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How to Rearrange App Icons on Apple Watch

How to Rearrange Apple Watch App Icons

Apple Watch is undoubtedly the smartest gadget out there in the market. There are hardly any limitations or drawbacks of Apple Watch. The only problem that I personally find irritating is that to locate any specific app on the tiny screen. Yes, there is an option to magnify the app layout, but that’s not feasible every time.

Thanks to Apple, they let us arrange the app icons to suit our requirement. You can arrange the most used apps in one corner and least used in another. There are two ways to rearrange app icons on Apple Watch: one is from Apple Watch itself and other is from iPhone. We have covered both the methods below; just have a look at it.

Rearrange App Icons from Apple Watch

Step #1. Press the Digital Crown on your Apple Watch to bring up the home screen.

Step #2. Same like iPhone, touch and hold any app from the app layout on your Apple Watch.

Step #3. Now keep holding the app and drag it to the location where you want to place it.

Step #4. Release your finger once you have reached the desired place.

Rearrange Apple Watch App Icons

The above process is identical to re-arranging apps on iPhone, but the only difference is the size of the screen. If you aren’t comfortable doing the same on the small screen, then you can rearrange apps from your paired iPhone as well. Check the guide below for details.

How to Rearrange Apple Watch App Icons from iPhone

Step #1. Any settings regarding Apple Watch are to be done through Watch app. So launch the Watch app from your iPhone’s Home Screen.

Tap on Watch Icon on iPhone

Step #2. Next you’ll need to tap on My Watch inside the Watch app.

Step #3. Now tap on App Layout from the list of available options.

Tap on My Watch Then App Layout on iPhone

Step #4. You’ll now see the exact layout of your Apple Watch on your iPhone screen. Simply tap and hold the app you wish to move. Then drag the app to the location and release your fingers.

Rearrange Apple Watch App Icons from iPhone

Step #5. You’ll not need to do anything more than this, as the changes are synced automatically with your Apple Watch.

Voila! You have now rearranged apps on your Apple Watch.

Watch out how to re-arrange app icons on Apple Watch:

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