How to Find Parked Car Using Maps App on iPhone or iPad

How to Find Parked Car using iOS 10 Maps on iPhone

The Maps app has vastly improved both in terms of accuracy and highly user-friendly features. There is one nice feature that has caught everyone’s attention is the ability to show your parked car. Now, you no longer have to wander in the parking area to find your car as the Maps app can get the job comfortably. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t take much time to set things up. Willing to find out how it works? Let’s go!

Turn on Show Parked Location from Settings App

Step #1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone → Scroll down and tap on Maps.

Tap on Settings Then Maps in iOS 10 on iPhone

Step #2. Toggle on the switch next to Show Parked Location.

Enable Show Parked Car in iOS 10 Maps Settings

Pair Your Car Bluetooth with Your iPhone/iPad

Note: Make sure your car has Apple’s CarPlay System or it pairs with your iOS device via Bluetooth.

To pair the iPhone with your car, take the help of your owner’s manual for the specific model. Once you have successfully paired your car, it will appear in SettingsBluetoothMy Devices.

From now onwards, iPhone will remember the location where you park your car except your home address.

Find Your Car using iPhone

Once you have successfully set up your device, it’s very easy to find the parked car.

Step #1. Launch the Maps app on your iPhone → You will see a blue dot that indicates your location. A blue pin will indicate the approximate location of your car.

Step #2. To get more detail, you can tap on the pin.

In order to remember the location, you can add notes or capture the photo of the particular place where you have parked your car.


Once you have parked your car and leave the place, your iPhone will show you a notification telling the Maps app has dropped a pin when the car has been parked.

Simply tap on the notification to have more information. You will see a live map where your car is.

Note: The Maps app also shows the direction of your parked car. However, it will work only when your car has been parked in a garage or street.

What do you think of the Maps app? Share your inputs in the comments below!

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