How to Share Apple Music Playlist with Family and Friends

Music is the essence of life and we all have many favorite soundtracks that have special memories attached with it. At times, we might not be in contact with our friends or family, and you suddenly listen to a soundtrack that is attached with a beloved person. At the point all you wish is to share the feeling of nostalgia with them.

With the help of Apple Music service, it is possible to share your playlist with anyone you like. You can also create a one-sided dynamic playlist which is updated in real-time as soon as you make any changes. This is one of the excellent features. There are many platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat where you can easily share your thoughts and pictures. But there are hardly any platforms to share your favorite music seamlessly. Check the guide given below to understand the process.

How to Share Your Apple Music Playlist

Step #1. Very first thing you will need to do is to create a new playlist with soundtracks you like to share.

Step #2. Now tap the share button and select from sharing options: AirDrop, Twitter, Facebook, and more.

Share Apple Music Playlist on iPhone

Step #3. The recipient will receive the link of playlist, which he/she have to open. Once the recipient clicks the link they will be redirected to Apple Music.

Step #4. Now inside Apple Music, the recipient will have to tap on “+” sign to add the playlist in their Apple Music library.

Now, whenever the creator of playlist makes any changes, it will automatically reflect on recipient’s playlist. It also applies to rearranging soundtracks. In case you changed your mind and want to stop sharing the changes, you can follow the guide given below.

How to Stop Sharing Playlist in Apple Music

Step #1. Just head back to your playlist that you created in Apple Music.

Step #2. Now tap the Edit button.

Tap on Edit Apple Music Playlist

Step #3. Toggle OFF “Shared Playlist” option.

Stop Sharing Apple Music Playlist

This will not delete the playlist from recipient music library, but they will not receive any future update of changes you make to the playlist.

Did you find this tip useful? Do you have any other valuable tips or tricks to share? Use the comment box below and help the fellow iPhone or iPad users.

How to Share Apple Music Playlist on iPhone and iPad

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How to Share Apple Music Playlist on iPhone and iPad
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