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Download Pokémon wallpapers for iPhone in 2024

Pokémon has a very special place in my heart. It was not just my first anime show but also the first anime my niece and I watched together. And while you might be celebrating a different nostalgic memory, I am relieving those precious moments with these Pokémon wallpaper for iPhone.

P.S. That Download button is there for a reason tap it to download any or all iPhone Pokémon wallpapers.

P.S.S. Alongside the wallpaper, you’ll also be privy to storytime with AK(me). Although I suggest not to, you can skip it and just concentrate on wallpapers.

1. Ash and Pikachu Pokémon wallpaper

Let’s start where the journey truly begins, with Ash and his Pikachu. Your favorite Pokémon or trainer might be different, but everyone loves the chemistry between these two.

Storytime with AK: And though at the time my niece was Pikachu-sized, she used to enact Ash, and I was her Pikachu. So all I was allowed to say at the time was Pika Pika, albeit in multiple variations.

Pokemon Ash and Pikachu wallpaper for iPhone


P.S. Scroll through all the Pokémon wallpapers to see a photo of my Ash and me.

2. Charizard Pokémon wallpaper for iPhone

Let’s settle a debate in the comment section below, whose cuter – Charizard of Charmander? I vote for Charmander, but apparently, Google and our graphic designer root for the other option.

Charizard Pokemon wallpaper for iPhone


3. Cute Pokémon wallpaper iPhone Pikachu

Can we talk about cute Pokémons without including Pikachu? Even Screen Rant ranks him as the cutest Pokémon ever. So in honor of that, here’s a special wallpaper.

Cute Pokemon wallpaper iPhone Pikachu


4. Ghost Pokémon iPhone wallpaper

Pokémon episodes were fun, but the ‘Who’s that Pokémon’ challenge kept the enthusiasm up even during the ad break. Let’s play an easy round of that game again. Can you guess which Pokémon is this?

No cheating; share the answer in the comment section. And if you need a hint, check out the wallpaper title again.

Ghost Pokemon gengar iPhone wallpaper


5. Pikachu wallpaper on iPhone

This might sound melodramatic, but I love how almost every Pokémon has a cute, naughty side. And then, in battle, their aggressive, competitive, and sometimes scary side crops up. Just like us, we’re hot, and then we’re cold.

Pikachu wallpaper on iPhone


6. Mr. Mime Pokémon wallpaper

I love how certain Pokémons are totally imaginary, while some take inspiration from real-life resources; Mr. Mime is one such example.

Storytime with AK: While watching a Mr. Meme episode, my niece (seven at the time) asked me why there was no Mrs. Mime. All a proud, feminist aunt could do is a Google search. But do you know? If not, this resource can help you out.

Mr-Mime Pokemon iPhone wallpaper


7. Talonflame cute Pokémon wallpaper

Do you like/enjoy when games or merchandise redesign a Pokémon? Some changes like the Pokémon Unite’s Talonflame sporting a special aviation look are good. But some aren’t that impressive. So, which tweaks do you like or hate .

Talonflame cute pokemon wallpaper


8. Machamp Pokémon iPhone wallpaper

Here’s another melodramatic punch; the strength of this Pokémon is also its biggest weakness. While it can throw five hundred punches in a second, it can’t scratch his back to save his life.

Machamp Pokemon iPhone wallpaper


9. Lucario wallpaper for iPhone

Fun fact about Lucario, the fighting/steel-type Pokémon is one of the most popular, especially in the gaming community. It is usually ranked in the top 5 and is amongst the 46 species capable of Mega Evolution.

Pokemon Lucario wallpaper for iPhone


10. Pokémon Cinderace wallpaper for iPhone

I am not a fan of Cinderace, but since my Football loving team at iGeeksBlog loves it, we have wallpaper for it. Although, I must admit that it looks uber-cool on the iPhone Home and Lock Screen.

Pokemon wallpaper iPhone Cinderace


Storytime with AK: While nobody is asking, I would like to share my favorite moment in the Pokémon series. It’s in the season one episode, “Electric Shock Showdown,” when Pikachu decides not to evolve and become as strong as possible.

I just hope everyone has someone in their life who is as supportive of their decisions as Ash was to Pickachu. There are many reasons to love Pokémon, but I love it more because of this scene.

And after that emotional spill, I have nothing more to say (surprisingly). So, here’s hoping you enjoy these wallpapers. Do share your views, sentiments, memories, and more with us.

The promised Ash and Pickachu picture:


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