Instagram has been immensely prevalent since day #1, and for this we can undoubtedly credit the astonishing set of features and peculiarities that are available on the photograph driven social network. Instagram was launched back in 2010, however, much after such extraordinary years, the platform only allows individuals to post relatively low resolution photos.

In some cases things cannot even be seen effectively, due to low quality pictures. However, some users upload top-notch images but the platform still falls behind due to the unavailability of zoom-in feature, as such. Ordinarily, users try “double-tapping” a photo and end up with a “heart” — a disappointed heart, indeed.

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We understand how important it is sometimes to have a closer look at a picture. That's why we've come up with a little trick that'll allow you to zoom Instagram pictures. Looking for the trick? Here we go!

How to Zoom-In Instagram Photos on iPhone

How to Zoom-In Instagram Photos on iPhone

Apple's iOS is quite cool. It has a built-in feature that allows you to zoom-in any picture, anyway and lets you see the clear details of it. So we're keeping this in mind and we'll use the feature for our purpose. To get started we'll just enable the “zoom” feature with the steps below.

  • On your iPhone, open the Settings app.

Tap on Settings then General

  • Then, navigate to General followed by Accessibility.

Tap on Accessibility on iPhone

  • There's an option called Zoom, just flip it On.

Enable Zoom in Instagram on iPhone

  • We're ready to zoom any photo on Instagram.
  • Once you've enabled the gimmick, double-tap three fingers to zoom.

To move simple drag your three fingers, and to change the zoom double-tap three fingers and drag. The built in zoom feature of iOS simply magnifies any image file on the screen. So you can apply this tip to anything you like, just make sure the feature is enable in your Settings.

To exit the zoom double-tap with your three fingers once again, and you'll go back to the normal zoom. Before you worry, be informed that this trick just magnifies a image, so the quality and resolution will perhaps be low.

Try out the new zoom feature in your iOS you just discovered. Go out, zoom Instagram pictures, Vine videos and more.

Here is a quick video to know how to use zoom-in feature on Instagram:

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