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Best AI writing apps for iPhone and iPad in 2024

With its remarkable advancements, artificial intelligence has emerged as a game-changer in the world of writing. AI writing assistant apps have become a must-have for writers due to their ability to improve writing experiences and efficiency. In this article, I will introduce you to the best AI writing assistant apps for iPhone and iPad.

Essentially, AI writing apps use natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to serve users. They are designed in such a way that they can analyze text and provide feedback or suggestions to improve the user’s overall content. Now that we have a basic understanding of what these apps do, let’s look at the entries!

  1. Grammarly
  2. ParagraphAI
  3. Genius
  4. Chatsonic
  5. Wordtune
  6. Writecream
  7. Pure AI

1. Grammarly – Editors choice

Grammarly AI writing iPhone or iPad App Screenshot

When compiling a list of top AI writing apps for iOS devices, Grammarly is the first app that comes to mind. This app is capable of performing various tasks, such as checking spelling and grammar, improving sentence structure, and enhancing clarity in your content.

One of the app’s most significant features is its privacy policy. The developers have ensured that user privacy is taken seriously, and they have committed to never selling or renting out user data. You can refer to the company’s privacy policy page for more information on this.

Grammarly’s keyboard has a variety of functions, including real-time writing suggestions, tone detection, multiword text predictions, smart autocorrect, and even emoji predictions and a search bar. Additionally, the app has a Safari extension that provides spelling and grammar checking for writing on websites.

For those who require more advanced features, Grammarly also offers a premium version. This version provides suggestions on tone, style, and the use of active versus passive voice, which can significantly improve the quality of your writing. Furthermore, Grammarly has a browser extension that can be used while writing on the web.


  • Compliments you regularly
  • Illuminates your writing
  • Provide great suggestions
  • Simple to use AI


  • Suggestions get influenced by your tone in the long run

Price: Free (In-app purchase starts at $29.99)


2. ParagraphAI – Smooth AI writing assistant iOS app

ParagraphAI writing assistant app for iPhone and iPad

This revolutionary AI writing assistant app has taken the world by storm. As per the company’s claims, their app is the first of its kind, powered by GPT-3 and developed by brilliant engineering minds from Meta, MIT, and OpenAI. This app’s multi-lingual keyboard is intended to assist students and professionals to quickly write high-quality articles, emails, and messages.

Whether you’re writing an essay, a report, or responding to an email, the app can generate text in any format you want. With the tone and voice adjustment feature, you can fine-tune your AI text to the level you prefer. Additionally, I’d suggest you have a look at our guide to efficiently using ChatGPT on your iPhone.

One of the app’s most impressive features is its ability to respond to emails, messages, and chats in real-time. You can get an immediate AI response in your desired tone with a simple copy and paste. This saves you time while also allowing you to stay on top of your communication game.

Additionally, the app includes a grammar and tone improvement feature that checks and corrects rough draughts and outlines with professional spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. Its AI sentiment analysis ensures that you say what you want to say in the appropriate tone.


  • Easy-to-use UI
  • Can set writing tones
  • Worth to price


  • Not for iPad

Price: Free (In-app purchase starts at $24.99)


3. Genius – The smart AI chat assistant for iPhone

Genius AI writing assistant app for iPhone and iPad

If you’re looking for an AI writing assistant who can help you with everything from research to writing, Genius is a great option. Because of the AI’s advanced capabilities, it can comprehend and respond to a wide range of topics, making it an excellent tool for you.

Genius can help you with anything from complex research and developing new ideas to write compelling prose. You can be confident that the app’s content will be accurate and engaging because it uses GPT to understand and write like a person.

However, with the premium version of the app, you can unlock unlimited requests, allowing you to use the app as much as you want without worrying about exceeding the limit. Furthermore, if you are a first-time subscriber, you will receive a 3-day free trial period to test out the app before committing to a subscription.

While Genius is a powerful tool, there may be instances where the information it provides is incorrect or incomplete. As a result, the app’s creators are not liable for incorrect information, and users should avoid entering any personal information into the app. However, if you use Genius responsibly and with caution, it can be an extremely useful and versatile writing assistant app.


  • Good suggestions
  • Simple user interface
  • Allow you to check the history


  • Consumes a lot of time while generate responses
  • Irregular updates

Price: Free (In-app purchase starts at $9.99)


4. Chatsonic – AI Chat Assistant

Chatsonic AI writing assistant app for iPhone and iPad

Chatsonic is an AI writing assisting tool that uses advanced machine learning algorithms to help you research and improve your content. Its ability to adapt to your writing style is also impressive. The smart app learns from your writing patterns and preferences, resulting in more personalized and relevant writing suggestions in the future.

I appreciate the iPhone writing app for its wide range of writing features which includes grammar and spelling checks, contextual synonym suggestions, and structural recommendations. Furthermore, it can analyze text for readability and make suggestions to improve the text’s flow and coherence.

In my opinion, it’s a fantastic tool for both new and experienced writers. The app can inspire and guide those struggling with writer’s block or difficulty organizing their thoughts. Moreover, the writing apps have a user-friendly interface and intuitive design that simplifies the writing process.

The app is excellent for both individual writing and team collaboration. It allows multiple users to work on a document at the same time and provide real-time feedback and suggestions. Furthermore, the app includes cloud storage, allowing you to access and share your work from any device. In short, an app is a must-have tool for writers looking to improve their writing skills and productivity.


  • Response time is less
  • High-quality content
  • Beginners friendly built


  • Can add more features with the free version

Price: Free (In-app purchase starts at $9.99)


5. Wordtune – The customizable writing assistant

Wordtune AI writing assistant app for iPhone and iPad

Wordtune is a powerful writing tool that leverages artificial intelligence to improve the quality and effectiveness of your writing. Whether you’re drafting an email, a blog post, or a report, its intuitive interface and advanced algorithms can help you fine-tune your message and communicate more effectively with your audience.

It offers a variety of customizable options – such as Tone & Length, Translates, and Rewrite – at the same time to help you tailor your writing to your specific needs and goals. The app can help you achieve your goals and realize your full potential, whether you’re a professional writer or just looking to improve your written communication skills.

One of the key benefits of the app is its ability to help you save time and increase productivity. The app’s suggested alternative phrasings and vocabulary choices can help you write faster and more efficiently without sacrificing quality or clarity. Furthermore, the multi-platform support allows you to use the app wherever you write, whether on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

Wordtune is a fantastic resource for non-native English speakers looking to improve their writing abilities and expand their vocabulary. By providing real-time suggestions and feedback, the app can help you learn new words and idioms, improve your grammar and syntax, and better understand the nuances of the English language.


  • Straightforward app
  • Packed with a plethora of features
  • Quick to respond


  • Not available for iPad
  • Sometimes logs out automatically

Price: Free (In-app purchase starts at $24.99)


6. Writecream – Content generator

Writecream AI writing assistant app for iPhone and iPad

Writecream is a content writing app for iPhone that can save you countless hours of writing time. It can generate unique and plagiarism-free content in minutes thanks to its advanced algorithms. Whether you need assistance with a blog post, a novel, or a script, the app’s powerful features can help you quickly create compelling content.

The app’s ability to generate intro and conclusion paragraphs, as well as an outline for your content, is one of its most useful features. This feature is especially useful for those experiencing writer’s block or who need to quickly jot down their ideas. It can also generate content for all sections and sub-sections of your work, making it a versatile writing tool.

Aside from content generation, the app also includes various copywriting tools. You can make use of tabs like paraphrasing, summarizing, and rewriting to improve your writing and create more engaging content.

The app is a versatile and essential writing assistant app for writers, authors, freelancers, SEO copywriters, marketing agencies, startups, and enterprises, thanks to its automated content ideas and customizable AI tools.


  • Write plagiarism-free content
  • Include copywriting tools
  • Uses advance algorithm


  • The quality of the content generated needs improvement

Price: Free (In-app purchase starts at $8.99)


7. Pure AI – Human bot writing assistant

Pure AI writing assistant app for iPhone and iPad

A pure AI chatbot is a virtual assistant that is designed to interact with users through text or speech. It understands user queries and responds accordingly using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms. It can also be used to create a wide range of content, such as news articles, product descriptions, social media posts, and more.

The app can also be integrated with content management systems, allowing content creators to produce high-quality content more quickly. AI writing has numerous benefits, including increased productivity, improved accuracy, and cost savings.

Pure AI chatbots, unlike traditional chatbots, are highly intelligent and can learn from every interaction to improve their responses. The app can handle complex queries and provide users with personalized responses, making it ideal for customer service, sales, and marketing. Furthermore, they can automate repetitive tasks, allowing human resources to focus on more critical tasks.


  • The efficiency of the app
  • Clean UI
  • Quick learning ability


  • Lack of creativity
  • Technical issues

Price: Free (In-app purchase starts at $4.99)


Is Siri an AI assistant tool?

Siri is a voice-activated digital assistant that uses artificial intelligence to understand and respond to your requests and commands.

Does iPhone have ChatGPT app?

No, there is no official ChatGPt app for your iPhone. However, you can use the AI tool in a variety of ways.

Is AI leveling up the writing game?

With a variety of features that can assist writers of all levels in improving their writing skills and producing high-quality content, the above apps are a must-have for any iPhone or iPad user. The apps will change how you write and practice your craft, from suggesting corrections to providing writing prompts. What are your thoughts on my list of AI writing assistant tools? Your feedback is welcome in the comments section.

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