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Best Instagram Stories Apps for iPhone in 2024

If someone says social media, the first app that pops up in my mind is Instagram. And I am pretty sure that it is the same case for everyone out there. Instagram has literally taken over Social Media and is the most loved app across the globe.

Now while we have excelled the whole feed situation on Instagram with everyone having an aesthetically pleasing feed using various scheduling apps, we are still learning the tricks of Instagram Stories. As they say, there is an app for everything out there. It becomes very very difficult to pick out the best from an ocean of apps.

Here we have curated a list of the best Instagram story apps for iPhone after trying a few dozens of them. While some of the apps were amazing, the others were just border-line tacky. Creating beautiful and cohesive Insta stories will definitely increase your engagement level with your audience, and they would want to keep coming back. So without any more blabber let’s get through this list.

1. Canva

‎Canva Instagram Story iPhone App Screenshot

This is by far, my favorite app to edit my Instagram stories in. Canva has tons of template options to offer, and you can customize it according to your preference. I have been through various apps to find the perfect Instagram stories app, but I keep coming back to Canva.

The best thing about this app apart from the multitude of graphics and fonts options is this app’s ability to create multiple pages in one folder. So usually I create folders according to dates and organize all the stories for that particular day in that folder.

The only downside to this app is that you will have to edit your photo outside of the app and then create an image that suits you.

Price: Free/In-app Purchase

2. Unfold  – Create Stories

‎Unfold Instagram Stories iPhone App Screenshot

For the people who believe in less is more, Unfold is the app for you. It has been around for quite some time now and is used to create these lovely minimalistic and stylist looking collages with photos and videos.

Sometimes it is better to let your media do the talking without adding too many elements to the stories. We don’t want to take away the essence of it now, do we?

Price: Free/In-app Purchase

3. Phonto – Text on Photos

‎Phonto Instagram Stories iPhone App Screenshot

This app is handy to add fonts on your photos. It has a wide variety of fonts to choose from; you could also download fonts on this app for quick access. It would be like a playground for all those people who have a way with words.

I know you can do a pretty decent job of writing over images with the normal fonts Instagram has to offer but why not be different? Be as quirky and unique with your fonts and give a sense of individuality to your words.

Price: Free/In-app Purchase

4. InShot – Video Editor

‎InShot Instagram Stories iPhone App Screenshot

InShot is another wonderful app to edit your Insta story videos, it offers a variety of options to color grade and edit videos easily. The best thing about this app is the videos that you will create are going to look professionally done.

You can cut and trim your videos or adjust the speed, it’s all up to you and your creativity. Not only that you can size your videos to fit the Instagram standards and not forget tons of other features that this app has to offer.

Price: Free/In-app Purchase

5. A Design Kit

‎A Design Kit Instagram Story iPhone App Screenshot

Add a pop of colors and lots of life to all your Insta stories with this beautifully stocked app. It creates eccentric and distinctive images that will compel your audience to keep coming back.

Something that really sets this app apart from all other apps is its huge community of users who upload their own images on the app, which will help you in seeking inspiration from.

Price: Free/In-app Purchase

6. Life Lapse: Stop Motion Video

‎Stop Motion Maker Instagram Stories iPhone App Screenshot

Are you a fan of those cool stop motion videos? Well then, Lifelapse is a perfect app for you. It creates these beautiful high-quality stop motion videos. Ditch your costly cameras, just grab your iPhones and wait for the right lighting to create amazing stop-motion videos.

The app is not just limited to creating stop-motion videos, it offers various editing tools to make your videos perfect.

Price: Free/In-app Purchase

7. Hype-Type: Moving Text Photo-s

‎Hyperlapse Instagram Stories iPhone App Screenshot

This app is used to animate the text and it creates these really cool text animations, just one pro tip: do not use this app when you want your audience to focus on that beautiful picture you want to post; only use it when you have a blend background, and you want your users to really focus on the text and not the background. Let your words go crazy (quite literally) with this app.

Price: Free

8. Adobe Express: Graphic Design

‎Adobe Spark Post Instagram Story iPhone App Screenshot

I know people will get super tensed upon reading Adobe as it is most often used by professionals but trust me, Adobe Express: Graphic Design is very user-friendly. It creates beautiful graphics, and you can show some pro-level creativity with this app (without being a pro).

It comes with an array of pre-designed templates to choose from. It also has a variety of free stock photos, fonts, and filters to add a personality to your stories.

Price: Free/In-app Purchase

9. SNOW – AI Profile

‎SNOW Beauty and Makeup Instagram Story iPhone App Screenshot

Snow is an app for all those people who love vintage filters. If you want to give those major vintage vibes with your stories, then Snow is your app. Not only can you edit photos in this app, but you could also edit videos and boomerangs in this app and add music to it.

Additionally, to all these features, you could also click flawless selfies and pictures in this app as well.

Price: Free/In-app Purchase

Signing Off…

I am not assuring you that these apps will make your audience come back to you, but it will definitely create engaging Insta stories. The key to a huge follower base and the recurring audience is to be consistent. So be as consistent and creative you can with the help of these apps and rock the Instagram game.

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Let me know in the comments below if you have any other apps to create unique Instagram Stories.

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