Safari Running Slow on iPhone or iPad? Five Tips to Speed It Up

Even though there are several highly user-friendly web browsers like, Google Chrome, iPhone owners enjoy using Safari as it’s second to none. Whether it is security or the required speed, Apple’s web browser stands at par with the best-if not ahead.

On several occasions due to miscellaneous bugs, the user experience of Safari is affected on iOS devices. However, at times the lack of knowledge about how to get the best use of this advanced app could become a huge barrier as well; especially if you are not much aware of how it works.

Have you found Safari for your iPhone or iPad running a bit too slow and looking for some smart tips to speed it up instantly? You’ve stumbled upon the right page!

Safari Running Slow on iPhone and iPad How to Speed Up?

#1. Clear History

Make Sure to Clear History and Website Data Frequently

It’s always advisable to clear history and website data from time to time to keep the web browser uncluttered.

Settings → Safari → Clear History and Website Data.

Clear Safari Data and Website History on iPhone

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#2. Disable JavaScript

Turning off JavaScript can help you fix the lagging issue. However, some interactive elements might not work on the websites you will visit.

Step #1. Tap on Settings → Tap on Safari.

Tap on Settings Then Safari on iPhone

Step #2. Scroll Down and tap on Advanced.

Tap on Advanced in Safari Settings on iPhone

Step #3. Toggle Off JavaScript.

Turn Off JavaScript in Safari on iPhone

#3. Disable Background App Refresh

You may wonder why I need to turn off the background app refresh to accelerate Safari. Nonetheless, it will work well in not only saving plenty of battery on your device but also making the browser run more smoothly.

Step #1. Settings →  General → Background App Refresh

Tap on Background App Refresh in iPhone Settings

Step #2. Turn Off Background App Refresh.

Turn Off Background App Refresh on iPhone#4. Reset Network Settings

Resetting network settings from time to time will be very handy in resolving the issue. Frankly speaking, it’s one of my favorite tricks to get rid of the lagging problem.

Reset Network Settings on iPhone

#5. Turn off Automatic Downloads

Disable the automatic downloads of apps or music. It will help improve your web browsing experience. Go to Settings → iTunes & App Stores → Toggle Off switches under Automatic Downloads

Turn Off Auto Downloads on iPhone

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Safari Running Slow on iPhone and iPad

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Safari Running Slow on iPhone and iPad
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