Whenever I find any app useless or no longer need it, I delete it. The process of deleting an app on iOS devices is pretty simple. Just touch and hold the app you want to shoot out of your device and when the apps start wiggling, tap on the “X” button on the app and then tap on Delete in the popup to confirm. In the end, press the Home button to finish. But how do you stop wiggling app icons after deleting an app on iPhone X as it doesn’t have a Home button?

Guess what, Apple has ensured you are able to quickly stop the edit mode after you have deleted an app on your iPhone X. Let me show you how it works the right way!

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How to Stop Wiggling Apps Icon on iPhone X

How to Quit Edit Mode After Deleting Apps on iPhone X

Step #1. First off, you need to enter the edit mode on your iPhone X. To do so, you have to touch and hold an app icon.

Step #2. And when an app starts shaking, the Done button will appear at the top right corner. Tap on it.

Stop Wiggling App Icons on iPhone X

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That’s all folks!

App icons will get back to their normalcy.

As the Done button is located in a corner, my eyes couldn’t notice it initially. Hence, I thought the only way to get out of the edit mode was to press the side button. But it was not convenient at all. Luckily, my eyes soon found the slightly hidden button.

Your take:

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How has been your life without Home button on iPhone X? Have you got used to the Home bar or don’t find it as convenient as the Touch ID button? There is a way you can get a virtual Home button to your iPhone X to carry out some standard functionalities like capturing screenshots efficiently.

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