How to Type Faster and Better on iPhone

Typing on a smartphone is far different from that on a physical keypad. In fact, even the iPad is better when it comes to typing because there’s so much space, larger keys and a better way to type. For most of this generation, typing on smartphones has become a natural thing but for someone who’s just starting out, things can be a little hard.

Nevertheless, whether you’re an expert at typing on an iPhone or just starting out, there are a few things you can do to type faster, better and be more productive while typing. Little things like a period after a sentence, an auto-capitalization, etc. actually make a huge difference in the way we type.

Super Handy Tips to Type Faster on your iPhone

Let’s dive right in:

#1. Typing Special Characters

The default keypad on the iPhone is usually English (US) and you’ll find that it’s very much similar to the physical keyboard. So how do you type those accentuated alphabets used in other languages like Spanish, Portuguese and more?

In order to type these characters, you just have to tap and hold on a particular key. For instance, tapping and holding on ‘U’ opens up another row of keys containing the different types of ‘U’s. You can just swipe over one of them to type a particular character. If you want to type an umlaut, you should tap and hold on U and as the new row shows up, just slide your finger over the umlaut character.

#2. Typing Periods Automatically

A faster way to type full-stops/periods is to enable the shortcut. The shortcut is tapping the space key twice after a word. Tapping the space twice after a word puts a full-stop/period right after the word. It’s that simple.

Of course, for this to work you should enable the shortcut from Settings → General → Keyboards.

Enable Keyboard Shortcuts on iPhone

3. A Faster Way to Type Punctuation

The ‘123’ key opens up all the different punctuation and number keys but did you know that it’s actually a time-consuming way to type a period or a comma or semicolon? If you’re typing a special punctuation character, you’re most likely going to use it once and then shift to the alphabet keypad anyway.

So instead of tapping the 123 key, tap and hold on it. This will reveal the punctuation keypad. Now, just slide over the key you want to use. After this, just release! Voila! The key gets typed and you’re back on the alphabet keypad automatically.

#4. Preventing Auto-Correct Fails

Auto-correct is supposedly a useful feature on the iPhone but it has become more of a comic relief ultimately leading to very embarrassing situations. It’s usually safer and better to turn it off. To do that, just head over to Settings → General → Keyboard and turn off where it says Auto-correct.

Turn ON Keyboard Auto Correction on iPhone

#5. Enabling Caps Lock

Caps Lock on iPhone

The shift-key in the iPhone keypad works just like that on a normal keyboard. But where’s the caps lock key? It’s actually hidden inside the shift-key. Double tap the shift-key and it will turn blue. This means caps lock is ON and whatever you type will be in capitals now.

Wrapping up…

That’s all for tonight folks! If you know of any other trick for typing faster on the iPhone keyboard, make sure to share it in the comments. Help fellow iOS users with your innovative tips. Until then, it’s time for the goodbye, but I’ll be back again with some more awesome tips and tricks.

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