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How to use Street View in Google Maps on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Are you planning your trip but not sure about the whereabouts of the unfamiliar place? Well, the Google Maps Street View feature helps you visually explore any destination from the comfort of your home. In this guide, I will tell you how to use Street View in Google Maps on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

What is Street View in Google Maps?

Google Maps has become the ultimate trip planner on our iPhones to explore new places. Now, with the integration of the Street View feature, you can virtually experience almost every place in the world.

In simple terms, Street View is a panoramic view of a location or place captured by Google’s camera-equipped vehicles, drones, and even backpacks. Besides the user-friendly interface, it includes a ton of benefits like:

  • Exploring a place in detail, from the streets to the buildings.
  • Locating specific addresses, vacation spots, and points of interest.
  • Getting a better understanding of directions through 360 ̊ panoramic image support.

Are you excited to explore this cool feature? Let’s learn how to turn on Street View in Google Maps.

How to use Street View in Google Maps on iPhone or iPad

You can get and explore Street View on Google Maps in multiple ways. I have listed all possible methods below.

1. Search for a place or drop a pin

  1. Launch Google Maps → Tap the Search bar → Enter your destination location.
  2. The location will be marked with a red pin.
    Alternatively, you can drop a pin at your desired location.

    Tap the search bar, locate your prefereable regin, locate the red pin in google maps
  3. Now, tap the image preview.

    Pin point another location, tap street view e and access street view in google maps
  4. It will show you street-level imagery of that particular location.
  5. To exit Street View, tap the Back icon.

2. Tap on a place marker

If you have saved a place before and can’t remember the exact location now, you can still explore its Street View. Here’s how:

  1. Open Google Maps → Navigate to the Saved Favorites.
    Here you can find every location you’ve saved so far.

    Access saved menu, select favorites, choose a location in google maps
  2. Pick a location of your choice to proceed.
  3. Scroll down and tap Street View & 360  ̊ → Select the image preview.

    Tap street view and 360, select the street view option, in the google maps

3. Use the Street View layer 

You can find street-level imagery of your entire region using the Street View layer of Google Maps.

  1. Go to Google Maps → Tap the Layer option.
  2. Choose Street View → Tap X.
    It will mark all the streets with blue lines.

    Tap layers, access street view in the google maps
  3. Tap a street.
    You will get a split-screen view of the 3D map and 2D map.
  4. To access Street View in full screen, tap the resize icon.

    Tap the enlarge icon in street view mode in google maps

How to access Split-Screen Street View on iPhone

If you’re in a situation where you need to monitor the Street View and 2D map at the same time, turn on the split-screen Street View on Google Maps.

  1. Follow any above methods to access Street View.
  2. Tap the resize icon.
    It will enable a split-screen to monitor the real-time view and the default Street View.
  3. To return to the default theme, tap the Back icon.

    Tap resize option to use split-screen view in google maps

How to use Street View in Google Maps on Mac

If you’re a Mac user, don’t feel left out. You can quickly explore Street View in Google Maps on Mac by following the steps below.

1. Search for a place or drop a pin

  1. Launch any browser of your preference → Open Google Maps.
  2. Go to the Search Bar → Type your desired location.

    Access the search bar in Google Maps
  3. Now, zoom in and pinpoint the region you want to view in Street View.
  4. Tap Street View when it pops up on your screen.

    Search for the location of your preference and click street view in Google Maps
  5. Click the Back icon or cross icon to close the 3D view.

    Click the back icon or cross icon to exit the street view in google maps

2. Tap on a place marker

  1. Click Saved from the main interface of Google Maps.

    Click the saved option from on the google maps
  2. Pick Favorites → Select a saved location.

    Select a location from favorites in Google maps
  3. Scroll down the side menu → Click Street View under Photos.

    Access street view under photos in Google Maps
  4. Shift to Street View & 360  ̊ to have wide-angle support.

    Access Street view and 360 angle in google maps

3. Use the Street View layer

  1. Go to Google Maps → Click Layers.

    Access layers in Google Maps
  2. Press More.

    Click more in layers option on Google maps
  3. Select Street View under Map details.

    Open street view in layers in google maps
  4. Your entire map will be covered with blue lines.

    Observe blue lines in google maps
  5. Click any location’s street you prefer to access the Street View.

    Tap a location to access street view directly in google maps
  6. Keep track of your location via the Pegman icon on the small map.

    Use pegman to track your location in google maps

How to report Street View issue on Google Maps

While exploring Street Views, you can file a report to Google if you find something offensive or feel it should be removed.

On iPhone and iPad

  1. Upon accessing Street View on your iPhone, tap the three-dot icon.
  2. Tap Report a problem.

    Tap the three-dot icon, select report a problem in google maps
  3. Select the region to desire to report → Fill in the details.
  4. Press Submit and wait for confirmation → Click Done.

    Select the region, fill in the details, tap submit and tap done in google maps

On Mac

  1. To report a Street View on Mac, tap the three-dot icon from the landmark menu.
  2. Click Report a problem.

    Tap the three-dot icon, click report a issue in google maps street view
  3. Select the region to wish to report in the red box.

    Select the region you wish to report in google maps
  4. Describe your reason for reporting the image.

    Fill in the necessary details in google maps
  5. Click Submit.

    Enter your email ID and click submit to report a problem

Apart from filing a report for unfitting sceneries, you can put on a request to blur out a particular region that you find highly revealing.

Tips for using Street View on Google Maps

If you’re trying out this fantastic feature for the first time, a few tips can significantly enhance your Street View experience. Let’s have a look:

  • To navigate Street View on iPhone and iPad, drag your fingers across different directions or tap the moving arrows. While on Mac, click the compass icon to change direction.
  • In iPhone or iPad, you have a broader view scope by turning your device to landscape mode.
  • Pinch your fingers to zoom in and pinch out your fingers to zoom out of the street-level imagery on your iPhone and iPad. Use the plus (+) and minus (–) icons on Mac to enlarge or shrink the view.
Can I use Street View to plan a route?

Yes, you can use Street View to preview a route and better understand the streets and landmarks you’ll encounter along the way.

Can I share a Street View location with someone else?

Yes, you can share a Street View location by tapping the share icon on your iPhone.

Is Street View available in all locations?

Street View is available worldwide, but not all locations have been mapped. By enabling the Street View layer, you can check whether a location has Street View. If street-level imagery is available, it will be highlighted in blue.

Start your virtual adventure!

Exploring the world has never been easier with Street View in Google Maps. Using it, you can virtually go to any location with just a few clicks. So, start your virtual adventure today and let Street View in Google Maps take you on a journey you’ll never forget.

Thank you for reading, and don’t hesitate to drop your thoughts in the comment section below.

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