How to Switch Between List View and Grid View on Apple Watch in watchOS 5 or Earlier

Don't find honeycomb grid view interesting anymore? Check out this quick guide to switch between grid and list view in watchOS 5 on your Apple Watch Home screen.

When I first put my hands on Apple Watch, the first thing that impressed me was the way installed apps were arranged in honeycomb view with the clock app in the center. However, the default hexagonal grid view began to look a bit dull as time went by since I wanted something more functional to replace it. After a long wait, there is an option to switch between grid and list view on Apple Watch; thanks to the arrival of watchOS 4.

List view allows you to sort app icons alphabetically. As a result, you can quickly find any app and launch it. Even better, you will scroll through the apps using Digital Crown with ease. Jump over to find out how to switch from honeycomb grid view to list view on Apple Watch home screen!

How to Switch Between Grid and List View in watchOS 5 or Eariler on Apple Watch

Step #1. First off, simply press the Digital Crown to open the Home screen on your Apple Watch.

Press Digital Crown of Apple Watch

Step #2. Next, you need to press the Home screen of your Apple Watch using Force Touch.

Apply Force Touch on Apple Watch Home Screen

Step #3. Now, you have two options-

  • Grid View: To let you use the honeycomb app layout.
  • List View: To let you navigate your apps in the scrollable list view.

Switch Between List View and Grid View on Apple WatchSwitch to List View on Apple Watch

Tap on the List view. Now, your watch apps will be sorted alphabetically, making it easier for you to navigate through them.

Signing Off

While the List View is better than the grid view in terms of functionality, the one thing it lacks is the ability to let you rearrange apps. In comparison, you can easily arrange app icons in grid view both from Watch app for iPhone and on your Apple Watch.

What do you think of ListView? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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