Best Mac Apps to Create GIF in 2022

Best Mac Apps to Create GIF

GIFs have got a huge craze today! I love to share them with my friends to express various shades of emotions. That apart, they can be used for the promotion of brands and products as well. For instance, you can highlight your key products, simulate products’ demos and draw attention to call to actions. Want to get into action right away? Glance through this exclusive set of the best apps to create GIFs on Mac to take your penchant for those hilarious images to an altogether new level.

There are many ways to be creative with animated GIFs. You can create memes, record videos or images and convert them into funny GIFs. With the help of a number of editing tools, you will be able to give a preferred look to your comical images. Looking forward to exploring these top GIF creator apps for Mac? Let me walk along with you as well!

1. CloudApp

CloudApp Mac App Screenshot

CloudApp performs exactly what it says. Creating GIFs with it is very easy. Its simple interface will let you convert video clips and annotated images into incredible GIFs.

CloudApp will allow you to modify size, frame delay, sequence, effects and more. Once you create GIFs, save it on your Mac. Later, share those beautiful GIFs on online platforms.

Price: Free (CloudApp Pro Monthly – $8.99)

2. Cinemagraph Pro

Cinemagraph Pro Mac App Screenshot

If you are looking for a powerful app to create genuinely unique GIFs, take a look at Cinemagraph Pro. It turns a full-motion video into an animated image. It also gives you control and lets you choose what moves and what does not. Using this, you can create various kinds of GIFs, like one with water waves hitting the shore, but people on the beach are motionless.

When you launch the app for the first time, you are walked through an impressive tutorial, that shows you how to make the best of it. Apart from these, Cinemagraph Pro has several different tools that take your image to the next level. Give this one a green signal.

Price: Free (Solo – $4.99)

3. PicGIF Lite

PicGIF Lite Mac App Screenshot

Like creating GIFs? If yes, “PicGIF Lite” would be a great addition to your collection.

What I like a lot about this app is that it makes creating GIFs from photos and videos pretty simple. As this app works with several images and video formats like  JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, TGA, RAW, PIC, MOV, MPEG, MP4, M4V, 3GP, AVI etc, you will be able to design GIFs with ease.

You can set FPS or frame delay to perfectly fine tune the animation speed and also adjust the size of the GIFs. Moreover, PicGIF Lite lets you share your creation via iMessage, Tumblr and email as well.

Price: Free

4. Smart GIF Maker

Smart GIF Maker Mac App Screenshot

Smart GIF Maker is such a cool app, helping you modify GIFs in a better way. Built with the simple user interface, Smart GIF Maker lets you add/delete frames and photos. You can set the GIFs loop counts and frame duration.

Simply, drag and drop images to frames. You can even change the order of frames. Once saved, you can export or share GIFs with your colleagues, friends, and family.

Price: Free (Watermarks – $1.99)

5. Gifable – GIF Screen Recorder

Gifable Mac App Screenshot

In just three easy steps, you can create hilarious GIFs on your Mac, all thanks to Gifable – screen recorder app. After clicking on the Gifable icon and dragging your mouse over the area to record, the app will automatically start recording.

This app is a perfect tool for bloggers, social media influencers, marketers, and people who create tutorials for followers. Before you can share your creation, you get a chance to see the preview of the GIF. For quick and easy copy-paste, you can use the clipboard.

Price: $1.99

6. GIF Live

GIF Live Mac App Screenshot

GIF To Live is an epitome of advancements. It is packed with hi-end features that help you create brilliant GIFs. You can easily convert GIF and video to GIFs within a few clicks.

Its innovative frame organizer helps you create out of the box animations. You can drag and drop animations according to frames. Besides this, you can reverse animations and custom layouts to make it more personalized. Want to try this custom-built app? Go ahead, get the most out of its elegant features!

Price: $2.99

7. Ezgif

Click on GIF Maker and Browse File in EZGIF

Unlike above listed Mac apps, Ezgif is an online GIF converter. It allows you to go with basic edits like crop, resize, optimize and more. You can even split and merge multiple GIFs in one frame.

You can capture up to 400 photos and videos to create GIFs. The app has the file-size limit of 30 MB. However, you won’t be able to host images or videos hence, ensure that you download GIFs once they are prepared.

Price: Free
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That’s all, mate!

Over To You!

Have you liked these finest GIF creator apps for Mac? May I know the name of apps that are going to liven up your messaging time? Feel free to let us know their names and the features you have liked in them.

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