giving the luxury to your iPhone to shine through. It’s carved out of exceptionally soft TPU. As it’s very elastic, you will be able to install and remove the cover without any hassle.

Another apparent advantage of the rubberized cover is the extra grip that you get. The pronounced buttons are very clicky, while the cutouts allow you to access the port and speakers with ease. Moreover, the matte finish keeps off fingerprints and smudges.

USP: Matte finish
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#6. Shamo’s

Shamo iPhone XS Max Transparent Case

I find Shamo’s transparent case up to the mark. Whether it’s crystal clarity or offering scratch protection, it can stand up to your specific demand.

The TPU frame reinforces the construction to withstand minor impact, whereas the plastic back adds more durability to it. With the rubber bumper, you have the comfortable hold.

The front bezel doesn’t give scratches a chance to hurt the screen. Furthermore, the camera ring defends the shooter against unwanted scrapes.

USP: Shock-absorbing bumper
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#7. X-Doria Defense Clear Series

X-Doria iPhone XS Max Transparent Case

Showcase the elegance of your iPhone Xs Max without putting the security on the backburner. X-Doria Defense Clear Series cases allow your smartphone to glow in style without sacrificing the protection.

With triple layers of construction, the solid cover is designed to offer a military-grade defense. As a result, your iPhone can survive bumps with ease.

There is also a front lip to prevent the screen from sliding on a flat surface. Plus, the soft sides feel pretty comfy and offer the needed grip.

USP: Military-grade protection
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WATACHE iPhone Xs Max Clear Case

This offering from WATACHE sports a pretty sleek design and snaps around the iPhone Xs Max seamlessly. With the clear back, your iPhone gets the freedom to continue to steal the show.

The PC back is strong enough to absorb shock, while the TPU sides offer enhanced grip. The buttons feel responsive to ensure you don’t have a hard time while adjusting volume or snapping selfies. As for the cutouts, they are as precise as you’d want to have.

USP: Slim design
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#9. TOZO

TOZO iPhone XS Max Transparent Case

Look, how sleek TOZO looks! With just 1mm thickness, it barely adds any bulk to your smartphone. And with the clear profile to boost, the iPhone continues to rule the heart in style.

The top-quality TPU makes it very elastic, allowing you to install the cover in a jiffy. It has microdot pattern to ward off grime and smudges.

It also has 0.2mm raised lip to defend the rear camera from abrasion. The compatibility with wireless charging makes it a useful suit for the phablet.

USP: The Microdot pattern
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#10. Vproof

Vproof iPhone XS Max Clear Case

Simply put, Vproof has covered all the bases to be your favorite transparent suit. Talking about the design, it has kept everything straightforward to provide the needed license to the iPhone to remain in the heat of everyone’s attention.

The integration of PC and TPU plays a bit part in reinforcing the structure to fight out the shock.

All the four corners have been fortified to offer an extra shield to the phablet. Besides, the screen and camera get the essential protection in the form of the raised lip. On top of all, Vproof is anti-yellowing and retains its shine for long.

USP: Anti-yellowing
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That’s all folks!

Your top bet?

I guess you have chosen the perfect clear case for your iPhone Xs Max. May I know whether it’s a sturdy case or the one that’s pretty soft and flexible?

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