How to Follow and Unfollow Topics on Twitter App for iPhone

How to Follow and Unfollow Twitter Topics on iPhone

In addition to people and company accounts, now you can also follow Twitter Topics and view content related to it on your iPhone and iPad. After you follow a Topic on Twitter, you will see Tweets, events, and ads about that. In future, you may also be matched or recommended with other similar interests.

Twitter Topics are public, and anybody who can see your full profile can see what you follow. Similar to Twitter accounts, you have the control to follow and unfollow these anytime you like. You may even tell Twitter when you are not interested in a Topic and see less or none of those. Let’s check out the various ways to do so.

How to Follow Twitter Topics on iPhone

There are four primary places from where you can follow Topics on Twitter.

#1. From Your Home Timeline

Step #1. Scroll through your Twitter Home timeline as you do. From time to time, you will see suggestions that Twitter thinks you are interested in.

Step #2. When you see a topic of your liking, tap the Follow button next to the name.

#2. From ‘For You’ Tab

This method is slightly better than the above one.

Step #1. From the bottom row of the Twitter app, tap on the Search icon. You will see For you on the top left.

Tap on Search and Then Tap For You in Twitter App on iPhone

Step #2. Scroll down the list of personalized trends, and then you will have topics that Twitter thinks you are interested in.

Note: It is possible that Twitter may have no recommendations for you here.

Step #3. At the bottom, there is See more about this Topic. Below that is the topic name. Tap on the Follow button next to it.

Open Topic and Tap on Follow in iOS Twitter App

#3. From ‘Topics’ Tab

At present, this method is in ‘coming soon’ mode. But once it is launched, you can browse topics by category type, such as Entertainment, Gaming, Sports, etc. From the category and sub-category, you can tap on the Follow button next to the name.

Currently, at this screen, you can see and unfollow topics you already follow using the first two methods.

Step #1. Tap on your profile icon from the top left of Twitter app home screen.

Step #2. Tap Topics.

Step #3. Here are all the topics you currently follow. As of now, you may tap on the Following button to unfollow ones you do not wish to continue following. In future, you will be able to see and follow topics from here.

Tap on Profile and Select Topics to View Following Topics in Twitter

#4. How to See Twitter Topics Someone else Follows and Follow those Topics

Step #1. Go to their profile.

Step #2. From the top right of the screen, tap on three dots icon.

Tap on Three Dots in Twitter Profile

Step #3. Tap View Topics.

Here you may tap on Follow and start following the topics that this account follows.

Select View Topics and Tap to Follow Topics in Twitter

How to Unfollow Topics on Twitter

#1. From Twitter Home

Step #1. Browse Twitter as you usually do. When you come across a Tweet from a topic you wish to unfollow, tap on the small arrow icon.

Step #2. Tap Unfollow (name).

Tap on Arrow to Unfollow Topics from Twitter on iPhone

#2. From Topics Tab

Step #1. Tap on your profile picture from the top-left.

Step #2. Tap on Topics. Here you will see all the Topics you currently follow.

Tap on Profile and Select Topics in Twitter App

Step #3. Tap on the Following button next to the topic you wish to unfollow. Confirm the action.

Tap on Following Topics and Select Unfollow in iOS Twitter App

How to Unselect Interests on Twitter

Twitter allows you to tell them things you are not interested in. If you do not like content from any topic, you may set your preference. Here is how.

Step #1. Tap on your profile picture from the top left of Twitter Home.

Step #2. Tap on Settings and PrivacyAccountYour Twitter data. It will open in iPhone’s browser. Input your Twitter credentials and log in.

Select Settings and Privacy and Tap on Account in Twitter on iPhone
Tap on Your Twitter Data and Then Tap on Login

Step #3. Tap Interests and ads data.

Tap on Interest and Ads Data in Twitter Profile

Step #4. Tap Interests from Twitter. Here you may tap on the tick boxes and unselect the Interests.

Tap on Interests from Twitter and Select or Unselect Interest in Twitter

Signing Off…

This is how you can follow and unfollow topics on Twitter. Note that only up to 100 topics you follow are visible in your Topics menu. To see all (and also other interests that Twitter thinks you like), visit Your Twitter data from Settings and PrivacyAccountYour Twitter data.

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