How to Limit Your Kid’s Communication with Screen Time in iOS 13

At WWDC 2019, we witnessed some of the finest features introduced in iOS 13. And one of them was the addition of communication limits in screen time. Do you remember screen time that was added up to iOS 12 last year? With screen time it was easy to set limits to particular apps but a smart kid found a way out to remove those limits back then! That being said, the inclusion of communication limits feature, it’s clear that Apple strives to improve the parental control features.

Communication limits only tighten the screws for kids to use the iPhone. The limits are applicable to apps like FaceTime, Messages, AirDrop, and Phone. I will not focus on exploring screen time in this post as we already have a detailed guide for the same. So let’s see how you can use communication limits effectively so that you can have control on your kids about their iPhone usage. Well, it’s not just for kids, it can be used for yourself as well if you want to avoid any apps or communications during your working hours or sleep time.

How to Limit Your Child’s Communication with Screen Time in iOS 13 on iPhone and iPad

You can easily start using communication limits on your iPhone just with a click of three taps. Here’s what you need to do!

Step #1. Launch Settings app → select the Screen Time.

Tap on Settings and Screen Time in iOS 13

Step #2. Now head over to Communication limits, simply tap on it. That’s it!

Tap on Communications Limits in iOS 13 Screen Time

You’re all set to use communication limits on your iPhone! Once done, you can see two more options, one is During Allowed Screen Time and the other one is During Downtime. Let’s explore both the options one by one.

How to Set Communication Limits for Allowed Screen Time Use in iOS 13

Before I start this, I just wanted to ask you a thing or two. How often do you talk on calls when you’re at the office or at home during day time, maybe 1 or 2 hours a day? And how many of them are unwanted random calls from unknown numbers? It was hard to avoid such unknown numbers but not anymore with the introduction of communication limits in screen time. Here’s how you can do it.

Step #1. Launch Settings App and head over to Screen Time.

Step #2.
Next, Tap on Communication limitsDuring Allowed Screen Time.

Tap on During Allowed Screen Time in iOS 13 Communications Limit

Step #3.
Now you’ll see two options, in allowed communication. One is Everyone and another is Contacts Only!

Now select contacts only option to avoid calls from unknown numbers.

Set iPhone During Allowed Screen Time in iOS 13

That’s it! With this, you’ll never be disturbed even when your screen time is on. That’s not over yet!

There’s another option as well which is group communication. If you toggle it to ON, it will allow you to get added into a group where your family member or any one of your contacts is in a group.

Later on, you can add the ones in the group to your contacts. And if you toggle it OFF, you’ll be away from these groups which might turn out to be productive if you’re a working man or woman!

Turn ON or OFF Allow Introductions in Group in iOS 13 During Allowed Screen Time

So that’s how simple it is to set the allowed screen time use in communication limits on your iPhone. Now let’s see what are the other options to explore when you select the during downtime option.

How to Use Communication Limits for During Downtime in iOS 13

During downtime is an amazing feature in communication limits. It limits with who you can communicate during downtime. That’s your space, your time! If you feel there are few important people that you cannot avoid, you can do it easily. Have a look at the below procedure to set up During Downtime in communication limits!

Step #1. Launch Settings appScreen Time.

Step #2. Tap on Communication limitsDuring Downtime.

Tap on During Downtime in iOS 13 Communication Limits

Step #3. You’ll see two options, tap on Contacts Only to allow people to contact who are in your contacts.

Tap on Contact Only to Allowed iPhone Communcation

Step #4. If you want to get calls or messages from specific contacts only, then Tap on Specific ContactsAdd contacts → tap on choose from your contacts, select the desired contact and tap on Done!

Set iPhone Communication Limits for During Downtime in iOS 13

By doing this, you’ll only get calls & messages from the contact list you have or specific contacts you select in During Downtime feature in communication limits.

One interesting thing about this feature is, it’s not just applicable for normal calls and messages but it also works with FaceTime once the app limit gets expired. It means that, if you have selected specific contacts and once your FaceTime app limit is expired, those specified contacts can still connect with you on FaceTime.

So that’s it, folks! That’s all about the communication limits in screen time for iOS 13!

Summing Up…

Make sure that you implement this right now on your iPhone and save your precious time by avoiding communication with unknown numbers or people! I will keep you updated if there are any more changes to screen time option in further iOS updates!

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How to Use Communication Limits in Screen Time in iOS 13 on iPhone and iPad

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How to Use Communication Limits in Screen Time in iOS 13 on iPhone and iPad
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