You are out of the station and suddenly remember that you failed to send an important email to your business partner. I’m sure you wouldn’t find typing a long email on the virtual keyboard too straightforward on your iPhone. That’s why; you may need one of these best iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Bluetooth keyboards to type a long iMessage or urgent email comfortably.

Honestly speaking, it’s a bit difficult to pick the best keyboards as there are tons of fantastic choices. Depending on your budget, you can buy a good keyboard that can just get the job done for you. Let’s swim across the list to handpick the most suitable one for your iPhone.

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Best iPhone 7-7 Plus Bluetooth Keyboards

Best iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Bluetooth Keyboards


ICE FROG Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for iPhone 7 Plus

“ICE FROG” wireless keyboard is ultra-advanced and designed to be used with not only iPhone 7/7 Plus, but also Windows and Android devices. With the superior aluminum alloy body, it has got a striking look.

To turn it on/off, all you have to do is open the keyboard. You will feel convenient typing on it. There is a built-in kickstand holder to perfectly hold your device. The solid build-up makes the Bluetooth keyboard last long. The wireless keyboard comes in three nice-looking color variants including gold, silver and rose gold.

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  • Aluminum alloy body
  • Convenient for typing
  • Compatible with most devices


  • Bit costly

Overall Rating: 4/5

USP: Aluminum alloy body
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#2. FosMon

Fosmon iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Wireless Keyboard

“Fosmon” keyboard is made to let you type with the needed comfort. It features QWERTY keyboard and touchpad which make typing a bit painless. The buttons for home, page Up/Down, volume control, search make your task a lot straightforward.

The LED backlights become very handy in the dim-lit environment. With the lightweight design, you can easily carry it anywhere you want. The built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery is strong to last long. It’s compatible to work with iOS, Windows, and Android.


  • QWERTY keyboard and touchpad
  • Buttons for home, page Up/Down, volume control, search


  • Keys are a bit stiff and close together

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

USP: Built-In Touchpad
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#3. iClever

iClever Bluetooth Keyboard for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

iClever Bluetooth keyboard is great for hassle-free typing. The full standard-size keys along with the 166-degree angle design offer the needed comfort to let you type quickly. Its built-in rechargeable battery is equipped to last up to 40 hours on a single charge.

The foldable design makes it highly portable. The keyboard comes with a soft PU leather case to provide it needed care and protection from scratch. It’s compatible to work with iOS, macOS, Windows and Android.


  • Full standard-size keys
  • Battery lasts up to 40 hours on a single charge


  • Not too elegant design

Overall Rating: 4/5

USP: Highly responsive keys
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#4. Jelly Comb BK230

Jelly Comb Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Jelly Comb’s BK230 makes typing pretty smooth thanks to the highly responsive keys. It sports a compact design and is very lightweight. With good built-up, it has got the quality to be your long-lasting typing asset.

There is an integrated stand to let you place both your iPad and iPhone and be able to switch between them seamlessly. Once fully charged, the keyboard can last up to 40 hours. With the auto-sleep functionality, it prevents unnecessary battery consumption.

USP: Integrated stand
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#5. IKOS

1byone iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Wireless Keyboard

IKOS wireless keyboard comes with the ergonomic design which makes typing incredibly easy. The slight v-shape design offers more comfort while typing. PU leather coupled with tactile texture makes it look nice.

The foldable design makes it ultra-convenient to carry the keyboard. The rechargeable lithium battery (110mAh) is capable of providing up to 40 hours of continuous use. It takes only two hours to get fully charged up. You can pair it with a number of devices like iOS, macOS, Windows and Android.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Convenient for typing


  • Provides up to 40 hours of battery at one charge

Overall Rating: 4/5

USP: Impressive foldable design
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#6. eSynic

ESYNIC Bluetooth Keyboard for iPhone 7 or 7 Plus

eSynic Bluetooth keyboard sports a solid design thanks to the top notch aircraft-grade aluminum. The tactile keys make typing more convenient. You can fully trust this keyboard to last long.

With the folding, pocket-sized design, you won’t have any problem in carrying the keyboard anywhere you want. It comes with PU leather stand case which provides it more care and protection. 210mAh lithium battery offers 60 hours of usage time.


  • Top quality aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Folding, pocket-sized design
  • Good tactile feedback


  • At times it doesn’t quickly connect to devices

Overall Rating: 4/5

USP: Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy body
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#7. MoKo

MoKo iPhone 7-7 Plus Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

If you prefer ultra-compact design, MoKo should be worth a consideration. It’s got a handy foldable design and can easily slip into your pocket. Full-size keyset ensures your typing remains a plain-sailing affair.

It’s equipped with 110mAh battery that can last up to 40 hours that’s a decent number for normal usage. There is also auto-sleep functionality to extend the battery life. Moreover, you can use MoKo with not just iOS, Android but also Windows devices.

USP: Ultra-compact design
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#8. Logitech

Logitech Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

No list of best keyboards is complete without this brand–Logitech. It’s designed to offer full-fledged typing experience. The keys are very sensitive to the press and offer tactile feedback.

It features integrated cradle that perfectly holds your devices. One notable feature of this keyboard is that it lets you switch between three connected devices. That aside, Logitech comes in two colors including black and white.

USP: Full-fledged typing experience
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OMOTON iPhone 7-7 Plus Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

Featuring low-profile design, OMOTON is one of the finest Bluetooth keyboards. I like its sensitive keys which feel pretty responsive. QWERTY layout with hot keys accelerates your typing.

As for battery life, it can run for up to 30 once fully charged. It also comes with auto sleep mode to prevent the useless power consumption. Lastly, OMOTON Bluetooth keyboard comes in two colors: black and white.

USP: QWERTY layout
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#10. Arteck HB030B

Arteck HB030B Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

I rate “Arteck HB030B” very highly. The quality that makes it a useful asset is the ergonomic design. If you are willing to expedite your typing, this one can be given serious consideration.

It has 7 LED backlight to ensure your typing doesn’t come to a halt even in dim-light. The auto-sleep technology works reliably in maximizing the battery life. As it’s slim and lightweight, you will be able to carry it anywhere comfortably. On top of all, Arteck HB030B is supported by a two-year warranty.

USP: 7 LED backlight
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That’s it!

Have I forgotten to include any of your all time favorite keyboards in this special list? Do let me know that in the comments.

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