macOS Dock Shortcuts: Handy Tips to Boost your Productivity

macOS Dock Shortcuts

The Dock allows you to quickly access the frequently used items on Mac. Based on your need, you can add, remove and change its position. There are some smart Dock shortcuts for Mac, which would enormously help in improving your user experience.

Whether you have just switched to macOS or have been a loyal Mac user for quite some time, you would want to master (if you haven’t already) these simple yet pretty effective dock shortcuts. What’s more, you can even customize it to bring more fun into the play.

Easy-to-Use macOS Dock Shortcuts

  • Check out an item’s shortcut menu: Control-click the item
  • Force quit an app: Control-Option-click the app’s icon and select Force Quit
  • Access the Dock using the keyboard: Press Control-F3 (press Control-Fn-F3 on a portable keyboard) in order to move to the Dock. Now, use the Left Arrow and Right Arrow keys to move from icon to icon. To open any item, press Return
  • Empty the Trash: Control-click the Trash and select Empty Trash
  • Check out app’s open windows: Just control-click the app’s icon and then select Show All Windows
  • Add an open app to the Dock: Control-click the app’s icon, then choose Options → Keep in Dock
  • To open an item in the Finder: You need to Command-click the item’s icon, or Control-click the icon and then select Options → Show in Finder
  • In order to switch to the previous app or hide the current app: Just Option-click the current item’s icon
  • In order to switch to another app or hide all other apps: You have to Option-Command-click the item, you wish to switch to
  • To quit an open app: Control-click the app’s icon and select Quit
  • To change the Dock’s size:  Simply place the pointer over the separator until you see the double arrow. Now, drag the Dock in order to make it larger or smaller
  • To rearrange an item: Just drag any item to another location
  • Check out Dock shortcut menu: Control-click the separator

How to Customize Dock in macOS Sierra on Mac

Step #1. First off, click on Apple menu and select System Preferences.

Click on System Preferences

Step #2. Now, click on Dock.

Click on Dock in Mac System Preferences

Step #3. Next, you have several options to customize the Dock.

  • You can increase/decrease its size and magnification by dragging the slider left/right
  • Change the position of the Dock—Left, Bottom, Right
  • Minimize windows by using Genie or Scale Effect
  • Option to keep tabs when opening documents: Always, In Fullscreen Only, Manually
  • Option to double-click a window’s title bar to zoom or minimize
  • Besides, you can minimize windows into application icon, animate opening applications, automatically hide and show the dock and show indicators for open applications
Dock Customization Options in macOS Sierra

Wrap Up

So, take the full advantage of these shortcuts to boost your productivity on Mac. If you know any interesting dock shortcut, do let me know that.

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