A few months back WhatsApp introduced read receipt feature – the two blue tick marks that make senders know that their message has been read by the receivers. While it is easy to know whether or not your message has been read in individual messaging, it is just a bit tricky to find out who has read it and who has skipped it in group message in WhatsApp on iPhone.

At times, WhatsApp users may require to know if their group message has been read by all or not just in case the message is very important for everyone. If you are unaware of this little trick, here is how you can discover it.

Know Who Has Read WhatsApp Group Message in iPhone

How to Know Who Has Read Your WhatsApp Group Message in iPhone

Step #1. Launch WhatsApp.

Step #2. Tap on any group.

Step #3. Send a new message to the group, if you want to do fresh experiment.

Tap on Your Message in WhatsApp Group

Step #4. Tap and hold on the sent message, a menu will popup then tap on Info.

Tap on Info in WhatsApp Message

Step #5. Now, you will see who has read your message under Read By.

Who Has Read WhatsApp Group Message in iPhone

Those who haven't read your message as yet will be listed under Delivered To.

Note: When you send a message on WhatsApp, it will show:

Clock Icon in WhatsAppClock Icon: Message is being sent.

WhatsApp Message sent successfully but not delliveredOne grey check mark: WhatsApp Message sent successfully but not delivered.

WhatsApp Message successfully deliveredTwo grey check marks: WhatsApp Message successfully delivered.

WhatsApp Message Read ReceiptTwo blue check marks: when the message is read.

That's it!

There is another way to know who has read WhatsApp group message in iPhone.

Step #1. Follow the first three steps as mentioned above.

Step #2. Now swipe from right to left on the sent message (Text, Image or Video).

Swipe WhatsApp Chat from Right to Left

Step #3. A Message Info screen will appear.

Know Who Has Read WhatsApp Group Message in iPhone

Here, you can check who has read your message. This feature was not available in previous versions of WhatsApp; the feature is included in its recent update.

There are times users may want to keep their privacy of not checking out any delivered message for certain reasons. Though WhatsApp has allowed Android users to stop showing read receipt, it hasn’t done it for iOS users. Fortunately, there is a smart Cydia tweak called “WhatsApp Read Receipt Disabler” that allows iOS users to disable read receipt with ease.

If you don't like WhatsApp's read receipt feature then you can easily disable read receipt on WhatsApp in iOS 8 [Jailbreak needed].

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  • The best way to do is use Bag A Chat app. It gives you a report of who’s read and when. Itsn’t his cool. Download from Google play store and check it out yourself.

  • Jose Manuel Guillemot Cesari

    Have an interesting situation… I have a specific whatsapp group where I can receive messages but not send. After clicking send I get a tick but within seconds it turns into a clock and the messages never leaves. Other groups are OK. Have tried to exit the group and rejoin, reboot iphone and reinstall whatsapp. None have worked so far. Any ideas?

  • Oguzcan

    is there a way to check this on whatsapp web?