How to Know Who Has Read WhatsApp Group Message in iPhone

There are two quick ways through which you can easily find out who has read your WhatsApp group message on iPhone. Head over to find out!

WhatsApp’s read receipt feature – the two blue tick marks—lets you know that your message has been read by the receivers; in individual conversation. But what about group conversation? Well, you have to slightly dig dip to know who has read your WhatsApp group message on iPhone.

At times, WhatsApp users may require knowing if their group message has been read by all or not just in case the message is very important for everyone. If you are unaware of this little trick, here is how you can discover it.

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Know Who Has Read WhatsApp Group Message in iPhone

How to Know Who Has Read Your WhatsApp Group Message in iPhone

Step #1. Launch WhatsApp.

Step #2. Tap on any group.

Step #3. Send a new message to the group, if you want to do a fresh experiment.

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Tap on Your Message in WhatsApp Group

Step #4. Tap and hold on the sent message, a menu will popup then tap on Info.

Tap on Info in WhatsApp Message

Step #5. Now, you will see who has read your message under Read By.

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Who Has Read WhatsApp Group Message in iPhone

Those who haven’t read your message as yet will be listed under Delivered To.

Note: When you send a message on WhatsApp, it will show:

Clock Icon in WhatsAppClock Icon: Message is being sent.

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WhatsApp Message sent successfully but not delliveredOne gray check mark: WhatsApp Message sent successfully but not delivered.

WhatsApp Message successfully deliveredTwo gray check marks: WhatsApp Message successfully delivered.

WhatsApp Message Read ReceiptTwo blue check marks: when the message is read.

That’s it!

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There is another way to know who has read WhatsApp group message in iPhone.

Step #1. Follow the first three steps as mentioned above.

Step #2. Now swipe from right to left on the sent message (Text, Image or Video).

Swipe WhatsApp Chat from Right to Left

Step #3. A Message Info screen will appear.

Know Who Has Read WhatsApp Group Message in iPhone

Here, you can check who has read your message. This feature was not available in previous versions of WhatsApp; the feature is included in its recent update.

How to Disable Read Receipts in WhatsApp on iPhone

If you no longer want others to find out whether you read their message or not, disable Read Receipts. When you turn it off, you can’t see read receipts from other people as well. Besides, it’s always sent in the group conversation.

Step #1. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone → Tap on Settings tab at the bottom.

Tap on Settings in WhatsApp in iPhone

Step #2. Tap on Account.

Tap on Account in WhatsApp in iPhone

Step #3. Tap on Privacy.

Tap on Privacy in WhatsApp Settings on iPhone

Step #4. Turn off the switch next to Read Receipts.

Turn Off Read Receipts in WhatsApp on iPhone

Signing Off

Read Receipts feature has existed for a long time in the stock Messages app for iPhone. With iOS 10, the messaging app allows you to enable/disable individual read receipts so that you are able to have needed control over this feature. I wish WhatsApp brought the same functionality to the messaging app to enhance the privacy of users. What do you think of it? Share your valuable feedback in the comments below.

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