How to Download Free Music on Your iPhone or iPod Touch

Best iPhone or iPad Apps to Download Free Music

Music is what keeps me rolling and rocking! From keeping me upbeat during working hours to rejuvenating my spirit during the long traffic to revving up the party time, it’s an integral part of life. To ensure my romance with awesome tracks never has any interruption, I have created a huge playlist of the songs that I enjoy listening. Fortunately, downloading free songs on iPhone and iPad is dead simple!

1. Spotify Music

I’m really glad to include the most loved music app in the world “Spotify” in this special list. Create a massive collection of music using your favorite tracks and quickly access the songs that touch your soul.

The personal recommendations and readymade playlists perfectly take care of your exclusive taste. And if you wish to enhance your music experience, go for the premium version to use this app without any ads. And also save music to listen to music.

Price: Free

2. SoundCloud

“SoundCloud” needs no introduction, does it? With over 150 million tracks, the app has got everything you would want to enjoy music at its very best. Explore the chart-topping albums, live sets, and top mixes and make the most of hip-hop, rock, classical, jazz, podcasts and great audiobooks. The app also suggests you the tracks based on your likes.

You can upgrade to the SoundCloud Go or SoundCloud Go+ (for $5.99/month and $12.99/month respectively) to use this music app with more freedom and even download your favorite tracks for offline listening.

Price: Free


TIDAL iPhone and iPad Music App Screenshot

TIDAL may not be as popular as Spotify or Apple Music, but it’s got the quality to be your fine entertainer.

It claims to be the first music app to offer high fidelity sound quality, high definition music videos and the curated editorial by artists and experts. The app offers you unlimited access to 40 million tracks.

You can watch over 130,000 high-quality music videos. Check out integrated music articles, features, and interviews. And also download albums, playlists, and tracks to catch up with them at your own pace!

Price: Free

4. Deezer

I have always found “Deezer” to be quite good. The music player lets you search, stream and listen to top radio hits and new songs. You can make unlimited playlists and quickly access them to liven up your music time.

Go for the premium version of the app to bolster your experience. The pro version lets you skip the unlimited number of tracks. Additionally, you can also save songs to play them without the Internet.

Price: Free

5. Napster – Top Music & Radio

Napster boasts a gigantic collection of more than 30 million songs. So, you can stream music on demand and even download the ones you like most for offline listening.

The app also lets you create playlists of your songs and share them with your friends. Based on your taste, it offers you cool suggestions as well. So, you can quickly access the songs that set you on fire!

With a monthly subscription of $9.99, the app lets you access all the features without any restrictions.

Price: Free

6. Evermusic – offline music

Evermusic iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Evermusic” is a superb music player and a must-have app for music lovers. The app lets you download music from a number of services like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, MEGA, Yandex.Disk and WebDAV.

The app comes with advanced streaming service with superior buffering techniques. It supports six audio formats including mp3, aac, m4a, wav, aiff, and m4r.

It also supports audiobooks and allows you to create multiple audio bookmarks. You can save media position and even change playback speed. All of your tracks categorized by artist, album and genre tag to let you browse through the collection a bit more conveniently.

Price: Free

7. MyMP3

MyMP3 iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

What makes “MyMP3” so handy is the ability to let you easily convert any videos into MP3. The app also lets you edit the metadata of any song. For instance, you can rename tracks and artist names.

Keep your favorite songs fully organized and also sync them with the cloud to keep them securely. Oh yes, don’t forget to share them with your friends to win a lot of hearts and likes!

Price: Free

8. Free Song Notifier for iTunes

iTunes Single of the Week iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Once in a while, Apple offers you to download some iTunes songs for free. If you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity, pick out “Free Song Notifier for iTunes.” As soon as any free song is available to download in iTunes, the app notifies you about it so that you don’t forget to cash-in-on it. You can download free iTunes song right from this app.

Find out the songs that are trending in your country. Check out the list of 15 most popular songs in your country and preview their 30-second snippets.

Price: Free

9. Offline Music Playe‪r‬

Offline Music Player App to Download Free Music on iPhone

As the name suggests, this app is a one-stop solution to import your favorite music and play it anywhere. There are no limits to how long you can listen offline, making it convenient when you don’t have an internet connection.

It’s a powerful music player that supports all the popular audio formats. It lets you create and manage playlists and has a loop mode to keep your favorites playing continuously. It also offers controls on your phone lock screen for convenience.

Price: Free

10. YouTube Music

This is one of the most popular streaming apps for music, podcasts, and radio. It lets you create stations from your favorite songs, artists, or genres or search recommended stations to suit your mood. You’ll need to get the Premium subscription to download music to listen offline on your iPhone. It’s also compatible with CarPlay, so you can take your music wherever you go and use voice commands to control it.

Price: Free

Other Ways to Download Free Music on Your iPhone/iPod Touch

If we’re talking about free music on the iPhone, that has a very limited scope. But the web has a plethora of sources where you can get free music, legally. Most of it is by indie artists and bands that are just coming up. You don’t get to see a lot of popular music in the free circuit.

If you have downloaded the mp3 tracks to your computer, put them in your Dropbox folder, open the Dropbox app on your iPhone and enjoy the music playback.

That’s all!

What’s your favorite?

So, now you know how to download your favorite tracks for free to listen to them without any interference. Have any feedback? Feel free to share it with us in the comments below.

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