How To Use Mouse with your iPad to Make the Most Out of It

How to Use Mouse with iPad

Among the many surprises are thrown by Apple at WWDC 2019, iPadOS actually stole the show. Nobody ever thought of a separate operating system for iPad, Apple’s popular tablet lineup. The new software will help users connect their Bluetooth Mouse with your iPad. Here is how to use a Bluetooth Mouse with your iPad.

Unlike a popular belief that the mouse support will convert your iPad into a Mac laptop, note that it is an accessibility feature to expand your device’s AssistiveTouch capabilities.

A pinch of salt: Thought Apple projected mouse support for iPad during WWDC 2019, it works well with the iPhone as well. And, it’s not only Mouse support; we tested some more features like Undo/Redo with a gesture on the iPhone. I still wonder why they created a separate iOS for iPad??? 😉 Anyway, let’s get back to the business.

How to Use Mouse with iPad Running iPadOS 13

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Connect Mouse with iPad Running iPadOS 13

Step #1. Launch Settings app on your iPad.

Tap on Settings on iPad

Step #2. Now tap on “Accessibility.” Apple has relocated this feature, which was earlier housed inside General. The entire Accessibility feature is divided into four sections: VISION, PHYSICAL AND MOTOR, HEARING, & GENERAL. You need to tap on Touch under the section of PHYSICAL AND MOTOR.

Tap on Accessibility then Touch on iPad

Step #3. Next, tap on AssistiveTouch.

Tap on AssistiveTouch on iPad

Step #3. Turn On the Button.

Enable AssistiveTouch on iPad

Step #4. Then tap on Pointing Devices under CUSTOM GESTURES section.

Tap on Pointing Devices on iPad

Step #5. Here, tap on Bluetooth Devices.

Tap on Bluetooth Devices in iPad Settings

Step #6. Finally, put your Bluetooth mouse in pairing mode. Some devices ask for the PIN; usually, the default PIN for Bluetooth device is 0000. However, some companies mention default PINs on the box or user guides that come with the device or you can easily find it using Google by typing [MOUSE BRAND NAME]+[MODEL NUMBER]+PIN i.e. Logitech Wireless Mouse M185 PIN.

Your iPad will show the mouse name; tap on it and the mouse will be connected to your iPad.

Pair Mouse with iPad

You have done it!

In case you own a wired mouse, you can connect it to your iPad, you can connect it physically using lightning or USB-C cable. And If you are looking for one, check these USB C mice. In case of a USB mouse, you will require a USB to USB-C adapter.

How to Adjust the Cursor Size and Color on iPad

Once a Bluetooth mouse is connected to your iPad, you can resize the cursor or change its color.

Step #1. Go to Settings → Accessibility → Touch → AssistiveTouch.

Tap on AssistiveTouch on iPad

Step #2. Tap on Cursor.

Tap on Cursor in AssistiveTouch Settings on iPad

Step #3. Toggle Large Cursor ON.

Increase Mouse Cursor Size on iPad

This will change the size of the mouse cursor. Below the Large Cursor, there is an option to change color. The default color is White.

Step #4. Tap on Color and select your choice of color from the list of seven colors.

Change Mouse Cursor Color on iPad

Adjust Tracking Speed of Cursor in iPadOS 13

Tracking speed is cursor’s swiftness to move on the screen. When you increase this speed, the mouse cursor quickly floats on your iPad screen.

Step #1. Tap on Settings → Accessibility → Touch → AssistiveTouch.

Tap on AssistiveTouch on iPad

Step #2. TRACKING SPEED is the last section of AssistiveTouch settings. Here, you can drag the slider from left to right or right to left to modify tracking speed of the cursor. When you drag the slider to the left, the cursor speed decreases, and if you move the slider to right, the speed increases.

Adjust Tracking Speed of Mouse on iPad

Use Zoom Pan in iPadOS 13

To use this feature, You need to enable Zoom: Settings → Accessibility → Zoom.

Tap on Accessibility then Zoom in iPad Settings

Turn on the button to Enable Zoom.

Enable Zoom on iPad in iOS 13

This will bring a zoom pan on your iPad. You can now use this zoom pan with the mouse cursor on your iPad.

Go back to AssistiveTouch Screen and tap on Zoom Pan.

Tap on Zoom Pan in AssistiveTouch Settings on iPad

Zoom Pan offers three setting options to move the cursor: Continuous, Centered, and Edges.

Zoom Pan Options in iPadOS 13

Continuous: When you select this option, the zoom pan will always move with the cursor.

Continuous Movement of Cursor in Zoom Pan in iPadOS 13

Centered: Cursor will always remain in the center of the zoom pan.

Centered Movement of Cursor in Zoom Pan on iPad

Edges: Mouse cursor will stay near the edges of the zoom pan.

Edges Movement of Cursor in Zoom Pan on iPad

Use Gesture Controls with Mouse on iPad

In my opinion, Gesture Controls on iPad acts like hot corners in macOS

Gesture Controls simplifies navigation on the iPad, and the mouse performs all those features with a single click. For instance, Press and Hold the Left click from any corner of the screen and drag the mouse. It will open the Pull-Out, Drag Down or Corner Menus (depending on the direction you are pulling your mouse in). Similarly, you can use all the Gestures that you use with your fingers with a single mouse click.

Use Mouse Keys in iPadOS 13

With your keyboard number pad, you can control AssistiveTouch pointer. For this, you need to turn on Mouse Keys.

Step #1. Open Settings → Accessibility → Touch → AssistiveTouch.

Tap on AssistiveTouch on iPad

Step #2. Now tap on Mouse Keys, which is below Pointing Devices.

Tap on Mouse Keys in iPadOS Accessibility Settings

Step #3. You will find Mouse Keys toggle; turn it on. Also turn on Option Key Toggle, which allows you to toggle mouse keys when you tap the option key five times.

Turn On Mouse Keys and Option Key in iPadOS 13

On the Mouse Keys screen, your iPad shows two more sliders viz. INITIAL DELAY and MAXIMUM SPEED. You can adjust it as desired.

Adjust Initial Dealy and Maximum Speed for Mouse Click on iPad

Show Onscreen Keyboard

In case you are using your iPad for gaming purpose, and do not wish to see the on-screen keyboard, you have the option to disable it as well. All you have to do is Toggle On or Toggle Off the “Show Onscreen Keyboard” option, and you are good to go. Show Onscreen Keyboard is available right below the Cursor option.

Disable On Screen Keyboard in iPadOS

Always Show Menu

Want to get rid of that always-present AssistiveTouch button on your iPad? Simply disable “Always Show Menu,” a little below Pointing devices, which automatically hides or unhides the Assistive Touch Menu when a pointing device is connected.

Turn Off Always Show Menu in iPadOS

Using Dwell Control for Mouse on iPad

Dwell Control takes your effort to click the mouse to perform any action. Dwell Control is under TRACKING SPEED SECTION and when you turn on this feature, you don’t need to click your mouse. Just hover the mouse on any app, menu, or option and the cursor will automatically click that thing.

Use Dwell Control for Mouse on iPad

During this process, you can see that the thin circle ring completes rotation.

If you wish to adjust the Movement Tolerance, tap on the option and move the slider to the right or left.

Adjust Movement Tolerance for Mouse on iPad

You can adjust this rotation speed; look at the minus (-) and plus (+) symbol below Movement Tolerance. Tap either symbol to increase or decrease the speed of rotation.

Adjust Dwell Control on iPad Running iPadOS

When you toggle this feature on, your AssistiveTouch button will be activated automatically.

Please note that: If you have enabled Dwell Control, the Always Show option will be grayed out.

Video Walkthrough to Use Mouse on iPad Running iPadOS 13

YouTube video

That’s all friends!

Wrapping up…

To explore the full potential of Bluetooth mouse, you need to use this feature more. This feature will surely help people, who want to use their iPad devices like a laptop.

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I hope you found this guide on Bluetooth Mouse helpful. Should there be any comment, mention in the section below.

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