Here’s How to Turn off Siri on Lockscreen in iPhone/iPad on iOS 7.x

Here’s a quick tip that might save a few “accidental” Siri-triggers. Now, you might know that you can evoke Siri even when you’ve got your screen locked down with a passcode. The long-press-home-button triggers Siri even when your iPhone is locked.

And due to this behavior, if the home button gets pressed accidentally – in the pocket, in the handbag, or even as you hold the iPhone – Siri fires up and starts listening. The results can be interesting but unnecessary. Siri might make calls, send messages, turn on/off a settings toggle… the list is endless. Here’s how to prevent this.

Here’s How to Turn off Siri on Lockscreen in iPhone/iPad on iOS 7.x

Unlike Control Center or Notification Center, which have toggles within their respective Settings sections to disable them on the lockscreen, Siri doesn’t have one in iOS 7.x.  You have to reach it through elsewhere.

Step #1. Open the Settings app.

Step #2. Tap on General.

Step #3. Tap on Passcode Lock (on iPhone 5s, tap on Passcode & Fingerprints).

Step #4. Scroll down to the part that says Allow Access When Locked.

Turn off Siri on the Lockscreen in iOS 7

Step #5. Turn off the switch for Siri.

Step #6. Quit the settings app.

As you can see, it’s a really simple step. But it’s kind of tucked away within the passcode preferences which makes it hard to figure out how to turn off Siri on the lockscreen.

Turning off Siri helps prevent accidental triggers that turn on Siri. This is helpful in two ways: having Siri turned on accidentally can trigger various actions that you didn’t intend at all (a call, a message etc.). Secondly, it prevents unnecessary battery drain.

The other options can also be turned off.

One of them is Passbook: when you get Passbook-related notifications that let you add/use your cards from the Passbook app, you won’t need to enter the passcode.

The other one is Reply with Message, the option that comes along with every call so that you can skip the call and send a quick message to the caller.

Turning off this feature will turn off Reply with Message completely on the lock screen. When you get a call (and your iPhone is locked), you either answer the call or set a reminder.

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