Best iPhone Xs Max Wallet Cases in 2020

I always prefer to have the luxury of a complete wallet case, especially when I’m on the move and want to keep all of my valuables securely in one place. It not just allows me to keep my small pockets light but also offers a bit more convenience. For more flexibility, I go for the case with the detachable design. The best iPhone Xs Max wallet cases from many well-known accessory makers have arrived, and I’m all geared up to take a close look at what they have to offer.

#1. Luxury Book from Pad & Quill

Pad and Quill Luxury Book iPhone XS Max Wallet Case

No praise would be too high for Luxury Book from Pad & Quill. The premium leather case is crafted out of full-grain American saddle leather. The inclusion of baltic birch wooden cradle adds more riches to its profile. With the neat finish, the cover sports an executive design.

The option to carry up to 6-8 cards makes Luxury Book a great pick for your travel. Plus, there is a hidden pocket to let you keep some cash for on-the-go use.

Regarding durability, this leather cover can survive bumps and even put the scratches at bay. The presence of comfy leather texture ensures the case fits snuggly in your hands; thereby cutting down the chance of occasional slip-ups.

Furthermore, you can choose the Luxury Book in multiple colors like classy brown and the evergreen black.

USP: Full-grain American saddle leather
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#2. Case-Mate

Case-Mate iPhone Xs Max Wallet Case

If classy design and premium quality are at the top of your priority, you should go for the “Case-Mate.” It’s neatly crafted with pebbled faux leather. With the smooth exterior, the leather case offers better gripping.

The soft microfiber interior plays a vital role in protecting the iPhone against scratches. There are three slots to let you keep cards and cash securely.

With the stand functionality, you can prop up the case to watch media in landscape mode. Lastly, this wallet folio case comes in multiple color variants.

USP: Pebbled faux leather
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#3. Bellroy

Bellroy iPhone Xs Max Wallet Case

Bellroy’s slim wallet case is the signature of elegance. Man, you’ve got to give this thoughtfully designed cover a glance to believe how impressive it can look on your phablet.

The top-notch flex polymer has endowed it the needed strength to keep your iPhone protected from accidental drops. The inclusion of soft microfiber interior allows it to resist scratches with ease.

You can use the hidden space on the back to carry your credit with complete peace of mind, without adding any extra bulk to your smartphone. Moreover, multiple colors options, as well as a three-year warranty, make bellroy one of the hottest flagship wallet cases for iPhone Xs Max.

USP: Enviable compact design
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PARFASE Wallet Case for iPhone XS Max

Should you wish to cut down the bulk and keep everything light, PARFASE can be one of the better options. It’s carved out of smooth synthetic leather and features aluminum alloy buttons that offer tactile feedback. There is also an aluminum alloy camera ring to offer an additional safeguard to the dual-camera.

The case has a slot on the back to let you carry a card. Even though the casing is quite slim, it can endure minor falls. As for colors, PARFASE comes in only two options: black/gray and gray/brown.

USP: Slim design
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#5. Bella Fino from Pad & Quill

Pad and Quill Bella Fino iPhone XS Max Wallet Case

Yet another from Pad&Quill. First and foremost, this wallet case features state-of-the-art workmanship. The high-grade leather endows it both the longevity and the pro-looking design.

The leather cover develops the rich patina when the dust begins to settle down on it. As a result, you will never found this case losing its famed quality.

With multiple card slots (fits up to 6-8) and a big compartment for the dollar bill, it lives up to your basic needs when you want to carry your stuff with complete peace. Convenience aside, Bella Fino supports wireless charging and also comes in some adorable color variants.

USP: State-of-the-art professional design
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KAVAJ iPhone Xs Max Wallet Case

Do you have a liking for a premium leather case? If yes, this offering from KAVAJ can win you over. To me, the highlight of this case is the top-grade cowhide leather and rich craftsmanship. With the soft leather texture, it feels warm to the touch and offers improved grip.

There are a couple of slots on the back to let you carry a card a couple of dollar bills. The auto sleep/wake functionality is designed to extend the battery life of your phablet. Besides, you have two color options to pick from black and cognac brown.

USP: Top-grade cowhide leather
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FLYEE Wallet Case for iPhone XS Max

FLYEE is pretty much in line with PARFASE wallet case mentioned above. It’s also made of synthetic leather and features a slot for a card. The anti-sleep design ensures you get a better hold and there is no slip-up.

There is one quality that many of you would appreciate in this case: the stand functionality. If you enjoy face time and use your device hands-free, you will find it pretty handy. Moreover, five beautiful color options help you choose a better suit for your Max.

USP: Kickstand functionality
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#8. Silk

Silk iPhone Xs Max Wallet Case

Silk is a new age wallet case that’s primed for the folks who appreciate minimalist design. It features durable construction powered by impact resistant corners. The soft-textured sides provide the essential grip, while the smooth buttons provide tactile feedback.

Silk has a slot on the back wherein you can store up to three cards plus a dollar bill. With the support for wireless charging, you won’t have to remove the cover from iPhone before putting it on the charging mat. Furthermore, it comes in multiple color variants including black, blue, red and more.

USP: Support for wireless charging
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FLYEE Leather Wallet Case for iPhone XS Max

Looking for a more affordable wallet case ($9.99) that live up to your basic demand with good result? You should keep FLYEE under your radar.

This wallet case is made of PU leather and sports simple design. It has a slot for a card, and there is a side pocket for storing cash. You can double up the cover to use your iPhone hands-free.

Another useful feature is the ability to work with Qi standard of wireless charging to let you power up your device comfortably. Oh yes, FLYEE comes in multiple colors so that handpicking a more suitable cover remains an easy task for you.

USP: Soft PU leather
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#10. FYY

FYY iPhone Xs Max Wallet Case

What about presenting your iPhone a colorful suit? FYY is beautifully crafted and comes in various color variants so that selecting a charming match for the phablet remains an easy task for you. The PU leather with the handmade design gives it a sophisticated look.

This wallet case has three card slots and a small pocket to let you stash some cash. There is also a wrist strap to let you comfortably carry your valuables. And with the stand functionality always at your disposal, your media time will never hit a rough patch.

USP: Sophisticated design
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#11. ProCase (Folio wallet)

ProCase Wallet Case for iPhone XS Max

It’s the adorable executive design that has compelled me to handpick ProCase. The genuine leather construction showcases top-of-the-line craftsmanship. And the ageless leather texture helps it retain its class for long.

A couple of card slots and a money pocket are good enough to take care of your basic requirements. You can also use the front cover to ramp up your video time. Regarding colors, ProCase comes in there pro-looking variants: black, brown and red.

USP: Executive design
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BENTOBEN iPhone Xs Max Wallet Case

“BENTOBEN” boasts a vintage book design that can appeal to your rich taste. The wallet case is readied with cowhide leather and sports visible stitching. Thanks to the magnetic closure, all of your valuables remain secure inside.

With three pockets for cards and a big compartment for stashing some cash, BENTOBENcan stan up to your basic demand reasonably well. Just most of the full-fledged wallet cases mentioned above, it can also rev up your movie time. Aside from hands-free experience, this premium wallet case for iPhone Xs Max comes in two colors: black and the classic brown.

USP: Vintage book design
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#13. ProCase

ProCase Leather Wallet Case for iPhone XS Max

Simplicity is the main aspect of ProCase. The best thing about this lightweight wallet case is the concealed card slot on the back that lets you store two cards. The strong magnetic keeps the cards perfectly inside.

With the impressive back design, you can position your smartphone in landscape mode to watch movies comfortably. Regarding protection, the combo of PC and PU leather has given it enough strength to survive drops with ease. Lastly, ProCase comes only in a couple of colors: black and khaki.

USP: Strong magnetic closure
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That’s all, folks!

Your favorite wallet?

Now that you have explored a variety of wallet cases for your iPhone Xs Max let me know about the one that’s passed your acid test. Besides, tell us about the thing that you always want to see in your case.

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