Best Wireless Charging Mouse Pads in 2019

Wireless Chargers have taken over now, and we can’t be any more delighted. We don’t have to worry about tangled or broken charging pins. We no more have to carry charging pins or converters where ever we go, and that is something I love. But my desk looks super cluttered with having a laptop, my devices, mouse, mouse pad, my chargers, and everything else.

I recently stumbled across this fantastic gadget called wireless charging mat, which works as a mouse pad and also as a wireless charger for the iPhone.

To say I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement. I was bowled by this device and thought why not bring it all to you. In today’s accessories round-up I have listed 10 best wireless charging mouse pads compatible with iPhone X, XS Max, XS, XR, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

10 Best Wireless Charger Mouse Pad Mats in 2019

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#1. Corsair

Corsair Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

Charge your iPhone effortlessly while playing a game or working on your laptop. This gaming mouse pad is all you need on your desk. The Corsair wireless charging mouse pad enables you to charge any QI certified device effortlessly and wirelessly.

The mouse pad also comes with USB Micro-B, Type-C and Lightning QI charging adapters enable you to charge almost any other wireless/mobile. You could also charge your gaming mouse if it is wireless charging compatible. There also is a built-in led-light indicator to display charging status for your comfort and convenience.

USP: LED Indicators for Charging Status
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#2. Gaze Pad

Gaze Pad Wireless Charging Mouse Pad Mat

Power up and charge your wireless compatible iPhones quickly by simply placing it on this mouse pad. Gaze pad comes with a 3 coil technology instead of a single coil which gives access to a wider range of charging zone.

It sports a smooth and elegant texture along with a wide/large surface area to work or play effortlessly while your phone is getting charged on the other side of the mat. The mouse pad comes in 4 super chic colors to give a personality to your device. The pad also comes with two built-in USB-C ports to adapt to the physical setups of your desk.

USP: 3 Coil Technology
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#3. Mad GiGa

Mad GiGa Wireless Charging Gaming Mouse Pad

This really fancy looking affordable mouse pad comes equipped with a high-performance wireless charging plate that can charge up your smartphones quickly. You can put your wireless charging compatible iPhone on the non-metal protective strip for convenient use of the mouse pad along with the charger.

This cool gadget also comes with 9 trendy adjustable lighting mode, which you can set according to your mood. Not only does it have these cool lightings, but it also can be rolled up according to your convenience, which I believe is a pretty cool feature for storage and carrying purposes.

USP: It can be rolled as per your convenience.
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#4. Enhance

Enhance Wireless Charging LED Gaming Mouse Pad

Get the most out of your devices by investing in this decorative sort off wireless charging mouse pad which get illuminated with vibrant colored LED-Lights. The technology used in this mouse pad ensures that you are not giving up on your time or competency by going wireless. While some wireless chargers tend to charge your device rather slowly, this one does it at a much faster and quicker pace.

The wireless charging also supports charging QI enabled mouses, making this device a very competent tool amongst all its competitors. The led colors can be changed according to your gaming mode, or you can simply choose from any of the default presets.

USP: LED Lighting
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#5. ProCase

ProCase Wireless Charger Mouse Pad

This wireless charging mat comes with a 10W high-speed charging technology which will charge up your phones really quick. This mouse pad is actually all you need to have on your desk to make your office look elegant and smart. This extra long pad can charge your phone along with acting as a mouse pad and can accommodate your keyboard and a cup of coffee.

Definitely a win-win if you ask me. Coming to the technicalities of this gadget; this mouse pad comes with an overheating, overcurrent, overvoltage, etc. protections to safeguard your iPhones and mouses or keyboards.

USP: Extra Long Mat
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#6. Jalaso

Jalaso Wireless Charging Mat

If you are very clumsy and have a habit of spilling your drinks on the desk, ultimately spoiling or damaging your devices. But that would be a worry of past with this very functional waterproof wireless charging mouse pad. It comes in 2 different color options of Chic Black and Classic Brown.

The mouse pad sports a high-quality PU leather design that effectively makes it waterproof and liquid repellent. This uber useful gadget not only supports all the QI compatible devices, but it also supports the wireless charging cases that are compatible with the QI technology.

USP: Waterproof
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Pout Hands3 Pro Qi Fast Wireless Charging Mouse Pad Mat

Charge all your QI compatible devices wirelessly with the Pout Hands 3 wireless charging mouse pad. Multiply your mouse pad usage with this gadget.

With its sleek design, multiple color options and chic finish, this mouse pad cum wireless charging device is a must-have for your office desk. The fast wireless charging compatibility comes with 5W, 7.5W, and 10W output efficiency, which will charge your devices at a much faster rate without any damage.

USP: Design that suits all office situations
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#8. Cell Bro

Cell Bro Qi Fast Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

Taking the whole wireless charging mouse pad thing to a whole new level, this Cell_Bro mouse pad also comes with a built-in mobile stand. This wireless charger will charge your phones at up to 2* faster speed than traditional chargers. But you would need to buy another attachment if you want fast charging to be activated.

This charging mat is a perfect combination of fashion and functionality. While the mouse pad gives a very professional vibe with its looks it also tops in the functionality department by having the QI compatibility.

USP: Fast Charging
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#9. Harsele

Harsele Qi Fast Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

With CE, FCC, and RoHS standard, your smartphone would be protected from temperature, over-voltage, short-circuit, power, over-discharge system, with this fantastic wireless charging mouse pad. Let this mouse pad do all the worry for your smartphone, just place your iPhone on the charging station and don’t worry about your phone getting damaged.

With Premium PU leather spacious surface, features dustproof, waterproof, scratch-resistant, anti-slip EVA base that keeps mouse pad stay firmly on the desk and provides a steady charging and good mouse movement are some of the key features of this mouse pad.

USP: Anti-Slip Safety
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#10. TopStyle

TopStyle Wireless Charging Gaming Mouse Pad

With 4.5MM thickness, the TopStyle wireless charging mouse pad for iPhones with QI compatibility is much more durable and sturdy. The extra-large design of this gadget provides enough room to all types of keyboards and mice, professional gaming, or office work purposes.

The chroma customizable lighting provides a distinctive appearance, 7 single color display modes, 3 slow color-changing modes. The LED modes work best in the night, giving this device an edge. It’s super smooth surface will prevent you from getting scratches on your hand from working continuously for hours.

USP: 4.5MM thick base.
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Signing Off…

That’s a wrap for today’s round-up guys. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Let me know in the comments below, which amongst these was your favorite wireless charging mouse pad.

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