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How to Fix Mouse Cursor Disappears on Mac

Mouse Cursor Disappears on Mac

A few times, during regular use, I found that the mouse cursor disappears on my Mac. It is a random thing and not limited to any specific app, or a particular version of macOS. One thing that I have observed is that the mouse cursor most likely disappears when I use heavy software like Photoshop, and have connected multiple displays. The mouse pointer also keeps disappearing if I have opened too many tabs in Safari or Chrome. It may even happen after you update to the latest macOS version. Let’s check out the ways to fix it…

My Cursor Keep Disappearing on Macbook – How to Fix It

Shake your Mouse or Move Finger Quickly on Trackpad

This is the easiest way to find the disappeared mouse cursor. All you have to do is to shake the mouse or move the finger on your trackpad rapidly. The lost mouse cursor will appear on the screen and may also increase in size so that you can easily see it.

Right Click on Mac

One of the easiest ways to locate your vanished mouse cursor is to right-click. When you right-click, the mouse cursor is immediately visible.

Try to Bring Mouse Cursor to Dock

I agree that you are not able to see the mouse pointer, but on the trackpad or using the mouse, act as if you are moving down to the Dock. Once the vanished mouse pointer on the Dock, it will be visible.

Bring Mouse Cursor Back to Dock on Mac

Mission Control Fixes Disappearing Cursor on Mac

When you are playing a full-screen video on YouTube or working in a full-screen app, the right-click method may not bring success. This is where accessing Mission Control on Mac can help you locate the mouse cursor.

To enter Mission Control:

  • Click the Mission Control key (F3) from top row or Touch Bar, or
  • Press Control + Arrow up (△) key, or
  • Swipe up from four (or three) fingers on Trackpad

Switch to Different App or Finder to Relocate Hidden Mouse Cursor

Press Command (⌘) + tab to quickly switch to a different app or Finder. You will see the mouse cursor. Now go back to the app you were working on.

Switch Between Different App to Relocate Disappear Mouse Cursor in macOS

Bring the Force Quit Menu

On your keyboard press Command (⌘) + Option (⌥) + esc. Force Quit Applications pop-up comes up. You do not have to quit any app. Just doing this brings up the hidden mouse cursor.

Launch Force Quite on Mac

Adjust the Size of the Mouse Cursor on Mac

macOS lets you set the mouse pointer size according to your liking. To increase the cursor size launch System PreferencesAccessibilityDisplay from the left sidebar → Cursor → drag the Cursor size slider.

Open System Preferences and Click on Accessibility on Mac
Click on Display from Sidebar and Move Cursor Size Slider in Mac System Preferences

Also, enable Shake mouse pointer to locate.

You may also launch Siri from top right in the menu bar or press and hold Command (⌘) + Space Bar. Now ask Siri Increase mouse pointer size.

Ask Siri to Increase Mouse Pointer Size on Mac

Disable Third-Party Screensavers on Mac

If you repeatedly face the issue of mouse cursor disappearance, then try disabling or uninstalling any third party screensaver apps you use.

Turn Off Keyboard Shortcuts to Zoom

Accessibility features are beneficial, but they may cause little interferences here and there. Disabling keyboard shortcuts to zoom is a good hack to address mouse cursor automatically hiding.

Launch System PreferencesAccessibilityZoom → make sure everything is unchecked here.

Open System Preferences and Click on Accessibility on Mac
Click on Zoom from Sidebar and Uncheck All Options in Mac System Preferences

Check Firmware Update for Third-Party Mouse and Trackpad

If you are using a non-Apple peripheral, visit their website or ask the company if there are any pending drivers update to improve compatibility and fix glitches.

Check Battery of the Connected Mouse and External Trackpad

Replace the removable battery or charge your Mouse and Trackpad if it has a rechargeable internal battery.

Restart the Mac to Bring Back Mouse Cursor

If none of the solutions worked for you, try restarting your macOS device. A restart usually fixes these temporary issues. Click on the Apple logo () from top left and select Restart.

Reset the NVRAM or PRAM and SMC

  • NVRAM: Non-volatile Random-access Memory
  • PRAM: Parameter Random-access Memory
  • SMC: System Management Controller

NVRAM and PRAM store some specific settings in a location that macOS can access quickly, like designated startup disk, display resolution, or speaker volume.

SMC is a vital chip on Intel based Macs that control small hardware components and processes like keyboards, fans, thermal and power management, battery charging, hibernation, etc.

If your mouse cursor keeps disappearing on Mac, try to reset the SMC  and NVRAM/PRAM.

Try a Third-Party Mouse Locator App

If this issue persists, you may install a third party application that helps you find your cursor. One app you may try is Simple Mouse Locator. It is a paid app but not updated since 2015. Try it. If it doesn’t work for you, request a refund!

Summing Up…

These were some of the ways to get the cursor back on your Mac. Finally, I recommend that you learn some keyboard shortcuts for macOS. If you have time, also check out macOS Dock shortcuts. They will surely improve your productivity and make your experience swift and enjoyable.

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