iMessage Read Receipts in iOS 8 can be termed as a double-edged sword. On one hand it lets you know when your message is read by the recipient, on the other it lets a sender know when you have read his/her message. Isn’t it annoying? I’m sure you would want to turn it off if your concerned about not letting the other person know that you have seen the message.

It indeed feels great to come to know when the message you have sent is read by the receiver. However, you may not want others to know as to when you read their message. It may not only embarrass you but also let you down at times. The simplest way to get rid of it is by turning it off.

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How To Turn Off Read Receipt In iOS 8
Here is how turn-off iMessage Read Receipts in iOS 8 on iPhone:

(Note: You might have turned this setting “off” in iOS 7. But when you upgrade, iOS 8 turns it back to “ON”)

Step #1. Launch on Setting

Step #2. Tap on Messages

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Step #3. Turn Off Send Read Receipts

Turn-off Read Receipts in iOS 8 on iPhone

That’s it! It’s as easy as you would want. Of course, you can turn  it on as and when you want.

The latest operating system with numerous new features have certainly hit off pretty impressively with the people who wish to have nothing less than the very best. Aside from a few cons like the OTA update asking for ~5 GB free space and increased battery consumption, it boasts of innovative features.

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There is no such thing as flawless. Every other thing you happen to encounter consists of some not-so-liked aspects. As is the case with ‘Read Receipt’, it is solely how you want it to be used.

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All your sender knows is that the message has been delivered to you – and nothing else. Besides, it doesn’t create any misleading thoughts about you. So, the best thing is to keep it off.