Best Parental Control Software for Mac in 2019: Monitor Your Child’s Internet Activities

With the help of these Mac parental control and monitoring software, keep a track of your children's digital footprints and protect them from possible threats in the form of Cyber Bullies or inappropriate content.

We are living in a ‘Global Village’ all thanks to the internet that has brought us all together on one platform. And while the internet is many things good, it can also play a massive role in shaping your child’s personality. And being parents to tech-savvy kids can be a daunting task as kids these days have access to iPhone and iPad.

Although there have been apps for iPhone and iPad to monitor their content consumption, there is a need for something more comprehensive that can be linked with multiple devices. Thankfully, with the emergence of parental control software for Mac, the burden is lifted up to an extent.

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Prevent your child from stumbling across or browsing sensitive content or something that is not suited for their age with the help of these Mac monitoring softwares. The need to monitor your child’s online activity not just to control their searches or browsing but also to protect your kids from Cyberbullying. Parents these days continuously live in fear of their kids being victims to cyberbullying, and these softwares are beneficial to prevent that.

So here is a list of best Mac softwares to monitor and control your child’s online activity.

Best Mac Monitoring Software in 2019

#1. Qustodio

Qustodio Mac Monitoring SoftwareQustodio is honestly the best and highly recommended parental control software for Mac. With an increase in devices used by kids, parents simply cannot supervise each passing second their kids spend on the internet. That is where Qustodio steps in.

This software blocks pornographic and explicit content from your child’s devices, even if they are searched in private browsing mode. It also tracks the time spent on Social Media and Games; and also sets a time limit on their browsing and internet in general. But the most essential feature of this software is that it allows location-tracking across all of your child’s devices and also has a panic button that the child can use in dire circumstances.

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Price: $39.95

#2. Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky Parental Control Mac Software

Know for being one of the best cybersecurity, and anti-virus providing software, Kaspersky’s parental control software for mac also comes with excellent credentials. Kaspersky has proven its credibility time and again over the years with their cybersecurity software and mobile apps.

This software doesn’t just protect your kids in the virtual world, but it also takes care of them in the real world. With GPS tracking, you can set a safe area zone for your kids, and every time they step out of that zone, you will be notified. Not only that, but you will also be notified if your child’s device is running out of battery so you could remind them to plug their devices.

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Along with these fantastic features, the software also controls your kid’s internet usage and monitors their activities on the web.

Price: $14.99

#3. Norton Family Premier

Norton Family Premier Mac Monitoring Software

Norton’s software to monitor your kid’s internet consumption is an award-winning parental control software for Mac. While it is important to impart knowledge about ethical internet usage, it is also essential to monitor their usage until they reach adulthood.

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The software sends an email alert to you whenever your child is trying to visit a blocked site or search for blocked content. This way, you can know when to have a conversation with your kids regarding appropriate and inappropriate content.

The software also comes loaded with other features like activity supervision, app support, etc.

Price: $49.99

#4. Net Nanny

Net Nanny Parental Control Mac Software

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Quite like the name suggests, Net Nanny is actually like a virtual nanny to your kids that will monitor your child’s online activities on your behalf. Net Nanny is one of the most trusted parental control software for the Mac and Apple devices. You could link it with all your devices and be assured of your child’s online safety.

It prevents your child from being exposed to inappropriate content in real-time along with search filter and website and app blocker as well. Set a Screen Timer for your kids so that they do not exceed internet usage.

Price: $39.99

#5. uKnowKids

uKnowKids Mac Monitoring Software

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uKnowKids is probably the most comprehensive parental control software available for Apple devices. This software is actually developed by Parents after their child was targetted and victimized by internet predators. So, the makers of this software have known what exactly your kids need protection from and how to protect them.

uKnowKids tracks all of your kid’s messages (even the deleted ones), it also tracks social media of your child. With this software, you can also view your kid’s phone calls, mobile applications, photos, videos, etc. You would even know who your child is in contact with and discover your child’s hidden social media profiles as well.

Price: $15/Month

Signing Off… 

Well, that was the list of all the softwares that you could use to monitor your kid’s internet usage. In my opinion, although all of the softwares mentioned above are pretty decent softwares, uKnowKids definitely has the upper hand in this case. Let me know in the comments below if you have taken your pick of the software yet.

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