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Best alarm apps for Mac in 2024

Whether you have fallen asleep while working or after a game night, you need a good alarm app on your Mac to wake up on time. Apart from waking you up from sleep, alarm apps for Mac also can remind you to take a break from your activities or remind you about those deadlines.

Regardless of the reason, the search for an alarm clock app for Mac should only end at best. So, here are my picks, each with its specialty and features.

  1. Clock app
  2. Timer RH
  3. Clock mini
  4. Wake up time
  5. Sleep Alarm Clock

1. Clock app – Default app on Mac

Best Clock app for Alram in Mac

Over the years, Apple has refined the default Clock app to make it one of the best alarm app for MacBook Pro, Air, or any other Macs available. It’s easy to set the alarm with straightforward steps. Apart from the alarm, you can access the World Clock, Stopwatch, and Timer.

As for the UI, it is minimal and hence not confusing. All the required options are easy to find. However, not everyone might be a fan of minimal UI as it misses out on many features the competitors provide.


  • Pre-installed clock app for Mac
  • Simple UI
  • Easy to use


  • Not many features

Price: Free

2. Timer RH – Create multiple timers

Timer RH alram app for Mac

Another cool timer app has made it to our list of alarm clock apps for MacBook. Once you get past the learning curve, you will easily love this app! You can add multiple timers at various times. Once you set a timer, you’ll see a retro-style digital countdown.

Users can either use the bar on top of the app to set a timer or drag down the slider from the app’s icon at the status bar. And let me just tell you, the UI is smooth!

Just because of the minimal and amazing UI alone, I keep making multiple timers, and I only realized when the timer went all out and when hearing the sound as a surprise, one might even be shocked or scared if something bad has happened.

There’s even an option to schedule a timer and multiple ways to customize the sound and appearance of the application.


  • Minimal UI
  • Ability to add multiple timers
  • Wide range of customizations


  • No significant cons

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99)


3. Clock mini – Live dock timer

Clock mini alram app for Mac

A saying in Hindi translates to “Small packet, big performance.” That’s true for the Clock mini app. Apart from Mac, the app is also available to download on Apple TV. I love the cute and simple UI of the app. It comes with multiple clock faces and the ability to switch between light and dark modes.

Even in the free version, you’ll get a good amount of customization options to make it suit your needs. There’s even a dedicated section to customize the timer on the app!

Despite having the name clock in it, the app still has no option to set the alarm, which is surprising. However, you can use the built-in timer as an alternative. It’s ironic because the developers have included many app customization options.

The clock icon on the dock even acts as a live clock which is another thing I like about the app. While the slider option is a nice addition to set timer, I would have appreciated it if there was an option to manually set the timer limit by entering the digits.


  • Simple and Easy to use UI
  •  Lot’s options to customize
  • Live clock on the dock


  • Not a traditional alarm
  • Timer could have been improved

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99)


4. Wake up time – Retro alarm clock for Mac

Wake Up Time - Alarm Clock for Mac

The saying “Old is God” is true for this app. Why? Despite not being updated for years, this app is still one of the alarm clock apps for MacBook. You’ll be greeted with a retro-style clock, and if you are a fan of retro designs, you’ll already fall in love with it.

You can choose between tons of built-in alarm sounds; if that’s not enough, you can even add custom sounds. Still confused about what sound to choose? How about letting the app decide and set the sounds randomly? Thanks to its easy-to-use UI, you can also easily turn off the alarm when unnecessary.


  • Retro look
  • Many options to customize sound
  • Import sound from outside the app


  • Haven’t been updated for years

Price: Free


5. Sleep Alarm Clock – Alarm clock with sleep timer

Sleep Alarm Clock for Mac

The Sleep Alarm Clock makes it into our list thanks to its top rating on the Mac App Store. As one can guess, this app can be helpful for those who want the right amount of sleep and not longer than that. According to the developers, the app was crafted with sleep analysts after extensive research and studies.

You can choose from various live soothing, comforting, and ambient soundtracks. Unlike traditional alarms, this app gives you a gentle “Good Morning” sound. In addition, users can adjust the alarm volume, easy-to-hit snooze button, and a sleep timer for ambient white noise.

There’s also a cute animated video background which makes your desk and room cozier. Unfortunately, if you own a Mac running Apple Silicon, you will face many UI bugs, eventually destroying the entire app experience.


  • Prepared with sleep analysts
  • Minimal UI
  • Easy to use


  • Not optimized for Apple Silicon Macs

Price: Free (Pro version: $2.99)


Bonus: Online alarm clock for Mac

Besides these options, you can also try many other online alarm clocks on your Mac. The benefit of trying online tools is that you can get almost every feature available with alarm apps for Mac.

While there are many options, I suggest you check out Alarm DJ, which will let users the alarm sound with the song of their choice.

Wake on time with these alarm apps for Mac!

With these alarm apps for Mac, I have made sure to include all the apps that can help you to be productive. Although if you have any queries or suggestions, do drop them in the comments.

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