Best Sleeves for iPhone Xs in 2023

Best Sleeves for iPhone Xs in 2022

With a full-fledged sleeve on hand, carrying iPhone, cards, and dollar bills is more secure and comfortable. It’s an ultimate convenience that compels me to choose a pouch when I’m on the move. If you appreciate my thoughts, this roundup of the top ten sleeves for iPhone Xs would perfectly fit into your specific requirements.

1. Ceocase

Ceocase iPhone Xs Sleeve

“Ceocase” sports an adorable design. It comes with double pockets to let you carry your iPhone and other things like earphones. The flap lets you securely close the sleeve.

Regarding protection, Ceocase can protect your Xs from everyday wear and tear. The smooth interior enables the pouch to resist abrasion. Besides, this compact sleeve comes in multiple colors including black, blue and red.

USP: Appreciable compact design
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2. Dockem

Dockem Leather Sleeve for iPhone Xs

“Dockem” is well-known for producing quality sleeves for the iPhone. And I find this offering pretty much in line with its legacy.

The pouch is carved out of synthetic leather and features a neat design. With the presence of soft microfiber felt interior, the pouch is cable of absorbing shock and fight out scrapes.

The non-slip exterior makes sure your palm doesn’t feel uncomfortable while holding the iPhone XS. Lastly, you have two classy colors to pick from: evergreen brown and the ever adorable black.

USP: Soft microfiber felt interior
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HAPPER STUDIO iPhone Xs Leather Sleeve

If you have a particular liking for high-quality leather, this sleeve is just perfect. The sleeve may attract mostly corporate executives, and that’s only because of its elegant yet simple looks. It is hand-stitched with premium quality Italian leather and offers a slim profile.

Apart from this, the sleeve doesn’t offer pocket or any other fancy things. But it does have a magnetic strip to secure your device. Lastly, it is available only in brown color.

USP: Premium Italian leather
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4. fitBAG

fitBAG Pouch Sleeve for iPhone Xs

Showcasing a pro-looking design, fitBAG is worth having a look at. What headlines for this pouch is the lambskin nappa leather that endows it both the longevity and vintage feel.

With the included smooth interior, the sleeve can absorb impact. You can also rely on this pouch to keep scratches off. Thanks mainly to the leather texture, it provides much-improved grip. That’s not all; fitBAG comes in tons of vibrant colors like pink, silver, gold and more.

USP: Lambskin nappa leather
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5. Dockem Provincial Wallet

Dockem Provincial Leather Sleeve for iPhone Xs

One more sleeve from Dockem and this one is slightly different from the one already listed here. This one is crafted from premium quality synthetic leather, and it also has two pockets for your cards. To me, it feels a little bulky, but that has its own advantage.

The sleeve can withstand normal falls and also protects your iPhone XS from scratches. As far as looks are concerned, it is elegant, classy, and looks beautiful while holding in hands. Finally, there aren’t any color choices available.

USP: Extra pocket for cards
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6. WeirdOldSnail

WeirdOldSnail Sleeve for iPhone Xs

Should you think of buying a more practically designed sleeve, “WeirdOldSnail” should be one of your top picks. Besides, it’s also a bit affordable.

The sleeve is readied with the top-grade vegan felt and looks sophisticated. Thanks to the soft-textured outer shell, the pouch feels really nice.

Despite being sophisticated, WeirdOldSnail can offer the basic defense to your iPhone XS. Plus, you can also store up to 2-3 cards inside.

USP: Sophisticated design
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7. Crazy Horse Craft

Crazy Horse Craft iPhone Xs Sleeve Pouch

The quality that makes this offering so impressive is the commendable handmade design. If you have a liking for leather sleeves, you should keep it at your radar.

With the pocket-friendly design, this classy-looking pouch comfortably slips in and out of your pocket. The genuine horse leather structure can survive bumps with ease and also put scratches at bay.

Courtesy the rich leather texture, it ages gracefully. So, you will love to use it for long. Besides, it also comes with a slot on the back to let you carry a card and dollar bill.

USP: High-quality horse leather
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8. HzYisida

HzYisida iPhone Xs Sleeve

If synthetic leather or genuine leather is something out of your interest, HzYisida is worth a look. It is a neoprene sleeve that can absorb sweat while you workout. Also, neoprene is comparatively soft and thus can absorb tiny bumps and falls.

The sleeve also effectively protects your device from scratches. Apart from this, the sleeve does not have much to offer as part of the functionality. Also, there aren’t any color choices available.

USP: Soft neoprene material
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9. Sena Case

Sena Case slim leather sleeve for iPhone xs

Wrapped in full-grain semi-aniline leather, this classy mobile phone pouch exudes style and sophistication. It’s incredibly smooth to the touch, providing extra comfort without compromising on grip.

Further, it’s designed to be compatible with wireless charging. Simply place your Sena iPhone case on top of your charger, and it should work perfectly. It’s available in black and tan color options that both lend a professional look.

USP: Slim profile
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HAPPER STUDIO Sleeve Pouch for iPhone Xs

Just a look at HAPPER STUDIO’s pouch and you know that it deserves a shot on your XS. It’s got all the qualities you can expect from a top-quality sleeve. The high-grade leather with the rich handmade design.

The refined design with the visible stitching gives it a professional look. As for protection, HAPPER STUDIO can do a reasonably good job of absorbing the shock of random drops. Apart from trusted defense, this pouch comes in five adorable hues including brown, black and more.

USP: Professional design
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And that’s the wrap up of the finest sleeves for iPhone Xs!

Your favorite pouch?

It’s time to send your thoughts across and let us know about the sleeves that have got the qualities to stand up to your demand.

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