How to Disable Apple Pay on a Lost or Stolen Apple Watch

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Apple Watch is a precious wearable device just like iPhone. Due to the lack of activation lock, Apple Watch is not as secured as iPhone or iPad. Though you can secure the Watch using the passcode, anyone can easily wipe it out by simply resetting it.

When you setup Find My iPhone, Activation Lock is turned on automatically. As a result, whenever anyone tries to turn off Find My iPhone, sign out of iCloud or even erase and reactivate your iOS device, your Apple ID and password are required to be entered first. That’s how activation lock safeguards iPhone from being resold or used by unauthorized users.

What if, unfortunately you lose your Apple Watch, how would you disable Apple Pay? You would have to quickly suspend Apple Pay should you face such an unwanted situation knowing that thieves may easily use your cards. Since Apple Watch is not included in Find My iPhone service, not many folks would be aware as to how they can disable Apple Pay remotely on their Watch.

How to Disable Apple Pay Remotely on a Lost Apple Watch

Step #1. Go to on your computer.

Step #2. Sign in to your iCloud account which is linked to your Apple Watch.

Step #3. Click on Settings app icon.

Step #4. All your devices will be listed under My Devices. You will see Apple Pay logo right below the picture of the Watch. Click on Apple Watch.

Step #5. Now, you will see Apple Pay supported cards right under the picture of Apple Watch. Click on Remove All and confirm it.

That’s it!

Your bank will disable Apple Pay immediately even if the Watch is offline. You also have the option to call your bank and remove the cards from Apple Pay.

Apple needs to make Apple Watch more secured in order to safeguard it from falling to the prey of theft. If you could remember, the Cupertino had to bring activation lock amid the ever rising theft of iPhones. It would be better if the tech giant render more security to the Watch too.

Just in case, you wish to manage your Apple Pay cards on Apple Watch, we have a comprehensive guide to let you do so with ease.

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