How to Fix iPad Pro Keyboard Shift Key Bug – Disable Auto-Capitalization

How to Fix iPad Pro Keyboard Shift Key Bug

If you have recently got your hands on the new iPad Pro, you might be going through hard times getting your hands familiar with the keyboard. That’s because the size has increased as well as there are certain keys that you might tap accidentally.

Getting used to the new keyboard will take some time to get familiar, but there’s one strange bug that I acquainted while trying to tweet. There’s some bug with shift key on the new iPad Pro, and might be resolved by Apple in their coming update.

By the time Apple releases an update, we will have to look for ways to make it work on our own. When trying to tweet @iGeeksblog, the result was “2iGeeksblog”; even though I had pressed the shift key. After trying many different things, the issue wasn’t resolved. Then I realized that it has something to do with the Auto-Capitalization feature.

The feature automatically capitalizes the first letter of the new sentence, but it doesn’t seem to be working as it should. For now, to resolve this issue, simply turn OFF Auto-Capitalization. Check the guide below to turn off this feature.

Fix iPad Pro Keyboard Bug By Disabling Auto-Capitalization

Step #1. Open Settings app from home screen.

Step #2. Tap on the General tab located on the left of your screen.

Step #3. Now on the right, scroll down a little and tap on Keyboard.

Step #4. Toggle OFF “AutoCapitalization.”

That’s it, you’ll now be able to type special characters using the shift key. The only drawback is that the first letter of a new sentence will not be automatically capitalized; you’ll manually have to take care of it.

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