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iGBHow-toHow to Unsend an Instagram Message on iPhone and Android

How to Unsend an Instagram Message on iPhone and Android

Your spoken or written words are like arrows shot from a bow. On your social media network, you might be chatting with a lot of people. In a moment of a hurry, you could type something you wish you didn’t. But the die is cast, and you cannot change your sentence or phrase. Thankfully, for Instagrammers, here is good news. They can unsend or delete an Instagram message on their iPhone and Android, as well.

When you unsend messages on Instagram, you won’t be able to see those messages again. Moreover, you can delete only those Instagram messages, which are marked as seen or not. Once you remove the message, nobody can read it. When you delete a message, a notification is sent to the other Instagrammer, and s/he comes to know that you have deleted something from the conversation. With this understanding, let’s dive into this tutorial.

How to Unsend Messages in Instagram on iPhone and Android

Step #1. First off, launch the Instagram app on your iPhone.

Open Instagram App on iPhone

Step #2. Next, tap on the Message/Conversation arrow from the top right corner of your device.

Tap on Conversation Arrow in Instagram on iPhone

Step #3. Tap on any conversation you are involved in.

Tap on Profile to Open Messages in iOS Instagram App on iPhone

Step #4. Now tap and hold the message you wish to delete or remove from the conversation.

Tap and Hold to Remove Message in Instagram on iPhone

Step #5. Two options will appear on the screen: Copy and Unsend. You need to tap on Unsend.

Select Unsend Message in Instagram App on iPhone

Step #6. On your iPhone, you will be prompted to confirm your action. A pop-up appears and asks you to Unsend Message.

Tap on Unsend and Confirm to Delete Message in Instagram on iPhone

Note: While on an Android device, the message may get deleted quickly once you tap on the Unsend Message.

Tap on Unsend Message to Delete Message from Instagram on Android Phone

You can now check the conversation thread, which does not show the deleted message. Your friend or contact will not be able to access that message as well.

Message Has been Removed from Conversation in Instagram App on iPhone

That’s all folks!

Wrapping up…

It is a fact universally accepted that once a person is hurt by your words, you cannot heal the wounds. Agreed, you have successfully removed your words from the chat thread, but how can you erase the words etched on somebody’s mind? So be careful with your words and enjoy the Instagram chat!

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