How about switching off your PC without being anywhere near it? Or waking it up? Or changing the track currently playing on your iTunes?

Or better: how about controlling your PC or Mac from your friend’s house? Enabling a download, changing the screens, closing apps… there’s quite a lot you can get done remotely just by using your iPhone as a remote control for PC and Mac (and even Linux).

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We’ve been taking a look at how powerful the iPhone can be, as a remote control, letting you control your PC, Mac, iTunes, Apple TV and more and it turns out – not quite surprisingly – that there are truckloads of apps that can get things done for you.

Best iPhone Remote Control Apps for PC and Mac

What follows is a roundup of some of the best iPhone apps that will let you remotely control your PC, Mac or Linux machine with your iPhone. Here we go:

Apps to Use iPhone As a Remote Control for PC or Mac:

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1. Remote

Remote iPhone App IconApple’s propriety Remote app lets you control iTunes on your PC/Mac with your iPhone. Setting up Remote is easy and quick and once done, your entire iTunes library shows up on your iPhone. Interestingly, you can also create Genius Playlists, edit the library and do all sorts of modifications to it through your iPhone. Being a free app, Remote works awesomely.

Price: Free
Download Remote

2. RemoteHD

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RemoteHD iPhone App IconRemoteHD takes Remote to the next level. While the latter only controls iTunes, RemoteHD works like a charm in controlling a lot of apps in your Mac or PC. The app brings quite a lot of features to the remote control aspect with things like app switcher, Windows search integration, shortcuts to launch any application on your PC etc.

Price: $7.99
Download RemoteHD

3. Wifi Remote

WiFiRemote Lite iPhone App IconWifi Remote looks pretty old but it works perfectly. The lite version has severe limitations but gives two important remote control features: the touchpad and configurable keys that can control aspects of the application running on your PC or Mac. The paid version, however, comes with a complete set of features that puts total remote control in your palms. This app is slick, easy to use and quite powerful too.

Price: Free
Download Wifi Remote

4. HippoRemote

HippoRemote LITE iPhone App IconHippoRemote is one of the most favorite remote control apps we’ve ever seen. Unlike most other applications of its type, HippoRemote is built for simplicity and elegance. That doesn’t mean it has lesser features though: it’s one of the full-fledged remote control apps on the store. An amazing trackpad and keypad couples with features like auto app switching, login information storage, macros for one-touch accessibility and much more.

Price: Free (two more paid versions available)
Download HippoRemote

5. Off Remote

Off Remote iPhone App IconEver forgot to turn off your computer before leaving? With Macs and PCs that “sleep” it’s easy to forget that you haven’t really shut down your computer. But worry not. Apps like Off Remote can get that covered for you. This app lets you check if all computers are shut down, lets you switch them on or put them to hibernate and brings a good level of password protection too which makes sure only you can switch off the computers. Connects fast and easy, with auto-discovery and more.

Price: Free
Download Off Remote

6. iShutdown

iShutdown iPhone App IconiShutdown has a similar function as that of Off Remote but it has got one of the finest interfaces ever: simple. You can connect the device to any of the various systems that run in the network and with a decent set of options (shut down, restart, hibernate, Wake on LAN, suspend etc.), you are in complete control.

Price: $1.99
Download iShutdown

7. TeamViewer

TeamViewer for Remote Control iPhone App IconNothing beats TeamViewer when it comes to a fantastic VNC client that gives complete access to your computer even when you are on the couch with your iPhone. TeamViewer comes with a server-side application that you download to your PC/Mac and then the app for iPhone which you install on your iDevice.

Once done, you just link up the computer with the iPhone and done – you will now be in complete control of your PC. Get the iPhone in landscape mode and that about completes it.

Unlike many other VNC apps that turn your iPhone into a remote control for PC and Mac, TeamViewer is built for quick setup and easy usability for almost everyone.

Price: Free (for lite)
Download TeamViewer

8. MochaVNC

Mocha VNC iPhone App IconMochaVNC is more or less TeamViewer on steriods. If you’ve got MochaVNC on your PC or Mac and on the iPhone, you’ll most probably reduce the usage of your Mac or PC drastically. Crisp interface, a cool way to incorporate the keyboard into the app’s keypad and a really thorough and tested set of features make MochaVNC a powerful remote control app.

Price: $5.99 (lite version available)
Download MochaVNC

9. RealVNC (VNC Viewer)

VNC Viewer iPhone App IconThe mother of most VNC apps, RealVNC’s iPhone app – VNC Viewer – is a simple and elegant client that sits on your iPhone while letting you control the various windows and applications running on your PC or Mac.

Price: $9.99
Download RealVNC (VNC Viewer)

10. Rowmote

Rowmote Remote Control iPhone App IconRowmote is one of the most simplistic apps you can ever see. It’s an app-ified version of the simple remote control that came with your Mac so it’s almost the same as using your remote. Only, you don’t have to worry about ‘lost’ remotes anymore. Rowmote lets you open dock apps quickly and easily. It also features specific controls to Apple TV.

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Price: $0.99
Download Rowmote