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How to See Your Top Played Songs on Apple Music on iPhone and Mac

Apple Music has 60 million songs, but there is only a handful that we repeatedly listen to and love. So it’s handy to quickly see your top played songs on Apple Music on iPhone and Mac.

In fact, the Music app on iPhone automatically makes a playlist of the 25 tracks you listen to most often. So if you’re curious to find your top played songs on Apple Music, let’s get going. But first, I thought you might have a few questions:

Do you need an Apple Music subscription to see your Top 25 Most Played Songs?
No. You do not.

Does Top 25 Played playlist show songs ripped from CD or elsewhere?
Yes. This playlist shows twenty-five songs you have played the maximum times, irrespective of where you got it from.

Is 25 Most Played Songs playlist the same as Apple Music Replay?
No. Apple Music Replay is somewhat similar to Spotify’s Wrapped.

Since the doubts are clear, let’s check out the ways!

How to Find Top 25 Most Played Songs on Apple Music on iPhone

  1. Open the Music app on your iPhone and make sure you are in the Library tab
  2. Tap on Playlists.
    Open Music App and Tap on Playlist on iPhone
  3. Scroll down, and you will see a playlist titled Top 25 Most Played. Tap on it.
    Tap on Top 25 Most Played Playlist in iPhone Music App
  4. Here are 25 songs that you have listened to the maximum number of times.
    Top 25 Songs You Have Listened The Most on iPhone

You can use this playlist to listen to your loved songs over and over. You can also ask Siri toplay my top 25 most played songs.

Note: If you do not use the Music app much, you won’t see this playlist.

How to See your Apple Music Most Played Songs on Mac

  • If you use Apple Music on Android or Apple TV, the procedure is the same as iPhone
  • For, Mac you will see a playlist named Top 25 Most Played in the left sidebar of Music app. You may also click on Songs from the left sidebar and then click on Plays from the thin top bar
  • For Windows PC, the process is similar to Mac. Just, instead of Music app you have to look for this playlist in iTunes

What is the Difference between Top 25 Most Played Playlist and Apple Music Replay

Apple Music subscription is a must for Replay. You can see your top songs, playlists, and insights in Replay, which is updated every Sunday. It has a rank wise list of the top 100 songs from your library that you have played the most.

Just like regular playlists, you can save, download, and share this playlist. Finally, you can even see Replay for the year 2015 and onwards.

Wrapping up…

These were the steps to view your top 25 most played songs in the Apple Music app or iTunes. It is always great to have a dynamic playlist of the most listened tracks that you love and enjoy repeatedly. What are your thoughts on this? Kindly share it with us in the comments section below.

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