iOS 15: How to manage website settings in Safari on iPhone or iPad

Manage Safari website settings in iOS 15

Safari browser on iPhone lets you customize website settings to ensure you have a comfortable experience. For example, you can change text size, use Reader Mode, request the desktop version of a site, set permissions, etc. In this quick guide, let us learn how to manage website settings in Safari in iOS 15.

How to access website settings in Safari in iOS 15

  1. Open iPhone Settings and tap Safari.
  2. Scroll down to the SETTINGS FOR WEBSITES section.
    Here you have several settings that you can manage for all websites. Let’s understand those.

    Open Settings app tap Safari and scroll to Settings for Website Section

What are different website settings in iOS 15?

  1. Page Zoom: If you have difficulty seeing standard webpage text and images, you can set the zoom level for all the websites.
    Note: If you had individually set the zoom for a page, it would be listed here. You may tap Edit to clear that and set a page zoom level for all websites you visit.

    Page Zoom Settings for websites in Safari on iOS 15
  2. Request Desktop Website: This lets you access the computer version of a website. You may have to pinch out with two fingers to see the content.
    Note: Several websites do not let you access the desktop version even if you use this feature.

    Request Desktop Website Settings for websites in Safari on iOS 15
  3. Reader: Websites are full of ads and other kinds of distractions like email popups, offer banners, and more. Reader Mode removes all these and lets you focus on the meaningful text and image on a website. From here, you can enable it for all websites.

    Reader Settings for websites in Safari on iOS 15
  4. Content Blockers: This option will only appear if you have downloaded a third-party content blocking or ad-blocking app on your iPhone. It lets you block ads, popups, tracking scripts, etc., on the websites you visit. If you are using a content blocker app, it makes sense to enable it for all websites. However, if a specific website does not function properly, you may temporarily turn it off.

    Content Blockers Settings for websites in Safari on iOS 15
  5. Camera, Microphone, Location: From here, you can allow, deny, or force all websites to ask your permission before accessing the iPhone camera, microphone, or your current location.

    Camera Microphone Location Settings for websites in Safari on iOS 15

In the above steps, we saw how to apply these settings for all websites. But for most people (including me), it does not make much sense to use these for all the sites. Thus, Safari lets you set these settings on a per-website basis. Let me show you how.

Note: The steps and screenshots below are from iOS 15. In iOS 14, things look a bit different. For example, the AA icon to access Reader Mode and other website settings are at the top left.

Safari Website Settings in iOS 14 on iPhone

How to change Safari settings for a specific website on iPhone

  1. Launch the redesigned iOS 15 Safari app and visit a website.
  2. Tap the more icon (three dots inside a circle).
  3. Tap Reader to see the webpage in distraction-free reader mode. Follow the same steps to exit it.
  4. Tap the more icon again and select Reader Mode Settings for further customization.

    Safari Reader Mode in iOS 15
  5. Now, tap Text Size to increase or decrease the font size ONLY for this website.

    Change Text Size for website in iOS 15
  6. After tapping the more icon, scroll down for handy settings like Request Desktop Website and Turn off Content Blockers.

    Request Desktop Website and Turn off Content Blockers option in iOS 15 Safari
  7. Tap Website Settings to manage the camera, microphone, and location access for this open website. Next, you can switch on the toggles that will automatically enable desktop mode, reader mode, and content blockers whenever you visit this particular site. See how it says at the top Settings for [website name].

    Other Website Settings in iOS 15 Safari

This is how you can manage website settings in Safari on iPhone and iPad. These ensure that you have a pleasant experience browsing the web via Apple’s in-house mobile browser. If you have any further questions, I am just a comment away.

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