Switch Keyboard from Lowercase to UPPERCASE on iPhone/iPad [How-to]

Is it painful to select keys on your iPhone or iPad keyboard? A better way is to show UPPERCASE keys, always. Apple introduced an excellent feature that allows users to switch iOS keyboard to uppercase keys.

Keyboards in iOS devices have always seen useful improvements with every software update released by Apple. During its iOS 9 release, Apple introduced a significant change in iPhone and iPad keyboard. You can always show UPPERCASE keys on your iPhone and iPad while using the keyboard.

This feature works on default iOS apps as well as third-party apps, wherein you are supposed to use a keyboard. Without further ado, Let’s jump to the steps.

Why should you always show UPPERCASE Keys on iOS Devices?

The purpose of this hack is to keep the keys more prominent so that people with poor eyesight can view keys properly while typing. When you turn off ‘Show Lowercase Keys,’ letters on the keyboard will turn to uppercase even if you are not using Shift or Caps Lock options. In default selection (Show Lowercase Keys), you need to tap on Shift or Caps Lock to enable uppercase keys.

How to Switch Keyboard from Lowercase to UPPERCASE on iPhone/iPad

Step #1. Launch Settings app on your iPhone/iPad → Tap on General.

Tap on Settings then General on iDevice

Step #2. Now tap on Accessibility.

Tap on Accessibility Under General on iPhone

Step #3. Next, scroll down and tap on Keyboard (this option is available under 3D Touch feature).

Tap on Keyboard in Accessibility on iPhone

Step #4. Toggle Show Lowercase Keys OFF.

Toggle Show Lowercase Keys OFF on iPhone

That’s it!

You have converted the keyboard from lowercase to uppercase in appearance only.

Signing off…

With larger letters, users can quickly select keys to type long messages while using apps like Mail and WhatsApp.

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