How to use Apple Maps offline in iOS 17 on iPhone

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When was the last time Apple Maps ditched you in nowhere land? I am assuming the answer to be quite often. Trust me, we all have been there – no signal, a deserted road, and a helpless you. But this will change now with the release of the iOS 17 upgrade. During the recent WWDC 2023 Keynote, Apple informed users about Apple Maps’ new update on adding support for Offline Maps.   

Like Google Maps, you can now download map regions on Apple Maps, store them on your iPhone, and use them for navigation in a no-signal zone. Read this article to learn everything about this new addition.   

How to download maps for offline use in iOS 17

  1. Launch Apple Maps on your iPhone. 
  2. Tap on your avatar → Select Offline Maps.  
  3. Select Download New Map
  4. Search for the region you want to download.
    By default, iPhone will suggest the area of your home. 
  5. In the preview section, you can alter the dimensions of the map. The app will inform you about the storage space your iPhone will take to save your map.  
  6. Tap Download.
    The map will be saved in the Downloaded list.  

FYI, the larger the saved region, the more prominent will be the download size. Also, you can download as many regions as you want without hassle. However, there is an option to Optimize Storage.   

Surprisingly, your saved maps will automatically update with the latest alterations whenever your iPhone meets the network. For this, you need to toggle on Automatic Updates in Maps Settings.

Also, iPhone users should note that, by default, the maps will get downloaded only over a Wi-Fi network. But you can change it to cellular in Settings.

Select Offline Only Mode on your iPhone

You can use the downloaded maps when you are offline. Later, when your iPhone is connected to the internet, it will go back to using Apple Maps as usual – with real-time updates.

However, there is an option to let Apple Maps use just the downloaded maps. All you need to do is toggle on Only Use Offline Maps in Maps Settings.

How can offline maps help you?

  • The downloaded Apple Maps come in handy when traveling to a new city/country or region. You will never be lost or face confusion in choosing the direction, even in a no-Internet zone. 
  • Feel free to explore new areas when cycling, driving, etc. The downloaded map in Apple Maps will give you turn-by-turn directions as long as you’re in the circumference of the saved map.
  • Further, you can pinch-and-zoom around the downloaded map for more precise navigation help. Additionally, offline maps will offer POI data like opening hours to find specific locations.

And the best part of this newly-launched feature is the fact that the maps downloaded on your iPhone will be accessible on the Apple Watch as well. However, the iPhone should be in proximity to the Apple Watch. Please note that maps are not downloadable directly on Apple Watch.   

Wrapping up 

Offline maps support on Apple Maps has been one of the most requested features. Now, with iOS 17, users can enjoy offline navigation on Apple Maps, which was limited to Google Maps up until now.

I hope this article will help you to use Offline maps on your iPhone smoothly. Thank you for reading.  

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