How to Reopen Closed Tabs on iPhone and iPad

How to Reopen Recently Closed Browser Tabs on iPhone and iPad

It’s frustrating when you accidentally close tabs in a web browser while trying to get something done. Luckily it’s easy to reopen closed tabs on your iPhone or iPad. This helps you get back to whatever you were reading or working on in a jiffy. Let’s check out the process for different browsers.

How to Reopen Closed Safari Tabs on iPhone and iPad

  1. Open Safari on your iOS or iPadOS device (if not already)
  2. Tap on the two-square icon from the bottom right
  3. Long press on the plus icon from bottom-middle.Open Safari Tap on Tab and Then Touch and Hold Plus icon

There you have it! All the recently closed tabs are listed there. Tap on one to open it again.

Reopen Recently Closed Safari Tabs on iPhone

How to Reopen Closed Chrome Tabs on iPhone and iPad

  1. Open Google Chrome on your iPhone, if not already
  2. On the first Google Chrome screen, you might see an option for Recent tabs. Tap on it.Open Chrome App Tap on Three Dots on iPhone
  3. If you do not see it in the above step, tap on the three-dots icon from the lower right. Tap on Recent Tabs.Open Recently Closed Tab in Google Chrome on iPhone

How to Reopen Closed Firefox Tabs on iPhone and iPad

  1. Launch Firefox on your iPhone or iPad, in case it isn’t already, and tap on See All.Launch Firefox and Tap on See All
  2. Tap on Recently closed.Tap on Recently Closed on iPhone
  3. You can also tap on the three-lines icon from the lower right. After that, tap on Your Library.Open Firefox Tap on Three Lines and Then Tap on Your Library
  4. tap on History from the bottom of the screen and finally, tap on Recently closed.Reopen Recently Closed Tabs in Firefox on iPhone

Your tabs will be restored and you can carry on with whatever you were doing.

Recently Closed Tabs Not There on the List?

In case Recently Closed tabs do not appear in the list, you will have to see your browsing history. For this:

In Safari, tap on the open book icon from the bottom row. Next, tap on the clock icon to see your browsing history. The most recent record is on top.

View Browsing History in Safari on iPhone

In Chrome, you will have to tap on the three-dots icon from the lower left and then tap on History.

Tap on Three Dots to View Browsing History in Chrome App on iPhone

In Firefox, you can see the browsing history by tapping on the three-lines icon from the bottom right and then selecting Your Library and tap on History.

View Browsing History in Firefox on iPhone

Summing Up 

It’s a breeze to reopen recently closed tabs in different browsers on your iPhone and iPad. Are you looking for any more such tips and tricks? Let us know in the comments below.

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