You can now click pictures simultaneously while shooting a video on iPhone.

Sometimes right in the middle of recording a video using your iPhone, you find a precious moment which you want to capture as a photo. You’ll miss the moment if you switch to the photo mode. And that’s why this feature makes sense.

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How to Take Pictures While Recording Video on iPhone

Here’s How to Take Pictures While Recording a Video on iPhone

  • Go to the Camera app of your iPhone
  • Switch to video mode and start recording.
  • Tap the white button to the left/bottom of the video’s start/stop button. (depending on the portrait/landscape mode).

Take Pictures While Recording Video on iPhone

  • That’s it.

When you click picture while recording, the screen will flash white to notify that you have captured the photo. This picture will be stored in your Camera roll. You can click multiple pictures while shooting by tapping the photo-shutter button many times. You can’t do burst mode in it though.

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What about the resolution?

Capturing photos in the middle of recording a video comes at a price though. To begin with, you can’t get high-resolution images. The max resolution when you click a photo (whilst recording a video) is about 1.2MP. In pixels, that would be 1280x720px. Compare that to the typical image resolution in iPhone 5s (8MP) and you know that it’s not even comparable. But still, you get to click a good moment without pausing the video.

Also, you can’t change auto-focus/exposures. That’s not a big deal because mostly, you don’t need a separate auto-focus or exposure setting at that moment.

The 720p resolution is still better doing a screen-grab of the video which produces far lesser quality images.

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This feature is compatible with new iPhones (5, 5s, 5c).

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If you’ve got an older iPhone, you should check out some apps that have this feature.