Best iPhone Xs Leather Cases: Style Never Goes Out of Fashion

The leather is capable to protect your device and add style to your demeanor. This is the reason why people, who admire both go for leather cases for their phones. Navigate through the list of top iPhone Xs leather cases.

The iPhones are primarily known for their style and strength. For this very reason, users have put full faith in this brand. If you have an iPhone, you should buy the best cases that match the excellence of your iPhone. Leather cases are the best companions of your pricey gem. Check this collection of fashionable iPhone Xs leather cases given here.

Leather cases listed here are made of genuine and faux leather. If you have sensitive skin, you should go for leather cases, which can be a little pricier than cases made of synthetic leather.

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Top 10 iPhone Xs Leather Case

#1. Pad & Quill

Pad and Quill iPhone Xs Leather Case

Have you set your sight on the leather case that exhibits premium design? “Traveler” from Pad & Quill can be an automatic pick for your rich taste.

This beautifully crafted slim leather case has a lot going for it. And the first thing that comes to the attention is the American full-grain leather. Courtesy the luxurious leather texture; it’s able to keep its look intact for long.

The leather bumper reinforces the entire construction and also offers the grippy feel. Regarding cutouts, they seem to be at their exact place, ensuring you have quick access to all the functions. Take advantage of wireless charging to power up your Xs? Well, Traveler is designed to work with it as well. If you like the folio design, check out this one.

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USP: American full-grain leather
Check out on PadandQuill

#2. Nodus Access

Nodus iPhone Xs Leather Case

Nodus has used vegetable tanned Italian leather to manufacture this bulk-free leather case for your iPhone Xs. This elegant case doesn’t flaunt clips or plastic cradles, and therefore, you can easily slide your phone in your pockets.

The case is meticulously handcrafted to make it beautiful and attractive. Nodus sources environmentally friendly Italian leathers with a soft microfiber lining.

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USP: Italian leather
Check out on NodusCollection


LOHASIC iPhone Xs Leather Case

LOHASIC presents an extremely thin leather case for your iPhone Xs. Unlike other cases, this one doesn’t add bulk to the impressive profile of your premium phone. This handmade case is crafted from soft PU leather without stitching.

The slim profile of this case keeps your phone lightweight and you would love to feel it in the palm of your hand. You can quickly access all the ports and buttons on your iPhone.

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USP: Soft PU leather
Check out on Amazon

#4. Toovren

toovren Leather Case for iPhone Xs

Toovren believes in making luxurious leather cases for iPhone Xs. Following this belief, Toovren has manufactured a leather case from tanned and cowhide without stitching. This keeps outside soft to touch and develops a natural patina after a long usage.

A notable feature of this case is it is compatible with wireless charging; thus, you don’t need to remove the case while charging your iPhone.

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USP: Wireless charging compatibility
Check out on Amazon

#5. Hoofur

Hoofur iPhone Xs Leather Case

Hoofur combines the design of a bumper and wallet case. But unlike other wallet cases, this one doesn’t have a cover that protects your phone’s screen. The folio flip is given on the back, which protects the plastic money you have stored inside the dedicated slots.

Check those two magnetic clasp snaps that are tightly closed to keep your cards and cash inside. The case is lightweight and is made to keep your phone fit comfortably in your pocket or bag.

USP: Creative design
Check out on Amazon

#6. OtterBox

OtterBox STRADA Leather Case for iPhone Xs

OtterBox is known for manufacturing heavy-duty cases for iPhones and iPads. The brand has used premium leather to make this stylish and protective case that provides you with a soft touch feeling in hands.

Unlike other cases, this one gives you only one horizontal card slot in which you can store your card or cash. OtterBox has created a pocket-friendly design.

USP: Premium leather
Check out on Amazon

#7. iATO

iATO iPhone Xs Leather Case

iATO has emerged as a popular brand that designs awesome cases and accessories for iPhones. This leather case for iPhone Xs flaunts classic design, which makes it truly distinctive. To stand out from the crowd, iATO has used real natural Bois de rosewood and black saffiano genuine leather to make this case.

This minimalistic hard case enhances the look of your iPhone and protects the device. The slim and light profile is strong enough to safeguard your phone from multiple injuries.

USP: Minimalistic design
Check out on Amazon

#8. totallee

totallee Leather Case for iPhone Xs

totallee has come up with a cowhide leather case, which gives your phone extra protection. A notable thing is that the genuine leatherback is branding free to make it look elegant and sophisticated.

The thickness of this case is just 0.02 inches so you can imagine how little bulk does it add to your iPhone. For the need for stylish protection, Totallee’s leather case is the right choice.

USP: Better grip
Check out on Amazon

#9. Dreem

Dreem iPhone XS Leather Case

Dreem has designed an inimitable case, which is appreciated by many but copied by none. It is a versatile flip-folio magnetic case that protects your phone and offers convenience to you.

Touted as the most functional product, this leather case boasts RFID theft protection feature that keeps your plastic money protected.

USP: RFID theft protection
Check out on Amazon

#10. Gulee

Gulee Leather Case for iPhone Xs

Unique design and lightweight profile make Gulee’s leather case matchless in the list. Gulee has combined luxurious leather and TPU to craft a beautiful yet simple case, which looks natural.

Compatible with wireless charging, this case offers the comfortable grip and dazzling outside finish. Gulee has added shock-absorbing corners and raised edge to protect the phone from drops and bumps.

USP: Beautiful and simple
Check out on Amazon



ZVE iPhone XS Leather Case

ZVE allows you to store three credit/debit cards, license, ID, and cash. You don’t need to carry your bulky wallet in another pocket. If you wonder how would you take your cards or money out, ZVE has already worked on this issue; check that ribbon that helps you pull out your cards easily.

The case is made of leather and TPU base shell, and soft leather texture to make it more comfortable to hold the case in hands.

USP: Resilient ribbon
Check out on Amazon

Summing up…

Leather cases have that quality that forces you to keep your phone in your hands most of the time. Apart from style and fashion, a leather case safeguards your phone from multiple perils. This list has some top-notch leather cases for your iPhone Xs and you can buy one or more for your premium device.

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