Best Yoga Apps for Apple TV in 2021

Apart from serving you with entertainment, Apple TV helps you achieve your fitness goals. Puzzled? Well, I am talking about yoga apps you can use on your Apple TV. Whether you want to start a yoga practice or a seasoned yogi, you can rely on some of the best yoga apps for Apple TV.

#1. Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga Apple TV App Screenshot

Daily Yoga works at three levels: weight loss, meditation, and stretch. Hence, this is your all-in-one app to stay healthy and happy.

A notable feature of this app is guided, classes. You can prepare yourself for more advanced classes by learning the basics. And if you have already achieved the status of a ‘graduate,’ you can earn ‘master’s degree from world-class teachers.

There are more than 500 asanas, 70 yoga programs, and 500+ guided yoga. If you wonder how to select a class, use the Smart Coach feature. This will help you avoid the repeated search of the right class.

Price: Free (In-app purchases starts at $9.99)

#2. Gaia TV Discover Mindful Yoga

Gaia TV Discover Mindful Yoga Apple TV App Screenshot

Gaia can challenge any mainstream media in terms of content. An Apple TV yoga app for beginners, Gaia offers you more than 8000 exclusive videos and original programs.

Apart from yoga, this app also helps you with meditation, spirituality, personal transformation, and alternative healing. Thus, Gaia not only improves your physical health but also spiritual and intellectual life.

Teachers and luminaries will teach you traditional and contemporary practices of yoga. This gives you the best of both worlds.

Price: Free (In-app purchases starts at $11.99)

#3. Asana Rebel

Asana Rebel Yoga App for Apple TV Screenshot

A high-intensity workout followed by meditation can boost your physical and mental fitness. Asana Rebel understands this, and therefore, the app gives you a step-by-step guide to stay healthy.

With each passing day, you will feel better and inspired to do more yoga. In case you cannot spend much time, you can go for five-minute workouts offered by the app.

Apart from a workout, you can level up your knowledge and information by reading articles and playing fun quizzes.

Price: Free (In-app purchases starts at $9.99)

#4. Glo – Yoga and Meditation

Glo Yoga and Meditation App for Apple TV Screenshot

People have different physical problems at different life stages. And therefore, Glo has designed its classes according to your need and level. The app will create practice sessions, which are uniquely your own.

The app has crafted sessions after in-depth research on Yoga and Meditation. Hence, it has successfully designed classes for busy moms, beginners, or insomniacs. If you are living a stressed life and cannot sleep properly, use yoga Nidra before sleep.

For fitness enthusiasts, there is advanced vinyasa flow. Beginners can brush up some basics in quickly accessible yoga classes.

Price: Free (In-app purchases starts at $22.99)

#5. Yoga Studio: Mind & Body

Yoga Studio Apple TV App Screenshot

Yoga Studio is admired by beginners and experts as well. For this reason, it can be slotted in the list of essential apps for Apple TV. The app is primarily categorized into three levels: beginners, intermediate, and advanced HD video yoga classes.

If you are feeling anxiety or stress, the app recommends its guided audio meditations and free pose reference guide. You have access to nearly 200 yoga and meditation videos. Moreover, the app updates its library at regular intervals.

Apart from videos, you can also explore its rich collection of 280+ poses with thorough instructions.

Price: Free (In-app purchases starts at $2.99)

#6. At-Home Workouts by Daily Burn

At Home Workouts Yoga App for Apple TV Screenshot

DailyBurn is a multipurpose fitness app that helps you losing weight, gaining strength, toning body, or gaining muscle. For each activity, the app offers you a program. Follow the program religiously, and you will feel the top of the world.

In case your Apple TV is not accessible in your kitchen or bedroom, you can listen to audios. These audios are prepared under the instructions of expert trainers. Given your tight schedule, DailyBurn has designed classes of different time duration – from 10 to 60 minutes.

Premium membership gives you access to DailyBurn 365. This allows you to chat with friends and trainers every weekday.

Price: Free (In-app purchases starts at $9.99)

#7. Find What Feels Good

Find What Feels Good Apple TV Yoga App Screenshot

Explore more than 100 hours of yoga videos on Adriene. Furthermore, the app provides you a rich library of classes. This collection is uniquely divided into categories viz. Light, Empower, Pre-natal yoga, yoga ritual, Boost & Chill, and more.

If you go for the premium membership, the app allows you to download videos. You can watch the content in offline mode.

You can involve your friends by telling them about your favorite videos. Share your content with your pals on Twitter, Facebook, or via email.

Price: Free (In-app purchases starts at $9.99)

That’s all, yogis!

Wrapping up…

Although the apps are listed as Apple TV yoga apps, you can use them on your iOS devices as well. How often do you work out in front of your Apple TV? Which is your favorite yoga app? Share your feedback with us in Comments.

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